Good Friday, 4-15-22

I didn’t get to go on the Crosswalk today because Rick had an appointment at Mayo – the wound is definitely getting smaller!

I sent Barbara Brackman an email about Aunt Amy’s sampler quilt. I’ll let you know what she says.

When we got home I had a couple hours to rake and do some yard cleanup. With all that rain last Tuesday the grass is definitely getting green!

What are you doing for Easter? My friend Brenda in Kansas has a HUGE egg hunt on their farm – really hidden eggs, not just laying on the top of a box or something.

I’ll be playing for church and fixing ham for our meal later in the day.

47 thoughts on “Good Friday, 4-15-22

  1. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Great news about Rick’s leg!
    As for Easter weekend, we have two outings , which is unusual after two years of staying home. We gathered for lunch today (Saturday) to celebrate a nephew’s retirement.
    For Easter, we are having a non-traditional homemade pizza lunch with our son’s family.
    Take Care All, 🥰

  2. Jeanne Fee

    This Easter is my Birthday! I always feel special when it is. Today was my Grandmother Olson from Garner and her daughter my Aunts Birthday! So we would have a couple of days of celebrating if we could all be together!

  3. Connie R.

    We colored Easter eggs this morning and then had Blessings of the Baskets at church. We have a family tradition of coloring eggs and then throwing the egg dye in a snow bank outside. Here in NE Wisconsin, there have only been a couple years I can remember when we didn’t have any snow banks at Easter. Plenty snow left this year and more predicted for tomorrow. Happy Easter!

  4. Susan Boyd in VA

    My husband and I sing in our church choir and tomorrow we are singing at both the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. services. Our choir director goes all out and hires instrumentalists to accompany us on Christmas and Easter. We have a harp, trumpets, violins, cello, bass, flutes along with the organ and piano and percussionists. We had a rehearsal this morning. It’s all coming together beautifully! After church, our son, his fiance and our daughter are coming to dinner along with my husband’s sister. They are all coming to the 11:00 church service, too. I’m working today getting everything together so all I have to do is throw a couple things in the oven tomorrow to go with our Honey Baked Ham. I hope it will all be good. Love having the family all together!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan Boyd – a whole orchestra! Wish we had that option – as it is, it’s just me and the choir director but it will be heartfelt.

  5. Susan K in Texas

    Good news on Rick’s wound healing!
    We will go to early Mass and then have steaks with our middle son. Steaks became our Easter meal years back when the boys were little. So steaks, baked potatoes, carrots, and pie is our Easter meal.
    My youngest grandson (in Iowa) has pneumonia. He’s only 6 months old so it worries me. They said he’s still happy and content but coughs a lot. I haven’t heard if my DIL has to work Easter – she’s a nurse.

  6. Dorothy

    So glad to hear that Rick’s wound is on the mend . Testimony to your excellent nursing skills.We will be having an extended Easter celebration as my 3 sons are all working different days of the weekend but culminating in a dinner next week when we can all be together.Son #2 is a priest and we will be with him at his celebration of Easter mass followed be lamb dinner with son #3.May you and Rick be surrounded by love and God’s blessings this Easter.

  7. Jeanine from Iowa

    Kim – Blessings on you to caring for your neighbors. We will host Easter dinner here with my husband’s sister and husband. We both contribute to the meal. I do ham, cheesy potatoes and vegetable and she does salad and dessert. All of our adult kids are far from us.

  8. Kim from TN

    Wonderful news on Ricks wound, you have done a good job being his nurse. Happy Easter to you both. We will have a lovely ham with lots of side dishes and enjoy the company of a few neighbors who are alone. We will deliver a plate to one neighbor who is working on Easter and is single. Blessed Easter to one and all, rejoice, he is risen.

  9. Lois Ann Johnson

    My church is having an Easter brunch at 9 AM tomorrow followed by the worship service at 10:30. I am baking a Glazed Ham & Cheesy Potatoes plus I am making a Lemon Sour Cream Pie, all to take over to my friend’s house where we are dining later in the afternoon. Her daughter from Ames will also be with us for dinner. This is such a stark contrast to some of the previous Easters when my late husband and I would host our entire family here for Easter dinner. I certainly could not handle something like that now! Happy Easter to you and Rick!

  10. Sue in PA

    My husband of almost (in June) 50 years will go to church and then head over to our daughter’s house. She is hosting Easter dinner this year for us and her brother and sister’s families. We all live within 15 minutes of each other. The kids will have an egg hunt in the back yard, and then we will hide the bags of candy which we are bringing and they will search for them. Later on, the eight kids will hid the candy bags we bring for their parents and we will watch them search which is always a fun time. Someone usually needs some “hot” and “cold” help because the last bag was hidden too well! The cousins are all great friends, ranging from six to thirteen, and it is a joy to see them interact.
    Happy Easter everyone. He is risen!

  11. Meredith in Cincinnati

    We’re having kids and grandkids and the Easter usuals: ham, potatoes, Mac and cheese, salad, veggies, and something like cupcakes for dessert. Hopefully some sunshine, too! Great news about Rick! Happy Easter!

