KITTIES! 11-11-21

I picked up four 5 week old kittens this afternoon from Patriots For Pets in Clear Lake to foster. I don’t know the details of why they weren’t still with their mom – I didn’t ask.

The blackest one doesn’t have a tail and one of the white ones has extra toes like Ernie. I don’t think they’ve ever been out of a cage so they could run because that’s what they did the minute I put them in the kennel.

Bought them a bag of tiny toys which they love. I’m figuring out their diet as I go and I have no idea if they’ll use the litter box at this young age. It’s all trial and error – haha!

We had an exciting morning in the barn – Hazel killed a rat! There’s been a hole Hazel has been sniffing and today the rat appeared – I don’t even know how it all took place because I was feeding the chicks when she started racing around and sure enough, Hazel came out the winner!

I praised her over and over – I admired her kill – and then found a great treat as a reward. Oh, so exciting!

She was in her glory!

On a much calmer note, look at Connie’s gorgeous cross stitch she just finished – such tiny, intricate work!

I started looking at the Christmas patterns in our online store, trying to decide what I should make next. Here are a couple possibilities – smaller projects that I could actually get done.

I’m going to think on this – I have others to choose from as well.

It’s a chilly blustery night in North Iowa with snow threatening and a winter weather advisory being issued. Winter has arrived.

28 thoughts on “KITTIES! 11-11-21

  1. Ann in VA.

    the tiny kitties are adorable and so is Hazel!!
    Let us know how many inches of snow you get???? We are getting rain in Virginia

  2. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love the kitties.Thank you for fostering. Connie’s sampler is wonderful. Hats off to Hazel. We were 62 degrees today with heavy rain and a cold front coming in tomorrow. Hubby had a heart catherization. Glad to be back home. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn B – Rick has had that procedure and several others. Hope your hubby gets along ok!

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    Connie cross stitch is beautiful. I love it, but, I just don’t have the patience to do such small work.
    Hazel must be proud of herself today. Those kittens will keep you busy for a while. You’re always up for an adventure!
    Have a grand weekend…it’s soup weather in Wyoming

  4. Beryl In Owatonna

    Those kitties are so cute!! I would come and get one when they are ready but I am allergic to cats. I love to cuddle them and listen to their motors and then I start to itch.
    Hazel did a great job…could he, the rat, be the culprit for getting the chicks and chickens? He won’t do it again if he is!
    I have Christmas blocks made up and in the order want to sew them together…I better get going. I want to make myself a Christmas throw. I need to think about some gifts too before it is too late. I just haven’t been in the sewing mood since my knee surgery, that has to change!
    Stay warm…it has snowed a bit here so far and is supposed to all night but not accumulate too much. It is cold.

  5. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Oh my, those kittens melt my heart; this age is so much fun.
    On tonight’s news, we saw your area was in for some nasty weather. We had a little rain today after which the sun came out, but it was quite windy—still sweatshirt temps. A week ago, the foilage was beautiful; now things are very drab and leaves are falling.
    Thanks for the Christmas quilt inspiration, Mary. I dug around in my Christmas fabric this morning and found lots! 🤪

  6. Barbara

    At that age they’re just learning to use a litter box but they have to be taught to do so. They make edible litter for kittens because they will eat it. I’m a fan of Kitten Academy, a mom cat and kitten foster on youtube. I’ve learned a lot from watching his videos over the past year. Good luck with the tinies.

  7. Sandy

    Hi Mary, 10 points toHazel! The kittens are cute, wish l could have one, but Bella my dog would not be happy!keep warm , best wishes from sandy

  8. Gloria from CC

    Oh that Hazel! Such a little hunter and so proud. She’ll be on cloud nine for days. The kittens are way too cute. Maybe you should keep one.😀. Our little Baby is growing so fast. She gets her booster shots this afternoon and then in 30 days we’ll have her spayed. There’s snow on the ground this morning and windy. A good day to sit at my sewing machine.

