Good News and Bad News, 11-24-20

Bad news first – I was scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery on November 20 – I called them on the 18th and asked why I hadn’t heard from them for a pre-op. Oh, they forgot to schedule me. So they scheduled me for this Friday, 11-27, the day after Thanksgiving and I asked several times if they were sure the dr. would be doing surgery that day – he only does this surgery on Fridays. I was assured that he was. They called this morning and cancelled me. Not only am I disappointed, I am mad. I have been off my ibuprofen since last Friday and having pain during the night. I said that date was getting close to Christmas – I meant playing for church BEFORE Christmas and she assured me my hand would be unwrapped by Christmas- duh! How stupid and how uncaring.

But now for the good news! Late last night as I was sitting by Jo’s bed I was lightly petting her across the top of her head and…….. SHE RAISED HER HEAD AND SHE LICKED MY ARM!!!!! It was so emotional, I cried – silently. I didn’t look at her and I didn’t move! This was the first sign she’s ever given me that she might trust me some day.

Every dog behaviorist office I’ve called or emailed has not gotten back to me – I guess I can assume they don’t give a rip and I’ll continue on my own with lots of patience. I am so relieved, I can’t tell you. I was afraid it might be ME that she would always hate or not respond to.

It’s a cold rainy day in North Iowa – slushy snow on the ground and still raining. But these two boxes were worth driving the golf cart to the outside parking lot. Just look at these gorgeous fresh wreaths! I have never had such a huge fresh wreath – ever!!! And Connie’s has a black dog on the ribbon and my ribbon is multiple dogs – just like we are!

Janie Dollinger of Dollinger Tree Farm, in Shannon, IL, sent these to us as a thank you for the blog – oh my gosh!!!! Thank you, Janie! The blog is our pleasure – our touch with the real world, now more than ever. I chat with all of you throughout the day – my life would be very empty without you blog readers.

My day went from pretty discouraging to just wonderful with the arrival of these wreaths – what a boost to my attitude. Now it’s time to go back and sit with Jo – maybe today will be another milestone. Be still. This is my motto for dealing with Jo.

95 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News, 11-24-20

  1. Diane Emanuelson

    Hurray for the good news. I knew it would happen eventually You are a very special person. . Thank you.

    1. Carolyn Hosier

      How do I uptain your patterns or are they not offered anymore?

      Miss your store ..a group of us came offen from Des Moines..we always had so much fun!!


      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Carolyn Hosier – lots of them are available in the online store – click on “shop” at the top of the blog home page. If what you’re looking for is t there yet, I’ll be happy to mail it to you. Contact me at my email also on our home page.

  2. Kim J LeMere

    What beautiful wreaths, and how wonderful to arrive on light snowy day. I’m so sorry the carpel tunnel surgery has been so frustrating, what a mess. I know how much it means to you to play for your church and the Christmas season is a special time for sure. I hope it all gets resolved. The good news about Jo is thrilling and so exciting. She is slowing coming around and your patience with her is working.

  3. Mary Tufte

    I so love reading your blog. I was able to visit the quilt shop only a couple times while it was open. Just absolutely loved it. I really admire your patience and caring with the foster dogs. Thanks for caring for them and please keep the blog going.

  4. Frances E

    Oh my goodness! I’m so happy for you both! Your patience has been rewarded. Jo will become your shadow, I predict. So sweet. Your wreath is quite lovely. Have a happy Thanksgiving. I’m making your Heart Attack Potatoes for Thanksgiving. Good luck with your surgery.

  5. Mary

    I love ❤️ reading your blog! It’s a bright spot during the day, plus looking at all the pics of the quilts and dogs! Here’s wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. Linda from Oconomowoc

    You just made me cry. I am so happy for you to get a kiss from Jo!

    So sorry about your surgery. It is maddening.

    Wreaths are beautiful!! We all appreciate your blog.

  7. Montana Kathy

    Such a wonderful blog today. So-o glad Jo is coming around. What a milestone. The wreaths are beautiful, what a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

  8. lorraine bujnowski

    So sorry about your wrist surgery! ☹️ Thrilled to read about Jo’s 🐕 small kiss and delighted for your gift of wreaths! 👍😘

  9. Diana Schumacher

    Hurray!!! Sounds like a break thru for Jo. Nice to hear good news on this gloomy rainy day!

