Tuesday at Lucky Dog Day Camp

It continues to rain even here in Iowa just making things wet and miserable but not life threatening like in Texas, OK, KS and others.  Marty arrived this morning just for the day and overnight and he is having a great time – with Bentley mostly. 

He is ordinarily a beautiful white fluffy dog but in this weather and in my care, playtime is more important.  



I decided to post these blurry pictures so you get the idea.  And after everybody was worn out, Marty had to go to the kennel for rest time.  He did not like it.


I neglected to say we will accept checks at the sale.  Hours of the sale again are June 4, 9-6, June 5, 9-6 and June 6, 9-4.  Marking things that will need to be sold outside is a real challenge in this weather.

If you have questions, email me at maryecountrythreads@gmail.com. 

5 thoughts on “Tuesday at Lucky Dog Day Camp

  1. Maryjane

    Oh, my, all these dogs on rainy days. That Marty is such a cutie. Think you’ve had him before??? Lucky dogs not to be banished to the outside in such weather. Have fun! Send some of that rain to southern Calif. My garden and grass need it. mjb

  2. Becky Rose

    Ha!! Marty is having the time of his life!! Love how dirty he is in the 3rd picture!! Where is your LIKE button!??

  3. Anna, Michigan

    Lucky dogs they are!! I love Bentley. He is just beautiful. Makes me miss our Sugar.
    Bless you for keeping up with the muddy floors! Have a great sale! Wish I could come!!!!!

  4. Launa

    Evening Mary,
    Fun to see Marty and his pals romping together…rain or shine! We could use some rain here for sure.

  5. Ann Barlament

    Those aren’t blurry pictures….they are action shots!!! Seems the dogs have just as much fun on their vacation as their humans….

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