It’s a basketball weekend, 3-9-10

Caitlin and Iowa won today beating Michigan which means they’ll play tomorrow at 11 am in the Big Ten final. Yup, 11 am! I got special permission to miss church for the ballgame! Ain’t I special? Haha!!!

The kids came today to decorate Easter eggs – remember that Susie sent me the kit for covering styrofoam eggs with fabric strips? Well, I bought enough eggs and supplies for 4 of us.

In progress
I have serious doubts about the black egg.

I made the tablerunner from fabric that Susie also sent – the eggs will match the runner. Sweet!

What do you think about Daylight Savings Time? I really hate it because of my barn chores – I end up having to close up the barn at supper time which is very inconvenient and I want to be in the sewing room after supper. And I don’t want to get up in the dark!!!

Reader photos

Meet Hank! He is coming to his new home in Garner to live with Beamer’s family. Looks like a little Hanky Panky, doesn’t he? I can’t wait to hold him.

Tonight I’m trimming these Grandmothers Flower Garden blocks.

Remember Moe? She’s staying with us till Wednesday while her mom and dad are on a spring break trip.

Such a sweet girl!

I’ll also be finishing this quilt.

Remember this rabbit I bought in the thrift store for $2? I put a white dress on her.

The other doll is Harriet the Timeworn Country Rabbit doll – we sold over 50,000 of these patterns all those years ago! Seems unbelievable now.

I will not send out any more winter patterns and the Harvey patterns will be available only till March 24. I have some spring patterns I’ll post soon.

So… everybody really too busy to send me the photos? That’s ok – I can use the break, too – I have lots of sewing I want to do and books I want to read and not writing a daily blog post will really free up my time.

44 thoughts on “It’s a basketball weekend, 3-9-10

  1. Rosalie in Texas

    Mary, I don’t really like the time change but currently have to be out at dawn to get the goat gate closed snd feed them. So 620 this morning and 720 tomorrow- but now it will be almost 8pm when I lock up the chickens!
    I need to get everyone on a self feeding and lock the door themselves schedule!!!

  2. Diane in Maryland

    Enjoy the game tomorrow. Yes, you are special! I watched some today. U of MD lost but how wonderful that Iowa and Caitlin won their game! I have a couple of those rabbits too…haha. May get them out for Easter.
    Windy, rainy and temperatures are to be more winter for the first part of the week.
    Mary, I detest Daylight Savings Time! I agree with you! Why do we have to have it? It will be lighter later in the evenings in summer anyway. Children now standing on roads, that don’t have shoulders in our rural area, waiting for school buses in the dark in the morning. Health officials have proof that there are more heart attacks. The whole thing is ridiculous to me. My rant…haha. A friend sent me a saying about it: The wise old Indian said “Cutting a yard off the top of the blanket, and sewing it to the bottom does not give you a longer blanket”!

    1. Sara in Indiana

      Diane, I agree with the Indian saying and your other reasons to not have Daylight Savings Time! We in Indiana avoided DST for many years, then bowed to what I call peer pressure from the rest of the country. And now, many states are rethinking things and may stop the twice yearly time change. They have to decide whether to be on permanent DST or permanent standard time, though, so I’m not holding my breath that it’ll happen any time (ha!) soon. And, unfortunately, Indiana is torn between being on Eastern Time or Central Time due to our location.

      1. Diane in Maryland

        Sara, you really have a lot going on because of your location in Indiana. Tomorrow surely will not be easy for those of us who don’t like DST. Good luck to you.

  3. Rita Jones

    Hi. I emailed you awhile ago about the possibility of using your pattern President’s Pride to teach a class for my guild. Is this pattern one that you can make available for purchase? Thanks in advance.

  4. Cindy K-Ks

    I watched the game yesterday and today and am looking forward to watching tomorrow. My husband walked in on yesterday’s game and watched the last half of the game and ended up watching all of todays game too. Looks like all had a good day getting Easter eggs ready. The rabbit looks much better in white. And Hank is adorable!

  5. Lisa in northeastern Washington state

    I LOVE daylight savings time! Here in the summer, we have daylight until almost 10PM as we are just minutes below the Canadian border. I can hardly wait!

