Happy Memorial Day

I hope you’re all going to “vacation” Friday and Saturday of this holiday weekend because it looks like rain for Sunday and Monday.  Darn!  I was so hoping to work outside the entire weekend because I am boarding 5 extra dogs and everything is easier to manage outside.

Here are Libby and Tasha.

Such sweet little girls but “needy” as well always wanting to be on my lap!  Hard to get anything done while holding 2 little dogs.

And here is Bentley.

He is here for 2-1/2 weeks and fits right into our household with no extra stress.  He’s an easy going guy who loves to run with Telly.  

And Biscuit and Sassy are also here – they simply can’t sit still for a picture, no way, no how!

Every minute of my time has been spent marking things for the sale which is less than 2 weeks away.  Yesterday it was finally a nice day and Connie and I attempted to match up all the plastic tubs with matching lids.  Ugh!  We hauled them all out of the trailer and matched up as many as we could and marked them for the sale.  We have many show items still to sort and mark but we’re making progress.

I am also trying to get to the cemetery with these pots of flowers.  I will have to put all the visiting dogs in kennels so I can leave.

Today is lawn mowing day – before it starts raining.  The weeds are very healthy and I need to start cleaning flower beds.  I know all of you are in the same place I am – lots of weeds and it keeps raining.  I was hoping to plant my pumpkins this weekend – doubtful.

Hope you all have a safe and fun holiday weekend.  Not much sewing here – too busy getting ready for the sale but when I have something to show you, please be assured that I will.

Remember, small acts of kindness can change the world.

15 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. Launa

    How nice to see the flowering plants you are taking to the cemetery and the dogs you are giving TLC.
    Both small granddogs were here while their young owners mowed, trimmed outside, dusted and ran the Dyson inside. Helps them be responsible and we grandparents enjoy the visiting, too.

    I saw on this evening’s news a CA coastal restaurant is charging for water. Citizens are really cutting back on water use at home so the water rates are going up to cover the loss in income.

    Enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Bernadette Jackson

    Mary, the email address you gave didn’t work for me. I was wondering about the blue star quilt you had on a holder near your bed. What is the block pattern? Also, will you consider selling any of the quilts to those of us who cannot be there in person?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The blue star is just that, a small variable star set with muslin from many years ago. Are you sure you’re copying my email address correctly? No caps? Call me 641-512-5188 and also give me your email so I can send you an email and you can reply

  3. judy

    Hi, As for planting your pumpkins. I love to plant in the rain. The plants don’t care.
    Our Camping plans at Beeds Lake is a bust. The rains are headed this way. Will have to BBQ in between storms. j in Alden Ia.

  4. Carol

    You know, everyone says how they like to read about your days, and so do I, but I just want to say to anyone who’s reading responses …I like to read about your days, too. It widens my life! Thanks, everyone!

  5. Carol

    Most of my planting got done early as we had lots of extra adrenalin while Kitty (LuluBelle) was missing for a week! Digging dirt was my husband’s therapy and it was A-OKAY with me to act as project manager! We put in Gladiator azaleas (brilliant!), New Guinea impatiens, geraniums, snapdragons and petunias. Everything is red, red-orange, orange, yellow and … purple. Just line a quilt, analogous colors and an opposite! And to rest the eye, lots of hostas!

    And, wouldn’t you know it, a frost is predicted for tonight! So all my beds are covered with sheets!

    I am jealous of everyone who gets to go to your sale! What fun for the shoppers! I would buy any and all punch needle kits …you got me hooked in September and then closed in October! No one in Western New York carries anything punch needle at all! I found a fabulous cheese box at a funky little shop and my first thought was, ” what a great place to put a punch needle!” It’s mine!

    Thanks for yet another addiction!

  6. Mary

    Mary, I have been wanting to ask you about you hops plant. We have one we found in Michigan at a nursery. A friend in Wisconsin had them growing around her chicken coop. I wanted one, and we looked all over where she lived. No luck finding one. So on our way home through Michigan we stopped at every nursery we came across, and I was so thrilled when I found mine. My question is…can it be divided, or do they get new plants we can dig up and transplant? Ours is growing in leaps and bounds. Maybe you can help me out. I love the leaves, and it is such a good climber. I like how you made wreaths out of it. I am going to try this. I do so enjoy reading all about your dogs, quilts and flowers. You are an amazing lady. Be happy. Mary

  7. Shirley Svoboda

    Just wanted to thank you for telling about utility quilting. I tried it for the first time yesterday on a charm school quilt and i totally love it….it was perfect for the quilt. I love quilting that way! Thanks again.

  8. Eileen Mele

    Hope you know what a blessing rain is! Of course you do. Poor California. We are so dry. Gave orders yesterday for the Gardner to let some of my lawn die. So we can put gravel, and drought plants. The kind that need little watering. I love my green yard, small as it is. We have to cut back 36 percent!! As the city keeps building more apartments. If I buy some large pots, I’m planting sunflowers! Maybe they will be cheerful. Thn I could make a sunflower quilt! I remember so many on this Memorial Day. No heroes, but guys who served in honor. God Bless them all. My grown children do not even understand the reason for the holiday. That’s sad. Enjoy yours, and thanks for what you share!

  9. Pat Johnson

    Mary, Do you know the hours of your sale yet? I’ll be driving down from the twin cities and need to know what time I need to leave in order to get there when you open. Thanks. Pat

  10. Marie

    Love to see the dogs you are sitting and all your projects, will also see you at your sale!

  11. Penny C

    Looks like a lot of hard work, but you make the best of it!!! Recovering from surgery here in the Northern Neck of VA, but getting better everyday. Your posts make me feel so connected with everything. Love the dogs!!! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, despite the rain I know you will make the best of it! Lots of Love to you, Penny

  12. Sue Dietz

    We have planted most things. I planted lots of zinnias to have cut flowers for hostess gifts and in our house. Now it looks as if I may be facing back surgery (not due to planting!) . So it will be a busy weekend readying projects to do during the recover time since the days are so busy during the weeks. I love this time of year almost as much as fall.

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