  10. Deb Harrison

    Mary, I think you are the bestest dog expert I know on this planet. You instinctively know what is best for each and every dog! Jo is lucky she is with you; she just doesn’t know how to show it yet, but today’s puppy kiss will show her how to let you know. Congratulations on your very own, better than the rest, expertise!

  11. Patricia Pratt

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can relate to that first acceptance. It makes all those hours worthwhile.. In time she will become your BFF.. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Kate S

    I adopted a neglected dog and you are doing everything right. Just let her take things at her own pace. My dog even learned to trust people he didn’t especially like at first. He just needed to decide when he felt safe. Fred has far exceeded my expectations. Don’t doubt yourself. Just keep trying. I think the progress in this short of time is extraordinary. Fred took a lot longer to open up. Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Cheryl in St. Paul

    How disappointing to have to reschedule your surgery. I’m so sorry. I hope with the increase in Covid hospitalizations, it isn’t postponed again.
    I think Jo knew you needed some extra TLC.
    Enjoyed seeing the wreath. It is gorgeous.

  14. Marlene P Armbrecht

    Enjoy reading your blog! Wanted to let you know that I finished my Dear Jane quilt a week or so ago! So excited to have it done! Probably wouldn’t have done it without the incentive of your BOM club way back then. How fun was the visit from Brenda! I kept up in 2005 (?) but then put away until April of this year. Had 12 blocks to do and all of the triangles! Proud of myself!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marlene Armbrecht – oh my gosh!!! I have never touched mine again – please send us a picture when you’re finished. You’re my hero!!!

      1. Marlene P Armbrecht

        Can you PM me your phone number so I can text it to you? I don’t know how to post to your blog! Or e-mail me your number?!

  15. Betty Klosterman

    Will your surgery be in Mason City? You are probably lucky they are even doing the surgery with the hospitals, doctors, nurses and everybody being so swamped by the COVID patients. They are really understaffed here. North Dakota even got 60 (?) Army nurses – maybe I should say military nurses as I don’t remember where they came from.
    Patience will work with Jo. It’s hard, but hard for her to realize that not everybody in her world is out to hurt her. The wreaths are beautiful. Have a nice Thanksgiving and we will wait patiently (?) for you to be able to return to the blog after surgery. Just get better.
    Betty in Rapid City

  16. Carolee

    It is so nice nice to have some good news about Jo. It makes my day better to hear good news about Jo. When I adopted my Rottweiler. I kept wondering if I was doing the correct thing. I wished the shelter sent you home with a list of things to do and not do. It would have been helpful to have a book or even better, a blog to read about adopting. I wonder what she would do when she is a little more comfortable with you, what she would do if you dropped a piece of hotdog or very desirable treat just out of her reach and just leave it there. Would she stretch to get it or wait until you leave? When you leave how about leaving a hotdog slice trail every day, when you walk quietly away?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolee – I’ve done the great thing – she leaves it till I go out of the building.

  17. Jeanne in Co

    Great news about Jo’s progress. If that isn’t a blessing to be thankful for, I don’t know what is. Your patience with her is a joy to hear.
    I pray for your upcoming surgery on your carpal tunnel, and that the timing is such that you will be able to play organ for the upcoming Christmas season. In the meantime, be still and enjoy those loving licks from Jo.

  18. Ann in PA

    Disappointing news about your carpal tunnel surgery but what a blessing that your patience with Jo is rewarded. I was in puddles reading that she licked you. That’s a giant step for her and surely shows that she is beginning to know how much she is loved. Enjoy the wreaths and keep a happy heart!

  19. Kathy in western NY

    I was reading your blog post with tears in my eyes and listening to Josh Groban singing the song “ Believe”. If you just believe Mary, you will have done all possible for Jo’s care. You are the expert being patient and willing. What a delight the gift of your wreaths for your blog that bring such joy to all of us. And the comments we all share make us one big happy family !

  20. Joan West

    Oh Mary such wonderful news about Jo, made me cry happy tears. Answered prayers for sure.
    My appt with my wrist doc on Dec 16 for a 2nd opinion was moved to Jan 11. He can’t see me till then, so must be Covid related.