  6. Dianne in So CA

    Mary, I love the eggs and it looks like everyone had fun! I hate daylight savings time , too, and am so afraid we’ll get stuck with it year round in California. Yuck! I haven’t sent photos because I don’t make quilts but I love yours and I love your blog! Enjoy the game!

  7. Sue in OR

    I hate daylight savings time too. Takes me a good week to get used to the new time and before I know it its time to do it again. I just wish they would pick one and leave it there all year. I would prefer the natural time we were born with though.
    So proud of your Caitlin. Wishing her and you all the best tomorrow. Enjoy…

  8. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l like daylight saving, longer evening, but country folk are not so happy! My son asked me to make a quilt for friends getting married in 3 weeks! So doing a simple checkerboard with calico and loads of scraps, hope it’s done in time as l need to rest or do hand sewing in the afternoon, machining in morning is my routine! So several half done projects are put aside! Take care everyone best wishes from Sandy

  9. Carolyn Boutilier

    No pictures Mary. Would love to see the fabric Easter Eggs.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah valley Va
    rain most of day. went to quilt shop for their March madness sale.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    That pix of Hank is adorable! All your furry friends are lovable.
    The Easter egg project looks like fun. Everyone is having a good time.
    I love DST. I wish we would go on it and stay on it. I do get annoyed changing the clocks.
    Yeah for Caitlin. She has made the girls tournament more interesting than the men’s. The brackets will be interesting.
    Not much interesting around here. It snowed about 6” Thursday night. The roads were melted by Friday night. Much needed moisture. I’m doing my taxes, if you think that’s picture worthy, I’ll sure send some. 😂
    Loretta went to the beauty shop last week. I think she knows she’s cute. She flits around like a princess!
    I think your daily blog is wonderful. I think you’d miss talking to us as much as we’d miss hearing from you.

  11. Rosie Westerhold

    I’ll be cheering for NEBRASKA tomorrow! Our women’s team has come on strong the second half of the season. I do applaud Caitlin for everything she has done for women’s sports, though.

    I don’t have a way to take decent pictures since I’m now a widow. PLUS, I haven’t finished any quilts for about a year. My house is in total disarray right now. Demo started on my small downstairs bathroom/laundry room. Have only waiting to have this done for THIRTY YEARS😱😱!! Yes, 30 years. My late husband was a carpenter/general contractor, but he would not do ANYTHING in our own home for more than 10 years before he passed. I threatened to hire someone, and he would rant and rave about it, but wouldn’t do the work. To keep the peace in our relationship, I just let it slide. However, I have been trying to find someone to do the remodel for three years. This is the 4th contractor I’ve talked to. The other guys would come, say they would give me a bid, and then I would never hear from them again. And they wouldn’t take my calls, either. UGH. This company looked at the job, gave me a bid within a week, I thought about it, said yes on Tuesday, and they came today to do the demo🙌🙌!! Toilet, washer and dryer are sitting outside on my deck, but the demo is DONE. I can hardly believe it. Need to finish shopping for vanity and cupboards and sink/top plus fixtures. I won’t know what it’s like to have a door that actually CLOSES, plus a room that is fully painted. And things will be CLEAN and fresh again. Guess they believed me when I said I wanted to start sooner rather than later. I just wasn’t quite ready for them quite this soon. Still have to empty the shelves at the end of the room. It’s a small room: 5’ wide by about 11’ long. And there was a 48” old oak sideboard that was used as a “vanity.” It was AMAZING what I found when I cleaned out that sucker yesterday😱😱. The new vanity will only be 30” wide and it will feel so ROOMY in there. Not sure how to act once it’s DONE done. Wish I had the money to just keep going on the rest of the unfinished rooms in the house. Big sigh. One step at a time.

    But all this remodeling “stuff” put a kink in my quilting plans the past 2 days. Was HOPING to have a donation quilt quilted and off the frame by now so I could turn it in on Monday at our guild meeting. Have a sewing day with friends tomorrow so don’t think that will happen. There’s always another day to finish it, I guess.

    Don’t give up on us. I LOVE reading your blog; I just don’t have pictures to share. I will see if I have any pics of all the crocks and antique carpentry planes my husband had displayed in his office. I’m SURE I took pictures before things were auctioned off 3 years ago, but can’t seem to find them on my phone. I’ll keep looking, though.

