Gameboard and Charming 9 Patches

This will be a little review from yesterday. I see that my pictures didn’t load correctly but most of you figured it out anyway which is great! For those who still have questions, keep reading.

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Yes, you had to cut the 3 strip unit into slices and of course that measurement would be the same measurement as your strips – all 9 pieces are square, right? So if your strips are cut 1-1/2″ your slices would also be 1-1/2″.

The pressing instructions were for the completed block – study this picture to see which way the rows are pressed so that they lock together when joining positive and negative blocks.

Here is Connie’s little table mat – 49 blocks, 7×7.

I wish everyone would realize that I am not the quilt police and you can make your projects whatever size you wish.

Your charm pack will make only 40 nine patch blocks. Connie has added more blocks to get to her desired size. She says she has lots of nine patches in various states of finished so her little quilt is not indicative of a charm pack which I had not noticed yesterday when I wrote.

We had so much rain yesterday – look at these happy geese!

And now for a little more inspiration. Many of you have ordered Looks Like A Gameboard”. The one I showed you was in Easter colors.

And many of you already know how much Connie loves Halloween. She made just the center part of Gameboard in her favorite orange and black fabrics. Take a look at these pictures – Millie helped!

And a closeup of her quilting – very uneven lines – no pressure for perfection here! We like it this way!

Here’s the next one I’m going to make – red, white and blue!

And after that, this palette of yummy medium prints.

The Gameboard pattern is $3.00.

Goat Gazettes are $12.00.

Beyond The Battlefield is $31.00.

Uncle Sam, both sizes, is $10.00.

Tulip is $3.00.

Have lots of fun making your “charming” 9 Patch blocks!

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And I’ll leave you with a chuckle – our color coordinated Millie takes a spit bath on the Halloween Gameboard.

Good grief!

23 thoughts on “Gameboard and Charming 9 Patches

  1. Linda B

    Is that a squirrel going in/coming out of that pumpkin?!

  2. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Love this post! I never mistook you for the quilt police, you can breathe easy there! I love the staging shots— spur baths and all! 😉

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Mrs. Goodneedle- don’t you just love autocorrect???? Said no one ever!

    1. Nikki M in Tx

      I have to tap go to comments then scroll to top & back 8 ads to close

  3. Sue H

    7 ads closed today. It’s funny how sometimes there are plenty and sometimes there are none. Love the 9-patches and the Game Board. I’ve got the pattern, just need to dig into some fabric!

  4. Nikki M in Tx

    It is all your fault… that’s my story & I’m sticking to it. I got nothing accomplished yesterday that I had planned to. Instead of doing what had planned I sewed charm squares into 9 patch blocks, oh what fun I had. When I sat down at my machine I was only going to make 1 set so I would have an example & wouldn’t forget, well a few hours later I got up & have a plastic box full of blocks. What a wonderful afternoon I had. Thank you. Not sure what I am going to do with them, but I know I will give you the credit instead of the blame.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – I just chuckled when I read your comment! They are addictive and I can see why Connie has so many in progress. Whatever you planned to do yesterday probably was still there today, wasn’t it? Sweet!

  5. Launa

    Thanks for the squirrel 🐿 inside Pumpkin 🎃 picture. Made my day, Mary.
    I love the Halloween topper Connie crafted. Good to know how the 5” charm was made.
    Looks like our sunny 50o afternoon is going to get a rain shower soon!

    A doe and two yearling fawns visited this morning. Good to see the wild critters returning.

  6. Linda Rouse

    Just a tip you all should do to help Mary with her wonderful blog. We are all so lucky to see into her life everyday and for the patterns. For the people that say there are no ads to click on, you need to click on the title after the headline title. Then the ads appear! You can click away. I hope this makes sense,,?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda Rouse – MANY THANKS! For the advice to others and all of your clicks!!!

  7. Diane Bauer

    Your rain has turned into snow here—so slick people were sliding around on the road as I drove home. Time to stay put and sew! I visited The Fig Leaf and The Loopy Ewe on the way home, searching for inspiration for a next project (something between right this minute and when Uncle Sam arrives . . .), but I found nothing. That’s unusual!! I wanted a Layer Cake pack, but it seems no one is carrying many anymore. So I will have to shop my stash, I guess!!

  8. Tina W.

    I love to make nine patches that way. Took a class years ago to make “Nifty Nine-patches” and made a queen sized quilt with 4-1/2” finished nine patches! They can be made in any size.
    Love Connie’s Halloween table topper. I really don’t “do” Halloween but love the colors. Can’t wait to see the two you will be making.
    Thanks for a wonderful blog. I look forward to it everyday!
    Tina in Oregon

  9. Sue in Oregon

    If your weather comes from the west…..get out your sun umbrellas. We are having a rare hot day here. A breeze from the east is bringing temps in the 80s here on the coast and 90s inland. I had to come in out of the heat and found this really fun, great blog post. Squirrel is hilarious. Is the photo yours? I made little 9 patches yesterday too but not a box full. I have some cut and ready to sew yet today.
    Millie knows her own colorway quilt when she sees it. She looks cute.
    I will close ads before I go. Have a great evening everyone.

  10. Susan Moore

    First, I must say that it always brightens my day to see your emails in my inbox! Today I’m excited to start making 9 patches, but think I’ll bust open a couple of layer cakes and make a quilt. Looks to me like the strips should all be 3 inches, right? 😁

    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to provide all of us with such a wonderful blog!!!

    Susan M from rural Illinois

  11. Lyn Rogers

    Love love your Millie! Along with your wonderful projects of course!

  12. patti leal

    ads are closed every day and whenever i go back looking for something i missed. i assume those count also. love this 9-patch method. have made tons this way. i love connie’s table mat but her halloweenee mat is fantastic. i love the colors and craziness of halloween also. i’ve collected tons of ‘the ghastlies’ fabric by alexander henry. the prints are so large i haven’t figured out how i’m going to use them. thanks again for all the sharing you do. patti in florida

  13. Kathy Hanson

    Great, Millie!! Leave it to a cat to have a bath anywhere they happen to be!! lol I just love cats!!

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