  21. Janet of MN

    Mary, You are so lucky to get two early Christmas gifts. The beautiful wreaths from Janie and a little kiss from Jo. Your world is looking rosie for a few days

  22. Wardena

    Your good news, is very, very good. It has me in tears. What a nice breakthrough. I have been hoping and praying she would show a sign of healing soon.

    Thank you for all your time and energy spent to help her.

  23. Sue in Oregon

    Hallelujah! What great news about Jo. You are making great strides without dog behavior experts. Because I think you are one.
    Beautiful wreaths. The ribbons are perfect.
    Sorry about the surgery dates. Chalk it up to this crazy year.

  24. Caryn in Eastern WA

    Such happy news about Jo! Slow and steady love from you will bring her around. We have adopted a sweet girl from Texas through our local shelter. She still has some issues that we continue to work on. She had been neglected and abused and was found in really bad shape along the side of the road with her mother. The fosters in Texas did a wonderful job healing her body and spirit. The adoption folder included a four page letter from Betsy’s last foster mom in Texas. The info of what Betsy had suffered was heartbreaking, but I am, and always will be, in awe for what you fosters do to bring these furries out of the darkness. Thank you!❤️

  25. Mareen Nedved

    I am so excited Mary – great news on Jo!! Not so much on your surgery!! I was going to give you a call about that – take care and will talk soon!! But the wreaths are so beautiful!! Take care my friend!

  26. Jan in NW WI

    The wreath are stunning. What a lovely surprise! Sorry about the frustrations regarding wrist surgery. Perhaps waiting until the holidays are over and this Covid uptick settles down. Here in Wisc. they are not doing any elective surgery. Some of the hospitals are so full they are using the ambulance bays to house Covid patients. Truly no room in the inn. Good for Jo. The next time you are petting her look at her and smile. Should she grace you with a lick again, look at her , smile and tell her she is a good dog. Start building that friendship, one lick at a time. Have a peaceful Thanksgiving.

  27. Charlotte Shira

    I’m so happy for you and Jo! I would have cried too! The wreaths are beautiful. We do love your blog.

  28. Li

    The connection with Jo is wonderfull news today. What a dear, sensitive creature she is. Thanks for posting. So relieved that she is feeling safe again.

  29. Ellie

    So sorry about your carpal tunnel surgery. Wonderful news about Jo responding to you! Perhaps you’re on your way! Let’s hope!

  30. Betty Klosterman

    Guess I’m an example of not carefully reading what you have written. I read your surgery was scheduled for Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. After reading the comments, I reread what you wrote. Too bad my reading ability didn’t get your appointment changed. Hospitals are up to their ears in patients. Don’t remember where it was, but RN’s with COVID, but no symptoms, have been called back to work with the COVID patients. Sorry I was wrong. Betty in Rapid City

  31. Jo in Wyoming

    👏😁🍾🎉🎊 what a wonderful sign. I’m so very happy for all of us.
    The wreathes are beautiful…I ordered from the church, they should be here any day.
    Sorry about your CT surgery. Many Dr. around here are only working 2-3days a week. The other time they help other small communities with Covid patients. The numbers are exploding.

    What a wonderful give for Thanksgiving, 2 wreaths and a lick.

  32. Pattie Weber

    I look forward to your blog. So sorry about your surgery, have had same experience, feels like no one really cares about the patient. But SO thrilled for you with that little lick from Jo. You are amazingly patient. I could learn from you. 😉

  33. Rita in Iowa

    Mary so happy Jo is showing the love. The wreaths are beautiful. I went to their web site but I think they only do pick ups at their shop. It’s a Christmas Tree Farm where you can cut your own tree. What fun that old be this year.

    Did you consider recording your music that you play for Christmas ahead of time in case you can’t play. It would be a shame not to play but you could push the buttons. LOL

  34. Peggy S

    This is wonderful news today. Tears of happiness falling here. There is hope for sweet little Jo & you of course, Mary. It is so great when they show some love in return for all the care & attention you give. I can maybe see another fur baby living on the farm!!!
    Happy 🦃 day!!