  12. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Good news that Rick’s wound is healing!
    I, too, will be playing for Easter service with my 18 year old grandson playing trumpet. Yesterday I served as cantor at one church and pianist at another. Today is more piano practice and baking. There will be just seven of us for dinner. Easter breakfast is at church at 8. Monday I can crash!
    Blessed Easter!

  13. Ruth Tacoma

    So happy to hear that wound is healing! You all are having a LONG road of recovery. Literally too.

    Happy Easter! It’s cold here in Michigan. We had a couple nice days last week and now it feels like winter has returned. We are used to changes like that though.

    We have church in the morning. We plan to have our moms here for Easter dinner and one of our sons with his family. They have two twin 14 year old girls who thankfully still like to hunt for eggs and a 2 1/2 year old who helps us see things through her eyes. We were hoping for a sunny day with moderate temps so we could at least sit outside and have coffee or something. It will be sunny and 47 (better than today’s 34), so we won’t be outside long.

    Have a blessed Easter!

  14. Linda in Michigan

    Ham, sweet potato, brussels sprouts and your Heath Bar cake for dessert. Just my husband and I on Easter, so we’ll be eating ham and cake for quite a while,Lol! It’s supposed to be sunny and mild, then “the snowflakes will be flying” on Monday.
    Good news about the wound healing, I know that has been a big concern for both of you.
    Happy Easter, everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in Michigan – Connie made Heath Bar Cake for Easter dessert, too!

  15. Sally J.

    So glad to hear that Rick’s wound is healing and getting smaller!!
    Celebrating Easter with two of my cousins and their families.
    Have a blessed Easter everyone and/or a wonderful Passover!!
    Sally in Florida

  16. Lynette in Orlando

    Hallelujah that Rick’s wound is getting smaller!!! Yea!!!! Happy Easter everyone!

  17. Janet of MN

    A few years ago our family decided it was time we should quit hosting all the big dinners but this year apparently no one was interested so it will be with us. It’s so nice they bring extra foods and it’s wonderful to see kids and grandkids (all adults now). We are lucky we are healthy and can do this.
    Other than that, I sure do wish our weather would warm up and start looking like spring. Sunday/Monday we will be getting yet more snow and cold. We can’t seem to get out of the 40’s.
    Everyone, have a blessed Easter however you celebrate.

  18. Charlotte Shira

    So glad to hear Rick’s wound is healing! Answered prayers!
    I just found out Tuesday evening that I’m having Easter dinner at my house. I ran out Wednesday morning to get a ham. Thankfully that was an easy find. My daughter-in-law has been having Easter for the last several years but they are remodeling their kitchen. She thought her mom might have it but she had been cooped up since finishing her chemo and is ready to get out of the house. We are having easy appetizers, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, asparagus, broccoli salad and my 13 year old granddaughter is making a chocolate decadence dessert.
    I hope everyone has a very blessed Easter.

  19. Paula Nordt

    My sons got to drive in from Dallas today, but need to drive back Sunday morning, so we will have Easter dinner on Saturday. Jalapeño steaks, sour cream mashed potatoes, home made Mac n cheese, green beans and cheese cake for dessert. Before they leave Sunday, we’ll have an Easter egg hunt for my 14 month old granddaughter, Zelda. Can hardly wait!

  20. Diane in Colorado

    I am so blessed by the love of my old dog—and my younger one. Don’t know what I would do without these two!!

    I did Maundy Thursday service online yesterday and watched The Passion of Christ last night.& Good Friday service in person tonight. We set up the food pantry in the fellowship hall after the service as that begins early tomorrow morning. The neighborhood has an egg hunt for the little ones in the morning. I’ll go to a friend’s house to dye eggs and BBQ tomorrow evening. Sunrise service Sunday morning and then family dinner around 2 pm. Hoping the weather cooperates so I can go all the dogs—or they can walk me!!!—afterwards!

    Happy Easter and Blessed Passover!!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diane- oh I had forgotten about all the sunrise services till you mentioned it.
      We would drive so early in the morning to get to a spot on Lake Ontario that was a high bluff to do sunrise services. Then as years went on, we would go to Myrtle Beach and catch them occasionally on the Atlantic ocean. So picturesque and meaningful. I know yours will be as beautiful in Colorado.

      1. Diane in Colorado

        Red Rocks Amphitheater is doing its sunrise service again for the first time since the pandemic began. I used to go often when I lived in Denver and it’s a lovely, moving service. I will watch it online tomorrow as I’m now in Fort Collins and older, as we all are!!! Getting up at 3 am to get there by 4:30 to sit in the chilly morning with 15,000 of my dearest friends just is not happening anymore!! 😂

        1. Kathy in NY

          Ha ha ha! Isn’t that the truth now about getting up before dawn as we get older and also driving in the dark at night. Home is where I enjoy, feel safest and zoom services have provided me well.

