Grab A Charm Pack

You’ve probably all seen this done but in case you haven’t, let’s make two 9 patch blocks, a positive and a negative, using 2 charm squares, a light and a dark.

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Lay a light charm right sides together with a dark charm and sew 1/4″ seams on opposite sides.

Cut 1-1/2″ from both sides, trim the middle section to 1-1/2″.

Press the seams to the darker fabric.

Sew the middle strips to the coordinating seamed unit and press the positive block to the outside and the negative block to the inside of the block.

Voila! Two 9 patch blocks!

Now look at this cute little table mat that Connie made from one charm pack.

I get so involved with the visual presentation that I just can’t quit. Here is that little picture on the table that I got at the thrift store for 50 cents – don’t you love it?

Several asked about the fly predators. Here’s the information- please mark it so I don’t have to keep finding it and posting it.

For those of you making the little Tulip wall quilt, I wanted to point you to one of my new favorite books – Text It! We love putting words on quilts and that’s what this book is all about – I wish I had gotten this book about 20 years ago because I’m always looking for alphabet stencils for a different look.

I’ve been asked to do a welcome quilt for a new business in town and can’t wait to put the message on the quilt in assorted styles – at least that’s my plan at this point in the planning.

And now a look at my most exciting new gift from a longtime Country Threads’ follower, Gayle L. From Kansas. She was shopping in Missouri at an antique mall when she found this very vintage pin cushion and bought it for me! In all my 40 years of collecting pin cushions I have NEVER seen one like this! Can you imagine how excited I was to get this? Over the top excited – thank you, Gayle – I will think of you every time I see her in the display cabinet.

Look at her little mouth opened in an “O” – there’s a tiny tape measure inside!

I allowed Jackie to be in the picture so you could see scale. After the photos I put little Gayle as I’ve named her in my display cabinet with my other treasured pincushions.

It’s been raining all day with a strong wind from the east and the temperatures keep dropping. It’s 44 degrees right now with a mention of light snow flakes in the air by morning. I brought my hanging baskets into the house and thanked God I hadn’t moved all the succulents outside yet.

The rest of this rainy afternoon is going to be spent making charm 9 patch blocks! I told you the first rainy day we’d start something new. Please mark these directions and photos in some way for future use until I figure out how to make categories for each post.

34 thoughts on “Grab A Charm Pack

  1. Diane Bauer

    Oh my! Another quilt idea! I just finished one called State of Being (doesn’t that sound like the perfect quilt for the wall in my therapy office?) so am ready for another project! I tell you, with the news out of Highland Ranch yesterday, I was grateful once again to have quilting as a coping mechanism! So tragic all these school shootings in our country.

    Love the pincushion! And how unique to have the tape measure in her little mouth!

    We had rain yesterday, have wind today, and are expecting snow tonight! Stay warm!!

    1. Pam Forsling

      Hi..i got the 2 strips sewn together, but now what size do I cut them apart to make the 9 patches. I think you left the last part of the instructions out or I just don’t see it. Thanks

  2. Jean

    I did not know this 9-patch trick! I’m going to get a charm pack out now! Thank you Mary!
    -Jean ❤

  3. Pamela in Missouri

    I just got home after a very busy day. I had three things planned for this evening and then I read today’s blog. It’s raining here, too, so I put on my jammies and I’m headed to the sewing room to make charm 9 patch blocks!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela in Missouri – you and so many others have decided to spend their rainy day making charm 9 patch blocks – I should have posted it earlier in the day but was at Novel Idea this morning.

  4. Betty Klosterman

    The 9-patch charm square of pretty nice. I’ll have to try it and mark down how it goes together.
    I wonder why and who put nails into your new pin cushion? She must have had a hard life?
    The wind has been blowing all day with rain/snow and cold temps. Tomorrow is supposed to clear up and be 72 for Mother’s Day. Spring is near?? The rain is wonderful and will help the soil moisture.

  5. Kim

    Love the 9 patch method with charm squares! The pincushion you were gifted is quite unique! I did all my errands earlier, and decided to put on my fleece pajamas… which I had been ready to pack away, but now glad they hadn’t yet.

  6. Marilyn

    Mary the pincusion is so cute. I had to laugh when you showed the tape measure..I thought she was sticking her tongue out!
    Yes ready to start the table topper. 9 patch yeah!

  7. Nikki M in Tx

    Love this 9 patch charm square trick,thank you for sharing. Thunder woke me @ 2:30 am, when got up for the day @7:30am had 2 1/4 inches in rain gauge. So glade got yard area mowed yesterday. The pincushion is precious, what a wonderful addition to your collection. I meant to ask you if Kathy said if her llamas ever spit? I know this is a habit some have. To my knowledge Bongo never has and have always wondered if this is a learned behavior.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – I don’t think I’ve ever heard her mention it but maybe she will see this comment and answer. That’s what everybody asks me, too, when I tell them I went to the llama show! It’s been raining here all day and tomorrow is my day to mow at the church – don’t think it’s gonna happen! Be glad you mowed before all that rain!