    Enjoy all the basketball tomorrow. You have a good excuse for not going to church tomorrow😉😉.

  12. Marcia-Ohio

    Let’s put it out there. I don’t know anyone who likes the time change. I wish they would speak up with their reasons. Data proves there are more heart attacks and auto accidents. Congress had one job that would please the majority and set it and forget it. They couldn’t even do that🤦🏼‍♀️ Ohio talked about doing it on their own like Arizonia & Hawaii. Didn’t Indiana at one time not change their time? When I taught high school, time change was so difficult for students. Maybe this will be the year to not change🤷🏼‍♀️

    It has been a busy week attending granddaughters activities. I thoroughly enjoy it. They are in their last quarter of school. Won’t be long until summer vacation.

    I have been doing some machine embroidery which I will send pictures. It is fun to dig in stash for small pieces. I have been cutting and prepping projects to take to a retreat in mid-April. I like everything ready to sew, easy quick projects. I can be very productive plus have conversations. There are 7 in my group from 3 states that meet twice a year in western NY. The common thread is passion for quilting that has developed into long time friendships.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Marcia, where is the facility you come to sew here in my neck of the woods?
      It seems like Ohio, PA and NY quilters all mingle together at retreats I attended in the past.
      Mary, I think so many of us are back to activities that we put on hold during the pandemic and it’s taking chunks out of our time. I was sewing these last 2 days with dear friends that we all hadn’t seen each other in awhile so felt good to talk and reconnect. But I know I am happier at home cause it exhausted me packing and now to unpack and yet I came home to sleep both nights so that was the best part. But I was tired out from being out of my normal house routine. It’ll take me a couple days but between DST and tidying up projects, I just want you to know we do enjoy hearing from you to read of your days even if they are watching BB and sewing white dresses for darling rabbits!!!

  13. Lynette in Orlando

    I am right there with everyone – I hate the time change. Leave it on 1 time and stop changing it!!! The worst are the animals……. horses know exactly when feeding time is…… they certainly don’t look at a clock. I’m sure the other animals are the same. Plus it takes my body like a week to get acclimated to this time change. It’s not healthy!!! My rant is done…….

    Love the eggs! What fun you must have had!!!

    Enjoy your game!

  14. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    Good morning Miss Mary! The black egg is different but its creator must love it. Cutie pies Hank and Mo! I love the pretty star quilt!😻 Went shop hopping Wednesday through Friday evening and I think I got my fill. No way I want to do the whole state of Texas. We hit 26 stores, terrible storms off and on and spent more than planned. I did find several fabrics and patterns I had been looking for so it was worth it. Two more stores to go and we will have completed 2 regions. There are 104 shops all together. Went with a sewing buddy and Penny and Lucy had fun with Daddy. He enjoyed all their attention.

  15. Donna Jo

    The game was incredible! Can’t wait to watch tomorrow! Funny that you are skipping church for basketball! Love the Easter eggs! How fun! Hank is such a cutie pie! I don’t like DST either but would be happy if they would just pick one and stay with it! I will send some quilt pics; I don’t want you to run out of things to do.☺️

  16. Connie R. in Wis.

    Love the eggs. Looks like a great time was had by all.
    I always plan on doing some of those natural dye type Easter eggs but, then I usually just go with the store bought stuff. My Mom did tell me about cooking eggs in water with outer onion skins and, they do come out a beautiful bronze color. Now to just remember to save those outer papery skins.
    I’ve been working on decluttering a couple areas and getting real about how many projects I will actually get to. (Not picture worthy.) Must be a throw back to the Spring cleaning I remember my Mom and neighbors doingwhen growing up. Seemed like everyone washed walls and painted walls and made new curtains etc, to get ready for Easter. Lots of work but great memories.

  17. Linda in Michigan

    It looks like that tall kid with white hair is having the most fun with those eggs, ha ha! They turned out great, by the way. Hank looks so soft and cuddly, irresistable ! Love your bunnies, I have some around here who should make an appearance for Easter, but one of them has been naked for YEARS. Would that be appropriate to show up naked for a holiday?
    You couldn’t pay me to watch a basketball game, but I hope you have an enjoyable time, Mary. I’ll be in the basement, sewing an eyeglass case-wonder where that pattern came from-hmmm.