  35. Pat Smith

    Wow! Good news and bad on one day! What wonderful news about Jo. It was a long time in coming but worth the wait. You waited her out while making her feel safe enough to respond to you. So sorry about the surgery. I think it’s a sign of these terrible times that hospitals and doctors are in a tizzy. We’ve been staying home to be safe except for the daily trip to the dog park on the golf cart where all the humans sit socially distanced and shouting back and forth. I love the wreaths and what a thoughtful gift! This blog really is a treasure.

  36. Jan from TN

    Those wreaths are gorgeous. What a thoughtful gift!
    The news about Jo is so incredibly exciting. I would have cried too. Just curious, have you had Jo 3 weeks because that’s the first “3” milestone.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! But yes, stay still. 😉

  37. Kelli

    Oh my! What a disappointment about your surgery – ugh. I can only imagine how frustrated you are! But I was so happy to hear about Jo’s breakthrough! What a wonderful gift for you. Your hard work and patience is paying off and is a wonderful example for all of us in life. The wreaths are beautiful what a lovely surprise and pick me up. Enjoy them. Your blog blesses so many of us – we won’t meet this side of heaven but I’m so thankful for you and for how you share your life with so many of us – thank you!

  38. Donna Giddens

    You are so great with Jo. What patience you Gorgeous wreaths How nice.
    Too bad about your surgery. It just wasn’t your time msybe.
    Happy Thanksgiving again. I never write here but now have 2 days in a row.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Giddens – keep commenting – when people write in its fun for all of us!

  39. Diane and Squeak

    So sorry about your surgery. It is very hard to be off meds you need and then have surgery cancelled and postponed. Good luck getting it done. To give hospitals the benefit of the doubt; they are overwhelmed. Sad.
    But, happy about Jo. Have you thought about writing a pamphlet of what you did so other fosters could use it? It would be helpful, but I know you are super busy!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Rick, and all your wonderful animals. 😃🦃🍗

  40. Jan VanDeWalle

    So happy for you and Jo. It is hard when you don’t know exactly what she has been thru, and what she will react to. Years ago on a dark rainy night a dog was under my truck in the yard and our big farm dog found him. I finally got him to come out, He was sopping wet and dirty matted fur. Poor guy had escaped or been dropped out in the country. for several days I carefully cut the mats off down to his skin. He was a Cocker Spaniel. his feet and ears were so matted that he could barely walk or pickup his head ,had an abscess in on one ear when i finally got the mats off he had a fishhook stuck in it, He hated men and small children, I think he had been teased. I called him Murphy, He was a beautiful dog when he was cleaned up and groomed. I tried and tried to get him gentled to no avail . he bit a couple of the neighbor kid and my husband several time and he howled louder than a whole pack of coyotes if he wasn’t with me and all night long. It broke my heart to have to take him to the county dog shelter but my husband just couldn’t put up with the howling ang biting any longer
    Oregon has shut down again because of a spike in virus cases so we are going to have just the 2 of us for Thanksgiving. All the Christmas Bazaars have been canceled. Sorry that they have postponed your surgery. They aren’t doing any elective surgeries here again because of the virus. Happy Thanksgiving we have so much to be thankful for during this pandemic, I may be lonely , but have your blog to look forward too. We are warm & dry with plenty to eat and healthy. Family and friends are just a phone call away. Praying for an end to the pandemic and all to be healthy and the country to settle down. Be Still Jan

  41. Sue Schultz

    I am so sorry that your surgery has been postponed. I am thankful however that the bad news was not about Jo. Thank you for all of your patience and all of the love that you are giving sweet Jo and I so look forward to hearing about the progress you are making with her.

  42. Linda in North Carolina

    Sorry to hear your surgery was changed. I have been putting mine off til next year but now I’m going to try Acupunture has anyone tried that for relief. I’ve been told it’s very helpful. Beautiful wreaths. You know you are loved by all of us. I don’t write often but read everyday. Praying for more progress for Jo. Does she get any exercise. Seems she just lays down keeping still. The Christmas tree jewelry tree bright back memories of the late 1960’s when I made one for my Mother. Would have made another one but didn’t have much jewelry left. Found most of the pieces at Rummage sales.

  43. Martha C Engstler

    Prayers are being said for you, your family of Rick and furry friends and wishing blessings to you all and all your blog followers for a safe Thanksgiving. Beautiful wreaths. Maybe there is an unknown reason for not doing the surgery. Your blog is a big highlight of the day, many thanks.

