I’m alive – just swamped! 4-20-22

My next very long post is going to be titled “Have you ever….?

16 thoughts on “I’m alive – just swamped! 4-20-22

  1. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    You would think retirement gave us lots of time. Amazing I ever had time to work.

  2. Rita in Iowa

    Mary glad your okay, I have spent the last two days cleaning up the wild blackberries, hoeing the ground, putting down fertilizer and grass clippings from hubby detaching. My gold was to get it done before the rain. Made it and came in and took a shower. Hopefully Thursday in can get some more weeds cleaned up. Suppose to be sunny and warmer.

  3. Micky

    Life does that sometimes to us. I need to practice ” Let go and let God!” but it is hard as I want to be in control. Later when things word out I can relax but I have let myself to get caught up in the moment. Peace Micky

  4. Janet of MN

    It’s amazing how the days fly by. My great plans to accomplish so many tasks TOMORROW never seem to get done but you know, that’s okay too as it gives me something to look forward to. So, I’ll work on my current quilting project. We in central Minnesota still can’t get much yard work done.
    It’s still too cold and today it’s raining.
    Here’s hoping all is good with you Mary and just very busy.

  5. Pat ONeill

    Hope you are taking time to stop & smell the flowers so you don’t get sick!! You are a very special lady & we want to keep you safe & well!!!!

  6. Mary M Rhodes

    Its that time of year! So easy to get snowed under with inside and especially outside! I had get help to get yard mowed. It looked like hay field. Oh that gravel driveway! It got away from me last fall. Understand completely. Take care.

  7. Sandy

    Hi Mary, what’s happened? Hope you, Rick and the fur babies are OK, take care, best wishes from Sandy

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