  18. Holly Vogltance

    I just love those eggs!! Did you use Mod podge to glue them to the styrofoam eggs? And where did you find the eggs? Oh what a wonderful project, I would love to do this with my granddaughters, they love to do arts and crafts, and I love the kind that last longer than just a piece of paper to hang on the fridge. Something like this could be one of those memory things they can but out each year, long after I am gone, and remember the moods times we had. Thank you for the great idea!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Holly – styrofoam eggs can be bought at Hobby Lobby. Small pieces/strips of fabric are glued with ModPodge to cover the egg. Then the egg is painted with another cost of ModPodge which is like Elmer’s glue. When they dry, you can spray varnish them if desired.

  19. Fran

    N0, I will miss the daily blog. You can’t stop posting!

    Aren’t you lucky to have not only your dogs but dogs of friends in your life. Moe looks sweet as does the puppy.

    The star quilt I think is Lucky Stars? I just finished quilting and working on the binding of my Lucky Stars that looks so similar. I love that star quilt. I will work on posting a pic of it but I am headed to Branson for the AQS show and a retreat with friends and new friends. So limited in time before and won’t be back until the18th.

    I just finished my first real pincushion. Oh my such tiny pieces. But I got it done and can’t wait for the pincushion swap at the retreat.

    Loved the Easter eggs! what fun! The kids did a great job!

    And go Caitlin! Love it!

    1. Alice in SW Ohio

      Fran, you are right, the star quilt is Lucky Stars. I love that pattern & have made several from that pattern. I also made one in Christmas colors & it’s a queen size. I’m never disappointed in how that pattern turns out! One of my favorites!

  20. Carolyn Rector from Ohio

    Guess I’m in the minority here as a daylight saving time lover!!! Love my evening sun. Longer porch sits and longer time to drive now that I’m restricted to daytime driving only. Just wish it would stay that way all year. My daughter is in Arizona for a month. They don’t do daylight savings. Enjoying the Big 10 tournament. Get win for Iowa over Michigan. Only wish Ohio State had a better showing.

  21. Jan in Arizona

    Arizona has skipped DST for years*. Initially a huge outcry came from drive-in theater owners because the movie couldn’t start till way late. Lost revenue. (* like I said, for years) Anyway, we already have sunrise a little after five in the summer and sunset after seven, thereby “gaining” about 3 hours of daylight. God’s seasonal timing is sufficient on a variety of levels. The animals know that.
    Hank is quite the poser! Agreed, Mary – some hanky panky is brewing. 🙂
    Watched the men’s Iowa State game yesterday, sigh. The other Iowa games I can’t get without an outlay of cash. So, a periodic check of the scores on my phone will have to suffice. Perhaps I’ll have better luck today.
    “Harvey” getting close to being done. Interruptions! EEK! Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up on Dirty Dozen projects soon with pictures to share.

  22. Sharon F

    Count me in with those who like Daylight Savings Time. In high summer, I prefer it staying light until 10:00, instead of getting light at 3:00 in the morning. The transition is rough for that first week though, so it would be nice if we just stayed on DST all year.

    Hank is adorable! Alice’s star quilt is so pretty, nice colors. I don’t have any pictures to send since I haven’t finished anything recently, although I do try to quilt/ sew at least a little every day. I sure enjoy seeing everyone else’s pictures, and thanks to Mary and all for sharing them.

  23. Sibyl

    Loved those fabric covered eggs! Who were the kids? I agree, not sure about the black egg!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sibyl – the kids are my “pretend grandchildren” from church

  24. Jeanie S, Central IL

    The Easter Egg project looked like fun; those Lund children are adorable. I loved the picture of you, the kids, and Keeper-so cute!
    The new puppy is so sweet; so happy he is going home soon.
    Thanks, Mary. 🥰

    1. Connie R.

      I didn’t notice that Keeper was in the picture until I went back to check. Also, when I first looked at the pictures, I thought, Mary, that’s a lot of work piecing such a colorful apron. (I thought the black and white gingham was the table runner.) All straightened out now. I’ll read more slowly next time😂.

