Fun at the Thrift Store 

Jackpot!  Chalkware dogs!  Lots of them but since I already have quite a few, I picked up only those I don’t have.

They ranged in price from $4-7.00.  Look at the little guy in the middle – doesn’t he look sad?  He had to come home with me, poor thing.

And this vintage teapot that I don’t know anything about but it’s in perfect condition and is so sweet.  I’m going to look it up online – cost was $7.00.

I am always a sucker for small floral prints especially in white frames – 50 cents each.  And another clock for my cupboard –  a travel alarm from the 50’s.

And the piece d’resistance is this McCoy wall pocket with the original tag still attached for $7.00.

I am going to make a quilt following this color scheme – I love this horse picture!  Brown, teal, coral, tan – isn’t it great?  Color is much more dramatic than my photo shows.

I haven’t forgotten about the quilt that so many of you mentioned – the one on my table with the spiral quilting.  Here it is.  It is a disappearing 4 patch and I’m sure if you go online, you can find the directions in multiple places.

I first saw spiral quilting on Crazy Mom’s blog.  I did this with my quilting foot and that’s why it’s so even.  Start in the middle and take one stitch at a time, lifting your presser foot and leaving the needle down so you can make the tiny circle.  Continue moving outwards from that beginning circle and just follow the width of your quilting presser foot.  Use lots of pins or basting spray so that the backing does not become “skewed”.  Quilting gloves help immensely.  Stitch the corners on their own after the circle is completed.

When I get all my newfound treasures into their new homes, I’ll take pictures of them again.  If I forget, remind me.  

Oh and by the way, a friend who was in camp is trying to locate Mary Ellen from Madison, WI who was also in camp.  She has lost her address and email and would like to contact her.  Mary Ellen – if you’re reading this, contact me at

That’s all for today, folks!

29 thoughts on “Fun at the Thrift Store 

  1. MaryLou

    Would u please add me to your mail list for your blog. Have tried signing up but
    Will not work. Thank you for your time will look forward to reading all your interesting
    Adventures & love all the dogs & other animals

  2. Carol

    I have not been thrifting in a “dog’s age”…. and you got some great dogs there!

    Love love love the spiral quilting!

  3. LMK

    forgot to tell you, i like the circle quilting, looks real nice. denise would like the horse picture, she has liked horses since she was about 3 yrs old (she will be 49 in nov.) yes, i wonder where those years went too. i like the little clock too also like the tea pot, i have 2, one has no lid but that’s okay with me, i found it in the basement of my aunt & uncle’s farm, must be old as the hills (like they say) looks like connie is having fun, she looks like a fun grandma.

  4. LMK

    yes, where is the thrift store you went too?? just wonder if i have been there before, like your “finds.” i go to the village in clear lake, the s. army stores, a thrift store in charles city (the comp) a thrift store in prairie du chien, wi. i try not to buy a lot, just things i really like, i really like your flower pictures!!! i have bird pictures in my laundry room (2 have real bird feathers in them) good luck with rick’s retirement!!! you will need it, esp. this winter. paul is over in jackson, mn. fishing with his brother for a couple of days. (paul does help alot though, helps in the kitchen, vacuums, dusts, outside jobs, etc) denise went up north to virginia & ely over the weekend to see the wolf & bear centers, she had a good time. i’m enjoying my “me” time. enjoy the rest of the summer, it is going way too fast!!!! by the way… we just had our 51st anniversary 8-6, can’t believe how fast those went!!!! don’t forget to let us know where the thrift store is. enjoy hearing about you & everything you do, etc.

  5. Kathy Schwartz

    The “circle quilt” is really, really nice.
    The McCoy piece is something, especially with the original tag still attached.
    Our church just finished hosting 4 Flea Markets. We have one more Aug. 20th. I thought I was tired of looking at “treasurers” but your finds just encourage me more. At one of our Flea Markets, I did get a yellow McCoy planter (small) for 50 cents. Perfect shape. Also a Red Wing bean pot with lid for $1.00. I didn’t know it was RW until I brought it home. Fun!!

  6. Carolyn Johnson

    My Daddy had an alarm clock just like that for his out of town work trips. It is around here somewhere in a toy box, passed to grandchildren to play with. Thanks for the sweet memory! Reminds me of the nice quality items that we used to take for granted!

