Rick Is Back On The Road

I should have added this to Connie’s post.  Temps warmed up by morning and when I talked to him at noon the next day, it was 50 degrees!  Wow – what a difference a few hours can make.

8 thoughts on “Rick Is Back On The Road

  1. Martha Engstler

    Thank goodness Rick is on the road again. I’ve been on high way 77 in N.C. in the fog and it is not a fun place to be in bad weather. Love Connie’s house quilt and I see punch needle pieces on top of the cupboard. I’m hooked on doing it but now have so many and don’t know what to do with them. I started doing them after getting some on my first visit to the shop. I bought a lot the last time we were in Iowa the summer before you closed but didn’t know you were closing or I would have bought more.

  2. Sue Dietz

    Glad to hear Rock’s back out on the road. Those big trucks scare me but those drivers are really helpful in times of need.

  3. Diane

    Good to hear all is ok with the roads and Rick is back on them. Thanks for having Connie share, too.

  4. Rose Mikulski

    Good to know, I always think of Rick when the snow is bad on the road. You now have the Goat Coat Report and the Rick on the Road Report. Love the photos yesterday with all the goats.

  5. Lori Miller

    HI Mary, I know you mentioned that your rows do not have to be the same distance apart, but could you explain how you keep them straight. Do you use some kind of a guide? I love how it looks. I am new to using a long arm and would love to try this.


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The machine is actually very heavy and goes pretty straight on its own – I just walk it across. What kind of longarm do you have?

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