Wednesday Update


This ad will appear in our local papers this weekend for those of you who live in North Iowa.  Connie and I have nearly finished marking everything in the old semi-trailer and this afternoon we will wrap up the sorting and marking in the shop.  What a great feeling!  We are almost ready and praying for nice weather because as the ad says, this is a yard sale – stuff will be in the yard so we’d really appreciate it, God, if it didn’t rain or be windy.  We have had so many rainstorms on big event days over the past 30 years!  I wish we could have made these things available online for those of you who can’t attend but the task was so monumental that we just couldn’t.

Marty went home last night, dirty as a little pig but happy as can be.  Today it’s just Telly, Faye and Bentley but 2 more dogs are arriving on Friday.   

 Look what the UPS man brought me today – “New York Beauty, Quilts from the Volckening Collection”.  My goal is to make a New York Beauty quilt – it looks beyond my ability but I’m going to give it a try.  I have always admired this type of quilt and simply cannot imagine how a woman could make this intricate quilt in 1850, for example.  Like Connie says, “she couldn’t have had good light”.  Ha!  No, I’m sure she didn’t yet the quilt is stunning.

As soon as the dust clears however I am going to start Gypsy Wife – I have all the fabrics in a tub just waiting for me so after the sale, I’m going to jump right in.  Anyone else want to sew along with me?  You’d have time to purchase the pattern and gather your fabrics.  Here is a picture of the quilt by Jen Kingwell.

I’m not quite sure how a “sew along” works but I guess I’d make the block and post a picture of it and give you a few days to make your own block using your own booklet.  Any ideas?

It is a beautiful day in North Iowa – no rain and everything is a vibrant green!  Hope all you folks in the Houston area are surviving all that rain.

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  1. Melody Amonson

    I think a sew along would be fun! Are you using traditional or modern print fabrics? Lori Holt is doing a sew along for her Farm Girl vintage pattern. She posts 2 blocks every friday. You could set your own pace. I miss my monthly charm school – maybe this would fill the void!

  2. VA Mann

    Wish I could hop in the truck and trek up your way for the sale! The very best to you and Connie.

  3. Diane Deibler

    Okay, Mary, I have all of these old linens from my mom. Can you send me the recipe for washing old linens? I remember you posting it once. Thanks!!!

  4. Beth

    I know I shouldn’t beg, but I’ve completely
    fallen in love with “Our Best to You” Have spent
    hours searching the web – any chance you have
    one left? Be more than willing to pay…..Thanks!

  5. Diane

    HI Mary–I checked Mapquest “just in case” I could come to the sale. It’s 11 hours and 59 minutes from my house in Ohio to you. I”m thinking the hubby is not going to be up for that:( I’ll just wish you good luck with the weather and hope all goes well:) I will love to follow along as you make Gypsy Wife, I’m so far behind on my projects, I’ll still be here in 2050!!

  6. Diane

    Thanks again sooooo much for keeping Marty yesterday!!! He was happy as could be. He had a shower when we got home. He was so tired. But after his shower he went and grabbed a toy. He still had a little bit left in him! ha ha He is a tired pup today but if you look close, you can still see the smile on his face! Thanks so much! I have to make the “Gypsy Wife” quilt. That is awesome!!!

  7. Noël

    I have done a stitch-along before and they would put the instructions up for whatever part they were working on, wait a few days, and then put the next steps up. Worked out pretty well.

  8. Kristie

    This is a great idea. I have the pattern and now the motivation to do it with someone ;o) thanks for this Mary.

  9. Bernadette Jackson

    I sure would love to send you $$$ for a quilt and include mailing fees. – since I live in Tucson, AZ, there is no way I can be there. What will you do with quilts that aren’t sold at your event? And what is the block pattern for that property star quilt you have draped on a stand near your bed, please?

