Garden Prep

Planting a garden would have been on my “not to do” list this year but Reed and I ordered our pumpkin seeds last January! So today Reed’s dad, Kevin, came to help get the garden ready to plant.

He hooked up the tiller to the tractor – now this is truly beyond my capabilities.

And we talked about how much area to till.

Pumpkin vines take lots of space but after the vines cover the ground, the weeding is done.

I wanted to have room between the garden and the fence to mow.

This small area on the other side is for tomato plants, pepper plants, onions and cucumbers – tomatoes for slicing and the rest for making hot dog relish and pepper jelly, my favorites.

I love this view!

Everything is so green and the dirt is so black – it’s beautiful!

Guess I needed to whine yesterday but as I read the comments, I know I’m not the only one that has ever struggled with overwhelming work. I’m better today – today I feel like I can handle it. Thanks so much for your support! God is on my side – I can do it!

30 thoughts on “Garden Prep

  1. Teresa

    When life gets to be overwhelming, ask for help! Managing an acreage like yours takes a lot of time plus all the livestock chores plus you’re tending to Rick’s needs as well. You have a very full plate. I’m glad you have good friends you can turn to when jobs are out of your comfort zone. I don’t like running equipment either so I totally relate. Have fun planting your garden. Can’t wait to see all the progress photos and ultimately, the making of the relish!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Teresa – this year I’ll make relish step by step on the blog!

  2. Ann Barlament

    How wonderful that Kevin has the knowledge and experience to load up the tiller and turn the soil. You are blessed many times over!!!

  3. Donna Stuessy

    Mary, you are amazing! That is not whining that was venting! Very much needed at times!

  4. Mareen

    Of course you can Mary we are strong women and are able to do anything……well?…it is overwhelming some days but the results are so worth it I am there with ya and you know I would do whatever to help you! One day at a time and yes God is good!

  5. Paula

    really beautiful scenery. So happy Reeds dad could help you. Paula in KY

  6. Gloria

    Oh, that beautiful, rich black soil! I lived in Iowa for 13 years and makes me homesick to see that soil. It is red clay in my area of NC. God gives us rest to face another day!

  7. Rebecca Haines

    Your garden prep is looking good! What a blessing to have friends to give you a willing hand.

  8. Sharon Losy

    I don’t know how you do all you do! I spent 12 years taking care of my husband who was in failing health. It was hard but nothing to compare with all you have to do with farm, animals, etc. take some time for yourself before you collapse!

  9. Sue

    Being the care taker is not easy no matter how you love someone. Often we inquire about the patient and not the care taker. I try to remember both.

    I so miss the black soil we had in Des Moines. We have now learned about clay in Tennessee. Those of you with black soil, cherish it!

  10. Diane

    You CAN do it!! Many blessings to you and Reed and your not so little gardens. I can’t believe how far you can see.

  11. Patsy

    You’re making my mouth water. There’s nothing better than an Iowa tomato!!!!

  12. Angie

    I can see why you love that picture. It looks so serene. Thank you for sharing

  13. Kathy

    Amen! Think how fortunate and blessed you are to be able to walk out your back door and pick fresh tomatoes this summer. It’s something to be both proud and thankful to do when others have no means to. As much I itch to sew I know it’s too nice to be inside and winter is pretty long enough.

  14. Colleen

    Nice job he did on the tilling
    You and Reed have a nice big pumpkin patch
    And your garden area looks good also

    Me I am fighting ivy I have won the fight in the back yard but it has been a tough battle in the front as the neighbors were ok with it until recently
    So I am trying but it is hard I can’t use hand trimmers due to a bum thumb so I’ll use the larger two handed (?) lopers it will be over kill for the size of the vines but my thumb has just too much joint pain and my other hand is like useless just there for balance just no coordination.
    Good planting to you

  15. Betty Klosterman

    I forgot, your beautiful red barn. The steel siding will keep it looking good.

  16. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, that beautiful black Iowa dirt. And the green grass. The country is beautiful. Just think how fast the pumpkins will grow and how exciting that will be. What does Reed’s dad do for a living? Or was he raised on a farm?
    Betty, a former Iowan.

  17. Linda James

    Mary, I love the views you shared. I grew up in Missouri. Green and black are what I love Not so much the green and orange of East Tennessee. After 45 years here I still have trouble with orange soil!!

  18. Carol

    To reap you must sow! Or is it sew?Watching plants grow is therapy, in my opinion, so when the work is fine the fun begins.

    How lovely to have neighbors and friends help out as in sure you have done for them in the past.

    May your blessings be many during this busy farm season!

    1. Carol

      So when the work is DONE the fun begins….my errors are many so you have to use comprehension skills when you read my little bits!

  19. Bonnie McKee

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful images of your garden-to-be!

    Yes, God is on your side and He will help you get through the difficult days. He is here for all of us, all we need to do is ask for His help and guidance 🙂

    Bonnie, in Oregon

  20. Martha Engstler

    Good neighbors are wonderful. That big job out of the way I’m sure helps your feeling of better balance in your life. God is good.

  21. Pat Smith

    There are so many wonderful things about Iowa—how black the soil, how green everything else, how great the help of neighbors and friends. I’m glad you feel better today. I felt the despair of exhaustion and wondering how things will ever get done. In true Iowa fashion you let us know how that felt giving us a view into your life. Thanks for being open and including us. I’m relieved things are better today.

  22. Sharon Geiger

    Country life is the best! I’m glad you are feeling a little less overwhelmed today! You continue to amaze me.

  23. Louise

    Mary, you are truly amazing to me! You are able to accomplish so much each and every day.
    I think every once in awhile we each need a little noodge to remind us He is there for us each and every day…blessings to you and I hope Rick heals well.

  24. Kathy Hanson

    Yes, for sure God is on your side – what a wonderful thing to not only have Reed but his whole family involved with you and helping and enjoying your animals and friendship!! Hope that your garden will yield lots of pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers to enjoy next fall. It is so much fun to see them grow as well. Glad you are feeling better and not so overwhelmed. With all you have been doing I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t be overwhelmed!! Enjoy your holiday tomorrow!

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