From Connie, 6-20-22

If you remember Connie was in the Chicago area staying with her grandkids while Andy and AdreAnne attended a trade show. From there she went to Spring Green to a cross stitch retreat. Here is her report on the weekend. (She’s a woman of few words, unlike me.)

I’m still coming off a high after attending the “Country Sampler Stitch Camp 2022”. We had wonderful teachers, perfect projects, Country Sampler shopping…but best of all were the friendships made of like minded women.  

I am a fairly new cross stitcher and attended the retreat by myself. There were 100 fellow students in attendance. The fun started on Thursday evening with introductions and a lovely meal. Friday and Saturday continued with our 3 teachers and their exclusive cross stitch pieces!  Sadly I took a picture of all the teachers, but it was lost (or whatever). But here are their projects.  

“At Home” by Brenda Gervais.  With Thy Needle & Thread. 

“Across the Sea”, Linda Lautenschlager, Chessie and Me.

“Summer Moon” , Paulette Stewart, Plum Street.

Since I was by myself these 3 lovely Wisconsin women took me under their wing. 

Pat, Connie, Darlynn & Debbie

They were really the best part of camp. We not only shared a table but stitched, shopped, laughed and went out for a Wisconsin traditional “Friday night Fish Fry”. Yummm
By the way, these gals are also quilters!!!

Here is Jeanie Horton, owner of Country Sampler. This shop, located in Spring Green WI, is full of inspiration for quilters and stitchers alike.
Thank you for putting on this “Top Drawer” event. Mary and I had many camps over the years- we know what goes into making a successful event happen. BRAVO to Jeanie and staff.
Here are a few pictures of the Country Sampler shop.

24 thoughts on “From Connie, 6-20-22

  1. Shirley from Oregon

    I absolutely love that shop. Have been there twice. Hope to go again. The last time I was there was in 2014, the year you gals closed but I made it to the farm with my hubby driving me all over. We hit your shop the weekend of that bicycle race. Could barely get around all the bikes to the farm. Great memories. Time to make some more.
    Thank you for sharing Connie and Mary.

  2. C

    Sounds like Connie had a fantastic time. Stitch camp sounds wonderful. Those are beautiful stitcheries.
    I have fond memories of my visit to Country Sampler. It was a heavenly day while hubby had work classes at University of Wisconsin. The morning was spent near Mt. Horab visiting Little Norway (sadly it has closed) and my afternoon in Spring Green at Country Stitches.

  3. Debbie G

    Oh my!! So much fun! This is one of my favorite shops. And, Pat is one of my friends and it doesn’t surprise me that she would take you under her wing!!

  4. Diane in Maryland

    Beautiful stitchery works! Connie, we’ve seen your work and it is gorgeous. What a fun and interesting post. Thank you!

  5. Rita

    I was fortunate to visit country sampler/in the same trip I visited country threads!

    So much personality. Left drooling

  6. Julie B from CF

    Lucky Connie…I love Country Sampler. My daughter lives about 30 miles from Spring Green so we go as often as we can. She is a stitcher and I am the quilter so there is something there for both of us. In fact, Jeanne had asked my daughter if she would join the staff and help design fabric with her…Sarah is a teacher and has little spare time to take on a 2nd job.

    Jeanne’s new fabric line is being released this month…named Traveler. Can’t wait to add it to my stash.

  7. Linda Bakken

    Hi Connie! I was just inSpring Green! Please sign up for our Stitch in BE Facebook page and come stitch with us in Blue Earth, and visit our wonderful shop, Welcome Stitchery!

  8. Carolyn Boutilier

    Connie, Thank you for sharing. Love all the x stitch pieces.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  9. Kathy Hanson

    WOW! What a fun time Connie must have had!! Cross stitch is fun too, I have done quite a lot of it and still love it too! So glad she enjoyed her retreat!!

  10. Susan

    Sounds like she had a terrific time-everybody should go up and experience their Christmas open house!

  11. Susan Lenz

    It’s nice to see the fun you both have in retirement! The cross-stitch designs are lovely-what fun to do a cross-stitch retreat, and with quilters,too. Thank you for sharing photos . Enjoy your summer ,ladies🌸

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    What a beautiful time she had. I get CS newsletters and wish I could see it in person. It looks glorious. I’m glad Connie had a wonderful time.

  13. Jean

    Gosh it’s good to hear from Connie! Would love to hear news of her new life in okoboji.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – I’d like to hear more, too, but like I said, she’s a woman of few words. Sad.

  14. Holly Woodyatt

    How exciting!. Country Sampler is one of my favorite quilt shops and I am envious of you for getting to go to this workshop Connie. Jeanne has a wonderful store and great staff. I enjoy my visit every time. It is a 4 hour trip so I only get there a couple of times a year.Well worth the trip.

  15. Nancy

    Was to Spring Green last September for a Quilt Camp. You’re correct, Jeanne puts on a “top drawer” event – wonderful teachers, projects, food, and surprises. Did I read, 100 stitchers? Wow. Thank you, Connie, for sharing your adventure.

  16. Debbie R.

    I started cross stitching (again) during covid. I did not know that there were retreats for cross stitchers!!!! I will have to check into this. Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Linda Schaefer

    Have done a couple quilt retreats there! Such a beautiful shop and wonderful staff! (Hi Kristin and Jeannie!) At those retreats we also cross stitched with Linda! Glad Connie had such a great time. I know I did!!

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