    2. Kathy Hanson

      It always makes me laugh to get the question about llamas spitting! Llamas spit if they feel threatened. The only other time I see them spit is if one of their family decides to come over to eat their grain. Then they do a little spit to warn them to go away. So, I don’t think it is a “habit”. It is their way to get someone or some other llama, etc. to go away if they feel threatened.

  8. Patti in W Barnstable

    Thanks so much for the nine patch tip! Never knew about it. Connie’s table topper is sweet. And so is the new pincushion. Gayle is lovely. Your Jackie is a twin to my grandmother’s cat when I was a little girl (a million and a half years ago). I’ve got a charm pack here, so off I go to make a nine patch topper!

  9. Meri

    Great 9 patch trick! I pinned it on Pinterest…maybe that way I’ll remember where the directions are!
    Gayle was sweet to send you that adorable pin cushion and I know you treasure it already!

  10. Pat

    Love that cream Morton salt girl planter. I found one in robin’s egg blue. So cute.

  11. Launa

    Sunny earlier, but brief shower twice! Could be way up to 79 Sunday.

    Thanks to you and Connie for quick 5” charm topper instructions. I have so much sewing piled up I’m not going to start another project now. So many good ideas.

    Lucky you to give another pin cushion a good home. Love Gayle with her mouth tape measure .

    Two deer visited today!

  12. Peggy S

    Love the 9 patch table topper. So cute!! I can see. It’s 7 blocks across. Is it square then or longer than 7?? Really want to make this! Thanks Connie & Mary.

  13. Ann Roth

    Thank you for the 9 patch lesson!!!!! I love it. I’ve been quilting since 1983 and have not
    seen this before!

  14. Sue in Oregon

    I love to learn new quilting methods and this one is Great! After seeing it I went to my sewing room and grabbed my newest charm pack. I turned out quite a few before having to fix dinner. FUN! Thank you.

  15. Connie R.

    I love the John 10:14 picture. I tried to Google the artist but not much info on her there. What a great find for you.

  16. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Yes, a great charm pack trick. Pretty fancy pin cushion. We now have about two inches of (yes) snow on the ground. It will keep on until 3am. Where is spring?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Schwartz – NO!!! I watched the weather and saw that it went NE before getting to us for which I’m thankful! Hope it can get itself stopped at 2”!

  17. Julie D.

    Such a nice gift to get–the pincushion is just so cute and well loved!! I can’t wait to make that 9 patch table topper! Such an easy way to make the blocks! Love your displays with the topper!

  18. Kim J LeMere

    Thanks for the link to the fly catchers, I will get some. I adore your new pincushion and how clever that she holds a tape measure in her mouth! I have never made a 9 patch this way but I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes. I think it would be a good way to make a doll blanket for a neighborhood girl who visit with me each day when she walks threw my yard after school.
    Stay warm, hope you have some wonderful weather this week end. My part of TN is starting to get humid and sticky but the berries are wonderful.

  19. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Love the “charm”ing nine-patches! I am going to order that Text It book, it will be a well-used addition to my quilt book library as I, like you, am always looking for a source for words on my quilts. Thank you! That antique pincushion, Gayle, is beyond adorable.

  20. Kathy Hanson

    I am excited to go get one of my charm packs out and use your method!! Better start this morning!!

  21. Janine

    I just bought a few Primitive Gatherings charm packs because I loved the fabrics – but had no idea what I would make. Now I know! Thank you for teaching us a new technique. Tonight I’m starting on a scrappy Mary’s 4-Patch, using Christmas colors. Having fun pulling all the fabrics.

  22. Gayle Lacey

    Oh my gosh, Mary! You named the pin cushion after me?!?! She is lovely … even cuter with Jackie beside her! We love our kitties!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle Lacey – of course I named her after you! When I get an animal from someone I do the same thing – thus I have Pam, Tammy, Dianne, Heidi, Jackie, Betsy, Dean, etc. haha!

  23. Donna Sproston

    I have already sewed up the sides of one charm pack and another one is paired. After working on a queen size and then a full size, this is fun relief. I still pour over your three charm pack books and patterns. My UFO for January was to finish the kit I bought from Country Threads in 2013. I finished it last week. So much for the UFO schedule, now interrupted by this fun version of nine patch.

    We have new neighbors. Five alpacas! What I would do to have been blessed with those eyelashes!

    Cool and damp in west central Illinois. The Mississippi is still way out its banks and we feel for those who have been inundated for weeks now. It will continue through the season, whatever that means!

  24. Judy

    I have never seen this charm pack trick for making 9 patch squares. I love it and now have a way to use up some of the extra charm squares I have. Also I love Connie’s nine patch table mat and the picture you purchased for 50 cents.

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