Happy Easter, 4-17-22


Our dinner sounds like many of yours – Korbert ham, cheesy potatoes, squash, green bean casserole – wish I had a sweet salad but I’m the only one who would eat it. Connie and a reader both made Heath Bar Cake which I wish I could make, too. But I’m the only one who would eat it ALL!

I so enjoyed hearing about your menus – that was very fun! Maybe we should talk food more often.

I’ve got dinner together and ready to pop into oven, heading to the barn now, then getting dressed for church and sneaking in on the end of the Sonrise Service. Then brunch – I provided 21-1/2 dozen eggs of the 28 needed for the egg bake. After brunch is the Resurrection Service and the choir is singing such a great song – I’m going to take my IPad and see if someone will video the song to put on the blog.

So that’s our cold Easter Sunday – an inch of snow is expected today. Ugh. Nevertheless – it’s a joyous day! He is risen!

54 thoughts on “Happy Easter, 4-17-22

  1. Barbara

    Happy Easter to you as well! We are having Chicken for dinner as my husband is not a fan of Ham 😕. But I made a carrot cake for dessert 😊

  2. Lois Ann Johnson

    Happy Easter! H is risen–He is risen, indeed! Hallelulia! My egg casserole is baked and ready to go off to the church for our brunch buffet at 9 AM. My ham, potato casserole and lemon pie are also ready for our dinner later on. Someone else will be baking the ham and potatoes for me as I’ll still be in church. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter–and especially YOU, Mary.

  3. Jeanine from Iowa

    Happy Easter to you and Rick! Yes, He is risen! We are headed to a sunrise service (8:30), breakfast, then Sunday School and morning worship. Will be a good day in the house of the Lord. I have my food in the oven and crock pot for our dinner.

  4. Terri S.

    Happy Easter! Here is whatI do, if I have a hankering for something,that noone eats or wants. I still make it! I only make a 1/2 or 1/4 of the recipe!🤭

  5. Sharon Lowy

    I just listened to Dr. Jerimiah’s sermon. He is so inspirational.

    Now back to the kitchen! I am baking a ham, a brisket, mac and cheese, green beans will be a side dish and a butter lettuce salad with mandarin oranges and slivered almonds (light vinaigrette dressing) hot rolls. Dessert is an old-time memory: Lemon Icebox Pie with graham cracker crust. My family doesn’t really eat desserts so I am hoping this light one will be enjoyed.

    Happy Easter, Mary to you and your husband.

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    Happy Easter!! We will go to my sister’s home for evening dinner as our son works. Then we will probably play a game of Dominos Train. Ham, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans. Then a dessert my sister will make as well as the ham.

  7. MaureenHP

    He is risen indeed!!! Because He lives, we can know that He holds all our tomorrows. Have a wonderful Easter!

  8. Lorraine

    Happy Easter to you Mary and Rick. May you have a wonderful day.
    It is just my husband and myself so I will bake him a piece of chicken, noodles and corn on the cob. I don’t eat meat so I will eat a gluten free pizza I have in the freezer. I remember the days when tons of family members got together and had a big potluck. Not anymore and very sad but I will enjoy those memories forever.

  9. Sue Jacobson

    He is risen indeed! Happy Easter!
    Korbert ham… oh my….. makes me a little homesick for north Iowa! They were so yummy.
    We are going to have a late dinner so our granddaughter’s friend can join us. And Julia is here & will make strawberry trifle.
    It is sunny and chilly in nw WI! Off to church…

  10. Moe in NE Illinois

    Hi Mary, Happy Easter! I’m making a ham, carrots/bacon (my MIL’s recipe, just add bacon to cooked carrots!), German potato salad, and rolls. Oh and Deviled eggs, you will cringe when I tell you I had my local deli make them. Cost a fortune. Yes I know I could do it easily but hubby wanted to try them from deli because we see them there all the time except today of course but we asked so they made them for us. We got an apple pie too. I plan to sew too. It’s cold out but supposed to be sunny, at least until it snows!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Moe – eggs in the store are already $3.99 per dozen and going higher so I am thankful for my hens.