  7. Lora jans

    Can I ask what thrift store you were at? I also collect chalkware and you got some great pieces!!

      1. Lora jans

        I am going to stop in there, although my husband says I have one of every one made. I love my chalk!!

  8. Connie T

    I went to the thrift store today also!! Had a wonderful time!! But, your finds were more fun than mine! The hunt was fun no matter what!! I also collect teapots and found one last time I was out. I’ve never seen one like yours before and look forward to whatever you find out. Thanks for sharing with us!!! Loved the circular quilting also!

  9. Mary T Lund

    Love seeing your finds. Especially the McCoy piece. Thanks for the inspiration

  10. Martha Engstler

    I collect tea pots and yours I think is special even though I don’t know any thing about it. I’d be interested to know it’s history. We have lots of fun yard sales around the Gettysburg area almost every weekend. It’s so exciting to find a “treasure”. The last Saturday of September the whole town of Fairfield, PA turns into a huge yard sale.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha – if this teapot is a great treasure for your collection, I’d be happy to pass it on to you since I don’t collect teapots. It was just to sweet to leave there. Let me know, Martha – I can send it to you for $7 and shipping.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha – I’ll look it up online and see if it’s “anything”.

  11. Kathy

    I’d forgotten how much fun it is to “treasure hunt” at a local thrift store. Since my hubby is not a fan, I’ve curtailed my forays into such intriguing shops, but I do have some spots in my sons’ home town of Paradise, CA. I’m going up in a couple of weeks and hope to visit some of the favored spots just to indulge myself and maybe find a lovely teapot much as you did! Loved the spiral quilting. Your talents continue to amaze me! Have a wonderful week.

  12. Paula S.

    Love all of your great “finds”. And that quilt is fabulous. You have more patience than I do!

  13. Launa Peters

    Oh Mary… enjoyed seeing your fabulous thrifty finds today. I had the same travel clock; red case of course!! Thanks for sharing about spiral quilting.

  14. Karla T

    Hi Mary! Your treasures are sweet— you have so many fun collections! I LOVE your spiral quilting, and noticed it right away the first time you posted the pic– Thanks for sharing how you did it… Did you use your new Bernina when doing it? if so, which # foot do you call your quilting foot?

  15. Jan B

    Hi Mary! I know you love thrift shops & yard sales. Have you heard of the World’s Largest Yard Sale/127 Corridor Sale? It just ended for this year but it takes place every year. It’s almost 700 miles long & runs from Michigan south thru norther Alabama down Route 127. Literally runs thru the town I live in in TN. Anyway, it takes place the 1st weekend in August every year — officially Thursday thru Sunday (tho the vendors start setting up their tents full of items for sale along the route a week or more before the official start date). I’m pretty certain it would be like heaven to you! Bring your truck & your trailer so you can shop & take home your haul. You must add this to you bucket list if you’ve never been! I’m sure you & Connie would have a blast! Oh, & be sure to pack you patience, too, if you ever decide to make the trip!! Lol!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan – yes, I’ve heard about it and just can’t imagine how much fun it would be!

  16. Ann Barlament

    I’ve never heard of chalkware, but happy you took the sad dog home. Let me know if he ever smiles. My thrift shopping downfall is enamelware and Red Wing crockery.

    Will have to try the circle quilting, I love the end product!!

  17. Moe Baly

    I love thrift shops! Its like a treasure chest. Your finds are wonderful! I gotta try that spiril quilting. It is awesome.

  18. Michele

    Spiral quilting is amazing. Mary, I’m pretty sure you’ve forgotten more about quilting than I’ll ever know. But keep trying to teach me/us!!

  19. Vickie

    I love your treasures! The McCoy wall pocket is absolutely beautiful and a steal for $7. Keep treasure hunting. It’s so much fun to go, look, and even if you don’t buy anything.

  20. Patricia Cash

    Great finds. The quilt is pretty and the quilting, thanks for sharing how you did it.

  21. Diane

    That spiral quilting is awesome; I love the colors, too. I”ve never heard of chalkware, but those are cute. I don’t live far from where McCoy pottery was made. Love the horse picture and the little clock is just like one I have:) It’s fun to have you shop!! Enjoy all your neat finds:)

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