  25. Tina W in Oregon

    It’s a good thing my phone updates the time change automatically or I would have been late for breakfast with friends! Once adjusted to it, I like DST. Wish it would stay one way or the other though. Loved the March mini quilt on the stand. I’ve always wanted to make a small quilt to display each month. So many projects! So little time! What will you be doing with the grandmothers flower garden blocks? Love all the old feed sack fabrics! Hank is such a cute puppy! Your new bunny looks much better in her white dress than when you brought her home! It reminded me to get mine out for Easter.

  26. Connie in NV

    I’made fabric balls for Christmas several years ago that I put in a bowl for the table centerpiece.
    Just watched the most exciting Hawkeye game of the season! Caitlin was the comeback kid in the second half. So proud of the Iowa girl’s basketball team.

    1. Diane in Maryland

      We watched the game too! It was so exciting.
      Congratulations to Iowa!! I felt out of breath when it was over and all I did was sit and watch…haha Nebraska was a formidable opponent!

  27. Joyce from NY

    Those eggs are so original, you & the kids look like you are having fun. Not crazy about the DST but I just go with it, takes too long to get use to it. I’m going to send you a picture of the rabbit I made I think it might be your pattern!
    Going to have snowy weather next couple days, hopefully won’t last long!!
    Just got through watching Catlin Clark’s game against Nebraska, it was a nail bitter but Iowa pulled it off! I usually can’t get her games but it was on a local channel today, I really enjoyed it!!!

  28. Arlene

    GO IOWA!!! Love girl’s sports!!! There isn’t enough time in a day to watch TV, sew, cook and all the stuff outside. Our Spring weather is just around the corner and there will be gardens to clean out.
    How do you do the Easter eggs with fabric Mary? My grandson would love doing them!
    Do you have a pattern I can purchase for Harriet the Country Rabbit doll? She is so beautiful! I know it is a busy job posting your blogs but want you to know we look forward to reading them and appreciate all that you do Mary!! Have a good week, enjoy the changing weather, take time to do what you love doing most…
    Arlene in Colorado

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Arlene – Harriet the rabbit doll pattern is $5 and SASE. The styrofoam eggs are covered with tiny fabric scraps painted with ModPodge and then covered all over the egg again. ModPodge is like Elmers Glue. It dries clear. Lots of glue and tiny fabric scraps. Covered eggs can also be spray varnished when covered and dry. It’s messy but Lucy loved it – the boys not so much.

      1. Arlene -Colorado

        Hi Mary,
        I would like to purchase the rabbit pattern and your Oh Susannah book. (I don’t think I spelled that correctly?) I think the book was $20.00, pattern $5.00? Can I write a check to you or do you want me to send cash?
        Thanks Mary,
        Arlene (from Colorado)

  29. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    Oh, my. That Iowa/Nebraska game was a nail biter for sure. So happy for our girls to pull it out in the OT. It was a hard fought battle. Nebraska really put it to them. We do remember their last game against us!
    The bunny is so much nicer in the white dress. I am not for all the glitzy ruffly style. No offense to those that like it.
    I’ve finished a couple quilt tops, but have not quilted them yet. One is on the long arm now.

  30. Judy in CA

    Oh no! We’d all miss your daily blog! But I do understand needing more time to quilt!
    I love that you made Easter eggs with the kids. We always enjoyed dying eggs with our grandchildren. Halloween, it was carving jack-o-lanterns with them!
    When the girls were a little older, we had sewing sessions about twice a month. With the help of a daughter-in-law we managed to keep six girls on six sewing machines “sewing.” It was a challenge as it seems there was always at least three of them with unthreaded needles, jammed stitches or some other problem! They did mange to make “sit-up-ons” for Girl Scouts, strip pieced, egg shaped placemats for all of the family for Easter, and skirts with elastic waists. I snicker as I remember one granddaughter had so much fabric, hers ended up more like a strapless dress! 😆. They’re all grown up now, some with children of their own, but we all have lots of fun memories ! Several still sew and do crafts and one has recently taken an interested in quilting!
    Also, I want to thank you, as I received my copy of your pattern, “Candy Mountain.” I am eager to give it a try but I have several quilts in various stages of completion and, for a change, I’d like to get them finished before I start anything else new!
    Happy Quilting! 🧵🪡 🧵

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