  11. NancyTD

    Happy Easter! Everyone’s dinner sounds so good. We are having a brunch. I made yogurt blueberry muffins to take.

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, I can still see the cinnamon rolls you posted many years ago on Easter with the caption “He is Riisen”
    The wind has put a damper on our Easter plans. If next weekend is nice, we will get together then. So, today will be ham and eggs and some potatoes.
    This spring has been exceptionally windy.
    So glad you has good news from Mayo. Good news is always welcome.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – I have been excused from bringing food or working in the kitchen because I can’t play the piano and wash dishes, too! Hallelujah! I remember getting up very early to bake those rolls.

  13. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Joyous Easter. He is risen indeed.
    Ham, turkey, potatoes with carrots, onions and spices. Broccoli, corn,
    Gluten free bread, desserts made by my daughter. We are so blessed. We have gluten-free and dairy free needs……….we will still have a wonderful meal. We will enjoy grandkids and Benny the dog, visiting us for the day.
    Church was packed, loved the comfort of worshipping together and hearing the good news of Jesus resurrection.
    Blessings to you and Rick.

  14. Margaret

    Oh looking forward to that video. Have a blessed day. Only Sister coming to chat. Will be with most of family next weekend for youngest granddaughter wedding shower.. so excited.
    We are doing KFC. I get a break👍

  15. Polly Perkins

    We have a weird tradition at our house. It is a long story but anyway, we have pizza that we grill outside. I love it because my husband is the from scratch pizza maker. i make my own gluten free a lots of other things free single pizza. Today is very cold and we are expecting some snow too. We have had more snow this March and April than we have had all winter. I am sure ready for spring. Happy Easter.

  16. Kim from TN

    Happy Easter to you and Rick, He is Risen! I made homemade dinner rolls yesterday and the house smells heavenly. Will make some brownies for dessert this morning and vanilla ice cream will be added. The rest of the meal just need time in the oven, it’s all set to go.

  17. Marsha Ransom

    This year we’re gathering to also celebrate the birthday of one of our sons so non-traditional menu. Lasagna, garlic bread, Caesar salad, mixed fruit bowl, dill pickles and black olives.

  18. Ann in PA

    Happy Easter! I’m about to make pineapple souffle to take to our youngest son’s for dinner. Not sure what else is on the menu but I know it will be good. He’s a great cook! We missed our Sunrise service because I set the new alarm clock for 5:20 pm instead of am. My mind left with my hair color! We went for 8am and when we got home our oldest son called to say our 10th grandchild arrived at 11:11! He came a little earlier than expected, but he and mom are doing well. Easter is a wonderful day to be born! We are Blessed! Christ is risen!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ann in PA – the news about the baby gives me goosebumps! 11:11 – wow! Your time mixup is my nightmare – not being there on time when I was supposed to be and the service having to start without me.

  19. Linda in So CA

    Wonderful news that Rick’s wound is healing. It’s sunny here in mid-70s A friend is cooking Easter dinner…it’s a surprise. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  20. Debbie Miller

    Happy Easter Mary and everyone! We went to my oldest granddaughter’s house for brunch. I cooked bacon, link and patty sausage to take. We also had pancakes, quiche, fruit pizza, fruit and doughnuts. Lillie was born April 16-Easter Sunday 27 years ago and her birthday has only fallen on Easter on her 11th and 22nd birthdays. Everyone assumes her name is for Easter but my grandmother’s name was Lillie. My grandson’s 15th birthday is today on the 17th. He goes Tuesday to take the written test for his learner’s permit. Oh my! My son is in the hospital on massive intravenous antibiotics after his dog bit him on the arm Thursday. They are hoping to avoid surgery.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debbie Miller – she could be “Easter Lily”! Food sounds delicious. I am alarmed at your sons hospitalization – what happened? Email me if you’d rather. maryehazel2020@gmail.com

  21. DebMac

    He is risen indeed! Hallelujah! Ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, peas, deviled eggs, and 5 cup salad for dinner here. 3 deserts. The grandson got to hunt Easter eggs and wants to hunt eggs again tomorrow. Cold but not too windy. I’m resting on the couch and it’s leftovers for supper. Hallelujah!

