Suggestions for JoAnne?

JoAnne Konkel sent this picture of the cover quilt from our book The Blue and the Gray and expressed her thanks for the book which we appreciate.  Since she enjoys hand quilting she is hoping you readers will have some suggestions for her on how it should be quilted.  Please add your suggestion in the comment section for JoAnne to read.

And my friend Launa sent me a picture of her pumpkin quilt (I see it’s upside down and I don’t know how to right it!) and I love her choice of fabrics – each piece a different batik – and she’s going to quilt leaves and tendrils by the stems.  Lovely, Launa!

14 thoughts on “Suggestions for JoAnne?

  1. Nikki Mahaffey

    I think quilting the quilt in a time appropriate pattern would be good idea.
    Maybe the Baptist Fan or a laurel wreath in blocks and 1/4 in outline of geese

  2. Nikki Mahaffey

    Quilted in a time appropriate pattern would be a good idea.
    Maybe a Baptist Fan
    Laurel Wreath in blocks and 1/4 in outline of the geese

  3. Lori I

    I hit the comment button planning on recommending the Baptist Fan. I see that is a trend! It might be a little difficult due to all the seams.

  4. Sandy Bessingpas

    Baptist fan was my firts thought also.lovely job on the piecing and color choice

  5. Linda Wolanin

    It is such a lovely quilt. If it were mine I would use big stitch hand quilting with pearl cottons.

  6. Pamela

    Because it has a lot of straight lines, flying geese, squares, the easiest way would probably be to hand stitch with cross stitch. If I plan to keep busy with it, I have used the quilters half inch tape to keep my lines straight. Good luck!
    It’s beautiful!

  7. Carol

    Both are lovely! What a great combination of batiks! And the traditional style quilt, the colors work together beautifully. I agree with the Baptist Fan suggestions.

  8. Louise

    I tend to agree with Baptist Fan…due to the abundance of straight lines, I think the idea of curved lines will definitely soften it….I really like the batik pumpkins as well.

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