  10. shirley

    Looks like a great pattern would love to do a sew along any ideas where I could get the pattern

  11. Rose Mikulski

    I’ve been waiting for you to start the Gypsy Wife quilt, I have my pattern and know which fabrics I’m going to use. I guess another way of doing a quilt-a-long is for me to send you my fabric so you make my blocks for me–ha-ha, you know how much I love working with one-inch pieces. I can’t wait to start. BTW, you might consider building a dog wash, similar to a car wash, after seeing Marty and the fun he had. Good luck with the sale!!!

  12. Carol

    One inch pieces? Seriously? The entire quilt? I looked at that quilt photo, and thought, maybe….I should check the pattern out online, then I read everyone’s responses and saw that someone couldn’t wait to work with one inch pieces (not!) and I thought, you and me both, Rose! I’m not sure I’d live long enough to finish.

    Now, if that was just a funny remark, and pieces are a little bigger….well, maybe I’d give it a shot! I sure do love it!

    I will pray you have wonderful weather next week. We just this minute had a wind event…it looked like a tornado of maple helicopters, I kid you not! They were swirling so fast and in such great number that it resembled a wicked snow storm. It only lasted about two minutes, but it was so loud … at first I thought it was hail (it’s been that kind of day here in the Buffalo, NY area). So now we get to clean the gutters out for the second time in two days!

    I, too, happened to be wondering what you will do with your unsold merchandise, if you have any left. Perhaps if there are quilts or wall hangings left, you could post to your faithful followers, and we could buy? You could just say, buy now, send me a check within one week or the item goes back up for sale, and I will post your package within a month…or something like that. BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU WANT ANOTHER NEVER ENDING TASK TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!! Ha!

    Best wishes for a sell out! So sad to live so far away! LuluBelle says “meow”!

  13. Carol

    I’ve been looking online….there have been quite a few Gypsy quilt a longs….have you looked? They are great for helping think about fabrics. Also, I do not think the blocks are one inch finished!

  14. Launa

    Hi Mary, Great ad and hopefully the weather will cooperate for the sale days.

    Jen Kingwell has a quilt pattern in the Spring issue 2015 of Quiltmania called MY SMALL WORLD. What a delightful way to use up light scraps for the wee background sky. I’d like to sew that so I’m looking for the magazine.

    Don’t we all wonder how long it took the quilter to make those narrow points in her 1850 quilt? What a treasure.

  15. Rose Mikulski

    Carol, I meant that some of the pieces in the quilt blocks could be one-inch, not the size of the blocks–yikes. I say this in jest after doing last year’s Country Threads BOM, I had quite a time doing the one-inch HST. So glad to hear about Lulubelle’s return, my niece lost her chocolate lab the same time your sweet kitty went missing, unfortunately they haven’t found her yet. We’re still hoping for her safe return.

  16. Lisa

    Mary, I would love to do a sew along! I’ve never seen the gypsy wife pattern before, I LOVE IT! I’m just not sure where I can find the pattern. I did some online searches, most of the stores that carry it are out or if its in stock they want a lot more money for the same pattern. I’ll just have to keep looking. Keep us posted as to when you were wanting to get started. Love you posts, keep ’em up!

  17. GloryB

    Oh how I wish I lived in Iowa and not the UK!
    I would love to visit a quilter’s yard sale but have never seen/heard of one when on our travels in the US.
    I would come to yours in a shot and with lots of cash!

  18. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary, what a great idea! I would love to sew along with you with Gypsy Wife! Count me in.
    Kind regards Fiona.

  19. Helen

    Hi Mary…Gypsy Wife pattern arrived in todays mail so I took a break and looked over the instructions and many choices of fabrics used (together). It will be a “stretch” for me with the fabric combinations even tho I do luv the quilt. Here in our area of Texas it is rain and more rain. Another quilt that I have wanted to try is Dear Jane. There have been many opportunities to try with plenty of classes etc. so why am I waiting? Enjoy all your news!

  20. Heather K

    Hi Mary,

    I have been adding to the stash of fabric I purchased at country threads for the gypsy wife, and after finally moving- just arrived in Ohio last week- I am ready to start when you are!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      You made the move! Will you open another boarding business? How many dogs moved with you?

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