  22. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Happy Easter to you and Rick, Mary. Ham–cold and hot, baked potato casserole in the Crock Pot, Smoke oyster green salad, Raspberry pretzel salad, homemade rolls by our daughter, Chocolate pudding trifle and Lemon pudding trifle and Chocolate chip cookie bars. All the favorites of the family:)
    Time to put our feet up:) Beautiful day–55*

  23. Kelli

    He is risen indeed! Pretty much the same menu here and snow predicted for N.E. Ohio tomorrow. But daffodils blooming and grape hyacinths.so we are happy. Blessed Easter to you!

  24. Kathy in western NY

    He is risen indeed. When the church choir sang Hallelujah during the service I belted it out myself in my home. The beauty of zoom as I was muted and no one heard me sing off key but how I love that song. We lost 2 from our table today due to covid exposure at college but it all went well. Now going to have a little ham sandwich on a dinner roll to tide me over to bedtime. Happy Easter to all and thank you Mary for your blog.

  25. Lori

    Happy Easter!

    Ham, meatballs/gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing, granny corn, glazed carrots, cole slaw, watermelon, fudge stripe cookie salad, home baked buns, popcorn cake and brownie sundaes.

    It’s fun to see all the different menus. Pizza for Easter, who woulda thought. 😉

  26. Dee

    Happy Easter. My son’s girlfriend’s mother is having health issues, so the son and girlfriend cooked at her house and invited me and their kids for dinner. It was like going to the mother in law’s house. But they made lamb and it was very good. Of course there was also salad with all the goodies for it, rolls, regular and gluten free. Cheesy mashed potatoes, green beans. and Cheesecake with fruit, chocolate and caramel. I sure felt special.

  27. Deb in Idaho

    Happy Easter to all. Had a great family dinner with my kids and grandkids, ham,potatoes,asparagus and cream puffs for dessert. A beautiful day in Idaho

  28. Kathy

    My son and daughter-in-law treated her parents and I to a waffle bar after church. Very nice

  29. Margaret in North Texas

    Hope each of you had a wonderful Easter, my dish to bring to the table is deviled eggs, I use Miracle Whip instead of mayo. Recipe is 6 eggs yolks, 3 Tablespoons of Miracle Whip, 2 Teaspoons of yellow mustard, 2 Teaspoons of sweet pickle juice, 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon white pepper. May need to add more Miracle Whip depending on size of eggs used. Garnish with paprika.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margaret – ooh, I’m going to try your recipe! I make them very plain, I guess.

  30. Diane in Florida.

    A blessed Easter to you all. We celebrated with an Easter pizza. Ham and pineapple,. mushrooms,onions, and the usual sauce and cheese. So very good., but different.
    Yes, He has risen!

  31. Gwen

    Happy Easter one day late. It was a busy week for us. My husband and I both sing in our church choir. We had lots of wonderful music to sing for the week. We sang for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter morning. I fondly remember Easter in my small church in Nora Springs. However since moving to Pittsburgh 50 years ago, we have always belonged to large churches. We have been singing with our present choir for 35 years. We have had extra musicians besides our organ. We had a small string orchestra Good Friday and sang 4 songs from “The Messiah”. Sunday morning we had the organ plus a small brass band. We did an anthem length introit, two wonderful anthems and “The Hallelujah Chorus” for the benediction response. The music is one of my favorite parts of Easter. Our choir had Easter brunch together between services.

    Our ham is still in our refrigerator. We love our life in Pittsburgh but sadly we have never had any other family here. Now that our children are grown, they live in other places too. I still work part time and was scheduled to work at the hospital 3:00PM -11:00PM both Saturday and Sunday. There are no holidays in a hospital. We will have our ham dinner another day and then my favorite part – navy bean soup.

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