  21. Carolyn Boutilier

    Glad to hear Rick’s wound is healing. We will have our granddaughter & boyfriend for a ham dinner Saturday rather than Easter Sunday as they both have to work Easter. We have mowed twice, The red buds and apple blossoms are in full bloom. My tulips that I planted last year finally opened today.
    Happy Easter Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn B – and I’m just hoping we get to 50 degrees soon!!!

      1. Sherry Whalen

        50 degrees does sound nice. We walked early this morning (7:15), trying to go before the wind REALLY started blowing. It was still windy but not like right now at 2pm. I suppose perspective is everything – while we were walking I told Al that if it were January 18th and 27 degrees it would be a really nice day. April 18th. NOT so nice.

        PS – good news about Rick’s ankle!

  22. Bobby Sutton

    Yes, the love and loyalty of an old dog melts your hesrt.
    Happy Easter!

    Bobby in Md

  23. Kathy Hanson

    Glad you got good news at Mayo! Hopefully you won’t have to me his “nurse” much longer? This has been an awfully long , hard job for you! After this weekend it looks like it may truly be Spring , hopefully!! Jerry and I will just be home with our puppy, Penny, I got a ham steak and will make some scalloped potatoes and squash to go with it. Our grown children will be working so not able to be here. Sunday evening we will gondola play cards with a friend in a nursing home. Of course church in the morning!

  24. Kathy in western NY

    My husband had to mow our lawn yesterday. It’s so green here so now the yard looks nice with it mowed too. I remembered today all the Easter egg hunts we have done in the past. Looking forward to our ham dinner I am cooking for 10 people with asparagus, deviled eggs, augrautin potatoes, green bean casserole, blueberry jello, dinner rolls. Two years of no sit down dinners together so this will be nice and I will have a ham bone to make bean soup with next week! So glad to hear Ricks wound is healing better now. Happy Easter to you and all the wonderful readers.

    1. Lynn in Scottsdale

      Good news about Mary’s Rick and good news about your husband mowing the lawn Kathy. He was so sick not that long ago.

      My husband and I are going to church and then our niece’s home. Bringing lasagna and cookies with chocolate chips in a cross pattern.

      Sending Easter blessings.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Yes Lynn my husband has recovered so well from the unexplained virus and stroke. A Return to the cardiologist this week to check on the AFib but he’s alive and We are grateful every single moment. So many prayers have enabled him to gain back his strength and resume doing many of his previous jobs he enjoys. His attitude is he can and he will.
        Happy Easter to you.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Kathy in NY – I admire your husband’s will to just “do it”!

  25. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Goid news about Rick’s wound😀. We’ll have kids and grandkids, ham, potatoes etc. Grandkids always have to find their baskets even though they are 20,19,18,18! They laugh and laugh and run around the yard. Fun time!
    Weather was gorgeous here today, but windy. RAIN tonight and until about 1, then 49*.
    Happy Easter everyone!

  26. Mary M Rhodes

    Happy Easter to you n Rick. Glad to a great progess on wound.. I dont know what I b doing on Easter, eap family wise. Food if I dont eat out I can fix part ham steak , bake sweet potatoes n asparagus. Take care.

  27. Diane in NC

    Oh, I love old dogs and the cartoon just reminds me of how much they love us. It’s our chance to give them back all of the love they have given us for so many years. This will be the first Easter I will be by myself. My husband is away at our other home. And the grown kids are with their spouses families. I will be enjoying Sunday with my two springer spaniels. Who could ask for more?

    1. Janet of MN

      Diane, Bless you for having a wonderful attitude. Life isn’t what we want but you sure are making the most of it. Enjoy your dogs.

  28. Henners

    Happy Easter Mary & Rick & all your friends on your farm 🐣
    Church & leftovers for me.

  29. Carol Reents

    Awww, thanks for the picture of an old dog. We are in the situation of having an old dog who is declining. He adores us and we are giving him all the love we can.

  30. Rita in Iowa

    My family is finally gathering after Two years. I have ten siblings so when we all get together it’s a big gathering. I’m not sure how many there will be but I’m making a 6 quart crock pot of party potatoes and a berry crisp.
    Happy Easter to all of you.
    Glad to hear Ricks ankle is healing.

    1. Jeanne stenerson

      Dear Mary, It’s wonderful to hear that Rick’s leg is finally healing. Hopefully your nursing chores will soon be behind you. You are such a busy person, you deserve a break from all that driving to Mayo and back. With spring on the way, you have much to do on the farm. Plants will soon need to be taken outdoors and that alone is a tremendous job. I don’t know where you get the energy to do all that you do. Obviously your teenage helper has not yet returned. Praying you have a blessed Easter and that God will bless all of you there on the farm. Jeanne

  31. Carla

    I’m hoping my parents feel up to making the 1.5 hour drive south to our house. I’ll be making a ham and a turkey casserole with the usual sides. One of my sons always brings delicious Mac and cheese. I gave up candy for Lent and while I’m not craving candy, I am craving a homemade chocolate cake! That’s tomorrow’s task. Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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