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I am going to try to put the link into the blog post. Not sure I know what I’m doing but give it a try. It’s the whole service and the recording didn’t start at the first song but several of the songs are here before the service begins.

I told you that Loren loved music and Pastor Lund agreed that he would want the end of Because He Lives to be LOUD AND JOYOUS…..and so it was. I just didn’t want you all to think we were not being respectful at a funeral service.

My church does sing out of the hymnal but we also have screens so we use both at times. We do sing some newer hymns but not praise songs which we call 7-11 songs……7 words sung 11 times. Just a joke – don’t get bent out of shape here.

I will look into the possibility of recording a CD – we’ve been asked many times but we never get around to it. Margaret and I have played together for at least 30 years and I have been a church pianist for 65 years with a few temporary times out.

I’m so busy watching women’s basketball games today that I haven’t gotten much sewing done – imagine that.

24 thoughts on “Funeral Music

  1. Cheryl Regan

    I hope you enjoy every minute of the basketball games. Wish the games were on my channel, but someone is sure to show highlights that I can see. Love those old songs!

  2. DebMac

    My husband got a big laugh out of your calling praise songs 7-11 songs. Said he wished he had thought of that. I still miss the old songs that never get played anymore. You can bet my funeral will have them! Recessional will definitely be “On Our Way Rejoicing”.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      DebMac – and my recessional will be When We All Get To Heaven – Mom requested it for her service as did her siblings who used it as their recessional

  3. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy in Central Ohio

    I listened to most of the service. Very beautiful music. My mom’s cousin sang How Great Thou Art at our wedding and my brother in law sang the Lord’s Prayer at our daughter’s wedding while our 14 year old nephew played the piano😀. Lovely! You and Margaret did a wonderful job. 🎶

  4. Helen Jane (TX)

    Mary, Beautiful music! At Church the “Praise Music” is what is IN and the majority prefer Hymns. We do sing from a drop- down screen instead of the hymnals.. I’m not sure where the 7-11 description came from but it is used here also. Sadly our church is struggling. This has gone on for a while and the younger generation that are in the Service don’t learn the hymns. I best close my thoughts…

  5. Brendalynne

    Oh I so love the 7-11 term. So explains the feelings of so many and we just grumble without being clever enough to give it a label. THANK YOU

  6. Diana in Des Moines

    I love the old hymns. We are Lutherans and our church has traditional, blended and contemporary services. We attend the blended, and our music director is so good about mixing the old songs with the new.
    I’m working on donation quilts for church this week. I love to piece tops, but then they languish till the box gets full. Then I quilt them and donate. Everybody is happy!
    I was wondering if you remember a family by the name of Strutzenberg. A member of our church passed and she had lived in Garner as a child, that was her maiden name.
    Looking forward to a rain day tomorrow. Staying home and making ham and bean soup with some cornbread on the side! Ummi!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – that name is not familiar to me but I didn’t grow up in Garner. I moved here 40+ years ago

    1. Lisa B

      7-11 songs……7 words sung 11 times, I’m going to remember that! Great description of some of the junk we sang at my last church. Only part of the reason I changed churches but it all went together and added up to much that wasn’t Biblical/ Scriptural.

  7. Marsha in Michigan

    Very nice music and enjoyed the sermon, too. Lots of comfort for the family & friends. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Marsha from Kansas

    Mary, the music was wonderful. I could just hear the words as the organ and piano played. We love the old hymns. There are so many songs I would like played at my service. But I’ll Fly Away and Mansion Over the Hilltop are going to be two. I sang those two to myself as I got radiation therapy as well as I could hear a few of my Southern Gospel groups singing to me. Such a comfort. I know your music is a comfort at the services you play at, too. Such a wonderful ministry.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – I’ll Fly Away is in my funeral notebook, too. One man chose that as his recessional – it was so great!!

  9. Lois Ann Johnson

    Thanks for sharing the music you and Margaret played for the funeral. I also love the “old hymns.” I play them on my violin quite often at our care centers, along with a piano accompaniment. The residents love hearing them and sometimes will sing along with the music.

  10. Terri Benedict

    Thank you for posting the video. The music filled my heart! I miss the old hymns so much.

  11. Jeanne Fee

    I just now got to listen to Loran’s funeral service. Your music was so beautiful! I the piano and organ blended so beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Alice in SW Ohio

    I just listened to Loran’s service as well. What a lovely service! The music was so pretty, you & Margaret play very well together. I also love the memory quilt laid on the coffin. Whoever made it did a beautiful job! Your church is just lovely & the acoustic ‘s were great. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Diane in Maryland

    A beautiful tribute! You and Margaret did a great job playing the music. You did a perfect job of posting it. Thank you for sharing this!

  14. Lindah in northern CA

    Yes, it worked! Thank you for putting the service on youtube, Mary. I’ve wanted to hear you play for a long time. It was lovely. I pulled out my crochet work and listened. Very nice.

  15. Linda in MI

    Thank you Mary, the funeral music was beautiful, took me back to funerals in my family, especially my dad’s. We grew up in a Presbyterian church and we know all the old hymns by heart. My dad especially loved them because his mom, my grandma, was English and tried and true Presbyterian and he learned them as a child. He could sing everyone without a hymnal and I loved how he sang over everyone, it was like he was singing only for God. Thank you again, you play beautifully. A wonderful tribute to the gentleman who passed.

  16. Sue in Oregon

    I loved your piano music for the service, Mary. Thank you for sharing it. Your link worked perfectly.
    Well, we had two lovely spring-like days, with blue skies, sun, and almost warm. A bit crispy in the shade. But, it felt so good. My chickens were very happy. They got to free range for hours.
    Today….back to rain and a high wind watch , which hasn’t gotten here yet, but is predicted to have gusts up to 70 mph. I was going to plant peas. Oh, well….
    I have been working on a UFO wall hanging of appliqued flower pots stacked crooked, with one flower in the top. It’s long and skinny, like Harvey. My machine went kind of crazy while quilting and I am having to take out part of it. Darn. Hate when this happens. I cannot find a sewing machine repair person in our area. Mine needs a good cleaning and adjustments, but we would have to take an all day trip to a Janome dealer to find a service person. So, I just keep cleaning it myself and sewing.
    Hope you and everyone here have a lovely spring season.

  17. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Thank you for posting this. Lovely music! Your church is SO lucky to have to have you!

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