From Connie, 11-12-21

Here’s what Connie’s working on – Stars On Track which she just finished quilting.

On her kitchen table –

Closeup of straight line quilting:

Now… is the original quilt in an entirely opposite color palette. Hard to believe it’s the same quilt pattern, isn’t it?

Connie also has a cross stitch finish – don’t you love it?

Connie and Jo are on fire for cross stitch, aren’t they? They both do such beautiful work!

Today we had rain,snow,sleet and wind making it for a nasty day. I went to the senior living apartments to play hymns for a singalong.

I posted this on Instagram last night – meet Queso, a kitten who lives at my cousin’s house in Peoria. Just look at those eyes!!! Isn’t this a great picture?

The kittens send their regards!

And..let me introduce you to the dirtiest terrier I’ve ever seen!

The snow and rain made for mud which Hazel and Telly must have enjoyed.

Reader quilts:

22 thoughts on “From Connie, 11-12-21

  1. Kim J LeMere

    Love the table runner with the hot cocoa themed fabrics, how adorable with the colder weather that lies ahead. Connie and Jo are on fire with all the cross stitch finishes, goodness. Oh my the picture of those kittens just melts my heart but the thought of muddy pups not so much. Have a great week end and stay warm, snow is coming.

  2. Teresa

    Oh My Gosh, Hazel looks like Harry, from the story book, Harry The Dirty Dog! Loved reading that book a hundred times to my kids. The kittens are absolutely adorable, what a wonderful way to start your day, then taking care of baby animals. I’ll share a a little story here, I got a stray kitten a few weeks ago and the story is, this kitten somehow ended up in a semi load of pipe and rode an hour on the open trailer to the business where the pipe was unloaded. He had to be hunkered down inside that pipe for all he was worth to make it that far. Of course, full of worms besides that traumatic experience but he’s doing well now and is flourishing. It’s just amazing sometimes how these animals find their way to people who will give them the love they need.

    As a fellow cross stitcher, love seeing Connie’s. finish! Now I have to stitch that pattern too, it’s wonderful the Thanksgiving.

    1. Janet Snyder

      I can’t believe how dirty Hazel is. Showed the pic to my husband and we had quite a laugh. Of course, we don’t have to clean her up.

  3. Diane in Maryland

    Connie’s quilt has such happy colors. I love it and all the quilts, cross stitch, and the beautiful blue-eyed Queso! I’m guessing two pups got a bath! Was a great story yesterday about Hazel getting the rat. She has hunted for one for years! The kittens are adorable. I can just sit and watch kittens for hours! How lucky they are to have a warm and loving home. You are an angel, Mary!

  4. Charlotte

    I love every single one of your posts, Mary, but this one is especially precious! Andwhat a wonderful color since Connie has (of course!).

  5. Kathy in western NY

    Very interesting seeing how different palettes of fabrics can look in the same pattern. Thanks for sharing those pictures to help us branch out. Nice job readers on the creations you share with us.
    Yes Mary I sure wished I lived closer to you to play with those kitties! Spring and now are always the worst for dog pet paws all over my floors.
    We finished raking up leaves today cause looks like rain, snowflakes and wind is coming this way.

  6. Charlotte Shira

    I love Connie’s quilt. It’s fun to see how different fabrics can change the look of a quilt. Love the quilts and cross stitch show today. Kittens are so fun to watch….much better than dirty dogs! I bet they had fun getting dirty!

  7. Margie

    Such a great post! The color change in the quilts is quite dramatic. All finishes lovely. Hazel and Telly have the best lives! Kitties are cute to watch. Have a great day!

  8. Judy

    Where do I find you on IG?

    This is such a FUN post! Creativity in-the-midst of life!

    Muddy Hazel is such a HOOT!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy – I think it’s just under Mary Etherington but I’ll look and make sure and then I’ll post it for everyone.

    2. Sheila in WI

      Hi, Judy
      I just checked my Instagram and Mary’s IG address is etheringtonmary.
      Hope this is helpful.

  9. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

    Love the quilts, and Connie’s cross-stitch projects are gorgeous! If only my fingers were up to such fine work, and I had the wall space to display them. Open floor plan = less wall space. Queso and the kitties certainly catch attention. Oh, dear, muddy dogs. When our dog used to get muddy, we’d hose him down outdoors first to get the worst of it. He was so stoic if the water was cold. He’d just kind of zone out while being bathed in warm water with a hand-held spray in the tub too, but he seemed to appreciate being clean!

  10. Brenda Ks

    Mary when my son’s 2 huskies look like Hazel and I say yuck he always says “They are living their best life”

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda in KS – and your son is right! She avoided me because she knew I’d give her a bath so I didn’t – it’s wearing off and she’s happy!

  11. Joyce from NY

    Connie’s quilt & cross stitch finishes are just beautiful, & the readers projects as well. The kittens & dogs are having fun!

  12. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Hi Mary, I wondered if Mike keeps you updated about Blanche? Hazel and Telly remind me of our dog, Banshee, our labradoodle, who when he was 13 decided laying and rolling in the mud that came up in our back yard in the fall and spring was his favourite thing to do. He hadn’t done that his whole life until then. It was so bad one day, and so cold outside so I couldn’t hose him off so I put a blanket in my car and took him to the local pet store that has dog bath facilities. Everyone who worked at the store just smiled and said, oh didn’t he have some fun. We miss our guy who lived to be 14-1/2. We haven’t got another dog yet as we have chickens and Banshee was so good with them but we know not all dogs will be. I’m the person that sent you a picture of one of our hens riding on Banshees back in the back yard. Not sure if you remember that.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa -haha, yes, I remember that picture. We do have a pet wash in Garner which I should have used – I’ve also thought of taking her into the shower with me. Think that could work? Yes, Mike does send me an occasional update – he says Blanche is still timid about entering a building and she sometimes plays too aggressively with his terriers – the same issues I had with Blanche but I know she’s happier there. The training with chickens is an ongoing routine – except with Hazel and Telly who could not care less about them. What kind of chickens will you eventually get?

      1. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

        I’m sure the shower would work but it’s not a fun job. We have six chickens now and that’s enough. Most of ours are specialty chickens, one lays green eggs, one blue and a copper maran that’s lays very dark brown eggs. If we do get another dog I would like something with poodle as I am allergic to shedding dogs. Maybe in a few years we will want one. That’s good about Blanche. She just needs time to know how to play with others. I’m sure she is very happy there.

    1. Teresa

      Donna, there are lots of mail order cross stitch sources like, 123 Stitch and Fat Quarter Shop. Also, many patterns for sale on Etsy and eBay. Several cross stitch shops have Etsy stores with their patterns catagorized by theme so it’s easier to look through them.

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