  9. NancyTD

    Hazel is a good hunter. Glad she got the rat. Thanks to you for fostering the kitties. They sure are cute.
    Connie your cross stitch is beautiful. I have a couple of pieces I never started. Got hooked on quilting instead.
    About a 1/2 inch of snow on the ground this morning. Good day to quilt. Happy quilting everyone!

  10. Kathy Hanson

    Hazel should be excited and proud of herself for taking care of that rat!! Good Job, Hazel!! Enjoy the kittens, always such fun! Well, the snow is pretty anyway!

  11. Sue in Marion, Indiana

    OMG! Don’t show me pictures of black and white kittens! So adorable, I want them all! Hazel is adorable too…what a good dog! On another note, I went to the Bloomington, Indiana quilt guild show a couple of weeks ago and they had the most fabulous “Treasure Room” (aka, quilters’ rummage sale). Used books and patterns and fabrics and patterns, oh my! You should see all the loot I got for $67! Among the gems were a big handful of Country Threads patterns! I bought them all!

  12. Margaret in North Texas

    Connie’s cross stitch is just fantastic! I love both of of your Christmas quilts “from the online store” you’d like to make. I need to make some selections too.Both Hazel and the kitties are winners.

  13. Sherrill

    Oh, what cute little kitties!! You’re so great to take care of the babies. It would be so hard for me to give them back. HA And WHOA, that Hazel is a rat killer–good for her!!

  14. Sue in Oregon

    Horray for Hazel! I need to borrow her for a while. We have them around here and no rat dog in sight. I think if you have chickens, you also have rats. If you have rats, you should have a Jack Russell, as well. Bravo Hazel!!
    Those kittens…..They are adorable!
    I love #536. It would look great on the back of my wing chair.
    Connie’s cross-stitch is wonderful.

  15. Kathy in western NY

    Nothing sweeter than cuddling with kittens and watching them play would keep me occupied for hours. Glad Hazel still has it in her to get those pesky critters in her yard! Connie’s cross stitch is very nice – lots of people are doing it again but I gave it up years ago as my eyes won’t cooperate on anything that small with having MD. I save them now for quilting and reading.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in western NY – I think the cross stitch is breathtakingly beautiful but my fingers and hands couldn’t possibly do it. Just typing on my IPad makes my fingers go to sleep! Wish you were here to sit with the kitties!!!

  16. Virginia McKenzie

    Good job Hazel!!!!
    I love the kittens, I wish I lived closer so I could adopt one for George. That would be the purrfect Christmas gift for him, he misses Leo so much.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Virginia – I can’t resist sitting with them and letting them crawl all over me. How I wish George could have one of them!!! Is Al better today?

  17. Susan K in Texas

    Yay for Hazel! We’ve had rats in our attic the past two years. They are almost impossible to keep out – I’m too scared to put the cats up there. Klaus has caught several in the yard but he just wants to play with them so they get away.
    Such cute little kittens. There is a lady on Instagram who fosters kittens constantly. She is at @kitten_faces. I think you would enjoy seeing them.
    Thanks for the Christmas pattern in your last post.

  18. Susan K Fiorito

    Those kittens are beautiful! I love tuxedo kitties. I wish I lived closer. What a good girl Hazel is!!!

  19. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    Another great post today, Mary.:). Way to go, Hazel.!! She is smart to catch a rat! Those little kittens look like our Spike; he was a Goat Gazette star, too. My husband says that is why I now have Buddy because I missed big Spikey so much! Squeak is not Miss Friendly. Connie’s cross stitch is beautiful and oh such tiny stitches. I can’t do that anymore either, but I love it!
    Hope you don’t get too much snow. It is 57 and VERY windy in Central Ohio.

  20. Julie D.

    Those kittens are darling! My dad had several cats over the years with no tails or short tails and also regular length tails. The genetics started with one male cat that was delivered to his home that had I believe had Manx breeding. We thought he had an injured tail. So over the generations that have been born, it is always interesting to see the variations of cats and tails!!! Oh, Hazel–glad she goes after those rats! My Aussie goes after opossums.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Julie D – oh, both Hazel and Telly like to go after possums but I won’t let them kill them because they’re so beneficial. Many times I get them in a live animal trap and rehome them at a state park near us.

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