Good News! 9-20-22

I’ll bet you think I’m going to tell you I have fully recovered and that’s my good news – nope.  I’m still coughing away but I think  by tomorrow I can get to the grocery store.  The Good News is a new pattern which is available in the online store as a download and also as a paper pattern by mail.  Cost is $5.00.

My bed size quilt is not quilted yet but here is an overall shot.

This is a strip pieced quilt consisting of two different blocks.

When I made these blocks I used as many old novelty prints and coordinates that I could find – and still didn’t make a dent in my boxes of fabric!  I know you understand.  I can’t wait to have some time to put this monster on the longarm!

When I look at the overall photo I think it looks very confusing but I would consider this almost a beginner quilt – two sizes of strips are sewn together, cut once, cut twice, resewn.   I know you’ll be surprised!  I’m going to make it again – in time with a controlled color palette.

so that’s my good news tonight.  Here are the reader quilts:

And a look at Farmer Tim’s cornfield across the road. Harvest has begun around here.

Fall flowers at the farm.  They’ll soon be gone.

17 thoughts on “Good News! 9-20-22

  1. Tina W in Oregon

    I just emailed a quilt picture to you. When I looked closer at the tag, the name of the quilt was “Country Threads Good News”! Wish I could read who the maker is.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      I sent you the picture of the original quilt – I sorta figured it was our original pattern from 2005 but we made it reversible at that time. This time I combined both blocks. I loved her quilt – the fabrics she chose give it a very modern look!!

  2. Quilting Sister

    I walked out of a store about a month ago & realized I felt weird, which turned into a 2-day “something” … then it slowly went away. I didn’t have any covid tests to use, but I’ve had 4 shots, so who knows what it was!
    Hope you feel better tomorrow!! 😍

  3. Karen Gaither

    I loved the Fall quilts. Also, remember the fun time coming to Quilt Camp during Corn Season. Once you had cooked a ton of corn on cob and then had a pan with melted butter that we dipped the corn in. It was so delicious right out of the field!

  4. Sue in Oregon

    I Love the fall quilts and the red and white table runner. All perfect for my favorite season. We have been having cooler temps and a bit of much-needed rain here. The weatherman says we are to have dry warm weather again, though, so maybe fall flowers will stick around awhile. Yours too, Mary.
    Hope your cough goes away soon and you start feeling like your old self again. Are your elderberries all gone? Maybe you could make yourself a home recipe cough syrup. There are lots of recipes on the internet using elderberries for healing. Just a thought….

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Fun post today. Enjoy the views while you can.
    My sister has Covid and is napping 5-6 times a day. I thought about you.
    This is weird…my next door neighbor passed away Saturday, and the lady across the street did too! They both have been sick for a long time. I’m cooking and visiting, then going to funerals this week. Very sad.

  6. Maggey

    Thank you for all the lovely quilt photos.I enjoy seeing all the hard work that is put in to them. Your flowers are such a joy to you and I know it’s hard letting go of each season, I too am not looking forward to putting away for plants. This is my first year without my big garden and it was so hard, but seeing how I have been physically, I know it was the right thing. I appreciate all your post and praying here for you healing.. keep posting , we love seeing what’s happening in your neck of the woods, hah!

  7. Kathy in western NY

    Love seeing what you readers create. I never tire of autumn colors. Take it easy Mary as we are our own worst enemies pushing ourselves when rest heals. Enjoy some time on your porch before the first day of fall.

  8. Sue H

    What a group of lovely quilts including yours! All the colors make me smile. I’ve noticed the corn coming down here too in southern IL. I love how it looks across the fields. That nagging cough is awful to go through but just look at it as your body’s way of expelling the last of it! Hope you’re back on your feet very soon.

  9. Lynn in CA

    Mary, I had covid earlier this month and ended up with that cough. All those cough drops! I ended up taking a decongestant but had no signs of being congested. It worked after a couple of days. Only took at night.
    “Allegra-D” A suggestion that may work for you.

    Beautiful quilts from all your readers.

  10. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    I truly hope you feel better soon. Long COVID symptoms are a serious issue, some with lasting effects. Follow up with your doctor if they continue.
    The quilts today are perfect for Fall’s start tomorrow. Vicki’s quilts are beautiful, and so is her backdrop. Many years ago we lived just north of Seattle and I still miss the never ending green. And the red table runner is perfect.
    I enjoy how you highlight your plants and Farmer Tim’s cornfield. We should all be grateful to our farmers and ranchers for producing our food.
    Off to sew. Will be working on some borders tonight and prepping some binding. My dogs keep me company. They don’t seem to mind a messy sewing room at all!!

  11. JD

    Hi all,
    To really enjoy my favorite season, I spent a few days on the north shore of Lake Superior. Weather was perfect, sat on the rocks, went sailing (FABULOUS), and relaxed. The best therapy in the world.

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