Update and Answers to Questions


While the dogs were here, I worked outside and sweeping up the “helicopters”  was on my agenda.  Honestly, I have never seen so many and they become little trees in nothing flat!  I swept up tubs of them!

After Biscuit and Sassy were here for a couple of days, they finally wore down and grabbed cat naps wherever they could – even in the driveway.


Bentley loved the golf cart ride with Rick and Faye – he is a great dog and easy to have around.


Some answers to posted comments:

Yes, the hops vine can be divided – mine spreads everywhere.  There are no hops on the vine at this time of year – it’s like any other plant, the fruit appears at the end of the growing season and there are always lots of them on my vine.  Guess that’s how it spreads around the yard.

Carol:  How is LuluBelle after her week on the run?  I’ll bet I’m not the only one who would like to know.

Bernadette:  You must not be entering my email correctly because I get email every day at that address.  You could try my gmail address if you like.  maryecountrythreads@gmail.com

The SALE is approaching fast.  The hours are:

June 4, 9 – 6

June 5, 9 – 6

June 6, 9 – 4

We will be able to take credit cards but if you want to check out faster, bring cash.  We will have 2 separate checkouts to hurry things along.  If you are coming to the sale, you might want to bring your own large tote bag to put your purchases in.  We will not be able to “guard” your potential purchases but you are welcome to put them on the lawn north of the house if you want to continue shopping.  Friends could take turns watching the purchases but if honesty is the best policy, we can all relax and lay our choices aside so you can continue shopping.  Otherwise you will need to pay and deliver your items to your vehicle in the field south of the barn.  We will have a golf cart available to run you back and forth to your car.

We will have quilts for sale in the barn, in the classroom on the second story of the Civil War building and in the quilt shop, south end.  Garden junk will be in the north yard, free books and patterns will be in all locations, and restrooms will be 2 portable units by the gate.  No food will be available during this sale.  Bring your own water or preferred drink.

I will continue to answer questions and concerns regarding the sale.

Now it’s back to the garden shed to mark more yard art!


One thought on “Update and Answers to Questions

  1. Carol

    LuluBelle, who answers more readily to Kitty, is enjoying the spa-like life we offer here at home sweet home! She lounges by the fire as we take the chill off our cool mornings at 6 am, then sleeps until we get home from the gym (7-10 am since October, and I’ve lost a whopping five pounds-this is getting discouraging as we eat paleo style, but that’s a WHOLE OTHER STORY!), and then she expects her daily several brushings throughout the day. The neighbors have brought lots of Friskie treats and other treats she is unused to, so she is living high off the hog.

    Seriously, we were lucky she came home with only a tiny wound on one leg, no fleas, and no worms. Her fur was quite clean, and soft, and we were surprised by that too. She sticks to me like glue whenever possible, sitting behind me on the dining room chair for meals, and sleeping in the crook of my arm at night. She puts her front paws over my wrist at night, to let me know I’m not going anywhere! Little does she remember, I was here all the time, waiting for her to come to her senses!

    I brush her whenever I have time, a few times a day, because that hair brush is what got her through the door at 3 am on Mother’s Day morning! I will be prepared if it ever happens again! And it better not! I cried a river, and had a lost week waiting for her. Just don’t want to do that again! I appreciate all the good vibes you and your readers sent my way! It helped, knowing other people love animals, and understand.

    Garden junk…how fun to shop for that! We just picked up some rustic lathe strip gates to hide our trash cans from the poor neighbors who have a great view of our trash cans. We had a beautiful, full juniper tree that hid the garbage cans from the street, and from our neighbors’ viewpoints. The “Snovember” storm here in the Buffalo NY area (6 feet in a weekend) (we live in the “snowbelt”, Orchard Park NY, which gets much more snow than Buffalo, ten miles away) that destroyed that tree and our crabapple tree. So we went junking last week and created a “vignette” (ha!) of tall rustic picket fencing, a red, white and blue star quilt and a white birdhouse…it’s kind of cute and disguises the cans pretty well. Hung a deep purple wave petunia on a post at the end of the fencing.

    So that’s the news from Western New York! I hope all of your readers had a pleasant Memorial weekend, a time when family celebrations are very sober for those who have recently lost their young men, and for those who are remembering relatives lost in “the war to end all wars”. Would that that had been true!

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