Fun in Minneapolis


We enjoyed our day in Minneapolis at Quilt Market – it’s really fun when you don’t have to try to decide what to buy whether it be fabric or books and patterns.  We signed our book “Civil War Remembered” at the United Notions’ booth and also at Martingale’s booth.  Even though we love Civil War quilts, the market is very different from a few years ago and we were enthralled with a couple of quilts that are definitely out of our comfort range.  While putting together a Civil War quilt is especially easy for Connie (not so easy for me),  we need to practice and read up about the new quilts that are very modern.  We both think it looks fun to give it a try.  I took pictures but rules are very strict about posting them on my blog without proper credit and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

We had dinner with Janet Nesbit and Mary Ellen Von Holt on Friday evening – great steaks and better company.

Back at home today, I am energized and thinking about what I should start making.  Very exciting!

5 thoughts on “Fun in Minneapolis

  1. Karen

    I always have a smile on when I read your posts, mary! And it is fantastic to see that you gals get bit by some of the “shiny new things” too! There’s always something new waiting us over the horizons of “where we are today”. So good to find I am in such good company!

  2. Diana W

    It was good to see you out and about at Market. Lots of new things, sights and colors, but still love my civil was repros and your patterns.

    Glad you had fun!

  3. Launa

    Good to read you and Connie had a nice time signing your book…at two booths!! Nothing like a little new style “quilt eye candy” either. I like to ask my younger Grands if they learned anything new in school today.
    Saw the new Iowa short track in Newton during the EXfinion race on the weekend.
    Bet your critters were happy to see you return home!

  4. Vickie Devore

    I love looking at the new styling of quilts and often read (and purchase books about them). However, my heart is still with Civil War styling (your new book only makes it difficult — which one to start with)!!. Love you guys. Have your Cardinal pattern which you signed for me in Indianapolis YEARS ago. One of my favs to this day. vickie in Indiana

  5. Sue Dietz

    Would loved to be there. I’m saving my pennies to see what new treasurers are offered from this show. I too am ready to try something a little “wilder” than many of my things have been. Interesting to be so interested in primitive and modern at the same time. Primitive does have some of the simplified lines. Maybe I can figure out a way to combine the two! Fun thought for a beautiful rainy day in eastern Tennessee.

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