What I’ve been up to.  By Connie 

Mary took my picture with this baby quilt top several weeks ago. Today I started quilting it so it will be ready for the upcoming baby shower.  I don’t know if you can see my straight line quilting in the picture …but that is all I know how to do.  Mary taught me 🙂

I’m a huge fan of Kim Diehl, and here are 2 of her quilts using her fabric.   Simple 4 patch and 9 patch sewing. Don’t you just love it!  Again straight line quilting. 

I made this house quilt for a spare bedroom that we are “remodeling” right now.  Actually we are just doing new paint and flooring. But I wanted to buy bunk beds and fix it up for the grandkids when they come and visit. (They were a little afraid of the cracks in the ceiling and walls…Ha).   Anyway I’m jumping out of my box and going with bright color in the quilts and cupboard that I intend to paint red.   Maybe the reveal will be for a later blog.   That’s all I’ve got for now.  

My best, Connie 

15 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to.  By Connie 

  1. Loris Mills

    Lovely! You and Mary make some of my favorite quilts. I love the straight line quilting 🙂 It’s perfect!

  2. Linette Stewart

    I love the quilts!!! Thank you for saying you only do straight line quilting – I can’t seem to master any other type of machine quilting. Thank you for your posts, have a great day!

  3. Rose Mikulski

    I love any quilts with straight line quilting. I haven’t thought about doing it when there is a border so I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your wonderful quilts.

  4. Paula S.

    Wow! Connie, you have been super busy! Fun to see your projects – keep them coming.
    Mary, so glad to hear that Rick can get back on the road. It would be boring to wait the weather out, wondering how many hours or days he would be sitting there!

  5. Diane

    Hi Connie–Great to hear from you, too:) Your quilts are so pretty. It is such fun to have Show and Tell and see what you’ve been doing. We have twins in one bedroom for the grandkids, too. Isn’t it fun to have them visit?

  6. Pat Williams

    Love your quilting, Connie. What is the name of the block you used in the baby quilt? It is so pretty. Thanks.

  7. Launa

    Hi Connie,
    Love your show and tell……always fun to see “eye candy”. Kim Diehl’s patterns are favorites of mine, too…..and I can’t wait to see your red cupboard as I have a “red Patriotic bathroom”. I’m looking forward to the next Country Threads book Mary has mentioned.
    Waiting for the rain to start this late afternoon……and I did miss feeling the CA earthquake in the valley yesterday, but some in my family did. Thankfully no damage.
    Stay warm.

  8. Gail Lockington

    Thanks for sharing your straight line quilting – I really like it.
    And we’re happy to hear that Rick is okay – and to have a window into his world. All the best to Rick!

  9. Carol

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the house quilt. Going a little brighter myself these days…maybe it’s winter? We want flower color in our lives?

  10. LINDA

    Would love to know where I can get the pattern for the house quilt? Just love your quilt. Thanks.

  11. Patricia

    So pretty quilts. Like the straight line quilting. As a beginner, believe I could do this on my machine, thanks for sharing.

  12. Paula

    Love the house quilt! Did you use a particular pattern? Can you share what pattern you used and where I could buy it?


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