  44. Angie from Baltimore

    I cried as I read the news about Jo. She has so many things to overcome and for her to reach out to you like that is so heartwarming it was very emotional to me. My daughter in law had many breast biopsies and she got the news today that were all benign and I cried at that then Jo news it was a teary day but all happy tears.
    Sorry about your surgery that makes me so angry when they can go oops but you are suffering so hope they get their act together soon. After your surgery and rehab you will be ship shape!! Happy 2021!!!!!

    1. Diane in Maryland

      It’ll be a day of Thanksgiving for sure for you and your family! I always read your comments, Angie, since you are just across the Bay from me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay well.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie from Baltimore- I’m going to postpone my surgery indefinitely- I think I’ll buy a NEW hand brace for night time and just grit my teeth.

  45. Cheryl

    JO! I am so relieved. I was afraid she was unreachable. I wracked my brain about what happened with the leash. It must represent a rope or other horrid things. What a sweet sugar to give you that feedback. A lot of healing just to get that far. Be Still.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cheryl – I am also so encouraged about Jo – I’m thinking of removing her collar – wonder if that has something to do with her anxiety. What do you think?

  46. Janice Brown

    What beautiful wreaths. This is great news about Jo. Bummer about the hand surgery. May you and Rick have a great Thanksgiving.

  47. Gayle Shumaker

    Sorry to hear about your surgery being canceled I know how frustrating that can be. I understand by way of Jo Kramer’s blog that the resurgence of Covid-19 in Iowa is quite bad; maybe it’s in your best interests to have surgery at a slightly later date when it has decreased. I know being in pain sucks but I think sometimes things happen for a reason. If it wasn’t for a broken arm I would never have had back surgery; 2 physicians told me no one would do surgery on me because of the autoimmune disease and the 2 clotting/ bleeding disorders.
    I’m so happy to hear of Jo’s response to you. I truly believed when I added my 2 cents that given time she would recognize you as someone who she was safe with. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family. Our youngest son and family came home for a week so Eric could hunt and they could celebrate with both families. Eric works for Memphis Fire Department and will be working the holidays. They had a good time and went home with the truck stuffed with toys for Jacob and coolers of venison.
    Mushy snow started here this afternoon. We’ve had such weird weather for northern Michigan.

  48. Linda Schluchter

    I’m so happy to hear about Jo sharing a bit of love with you, that’s what her small kiss was, pure love and appreciation. I think she will always be timid after the trauma she has suffered in her previous life. But your stillness and calm is slowly showing her how her new life will be. As an example, I have owned a beautiful huge gelding for sixteen years, he was raised by the Amish who used scary tactics to break him into submission and to this day he is easily startled and very timid at times. He knows I love him but he very seldom shows love back. Patience and strength have brought him to where he is today and I think the same will be in Jo’s future.

    God bless you for what you are doing, that beautiful creature deserves your love and stillness.

  49. Bonnie McKee

    What a blessing that Jo licked your arm! I’m so happy for you both!🙌
    And the wreaths gifted to you and Connie are so appropriate, and beautiful! ❤️
    Happy Thanksgiving Mary, and I wish the same to all of my fellow blog readers❤️

  50. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    You will be worn out reading all these posts.
    So sorry abt your surgery mess up; the live wreaths are lovely; and I, too, am so EXTREMELY HAPPY for the Jo breakthrough!! 😊🥰

  51. Connie

    OH Mary, my eyes are full of tears, but my heart is full of love and joy . Patience, it’s happening!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  52. Wendy T.

    So, so happy to hear that Jo had a moment when she felt trust for you. It probably feels like it took a long time but for what she has been through you never know. Just that small act though – it makes me so hopeful for her and you. Thanks for sharing the news! Maybe there is a reason you should not be having surgery at this time. As frustrating as the medical system can be maybe it is a blessing. As long as you can take your pain meds in the mean time. Very beautiful wreaths!! What a boost it must have been to get them. Hang in there Mary. Happy Thanksgiving to your family.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Wendy T – I didn’t know such a small act as a lick from a dog could be so special – I can be very patient and Jo needs it. We will get through this together!

  53. Cathy D

    Reading about your moment with Jo made my day as well 💕 Congratulations Mary, your patience and determination working! I pray you’ll have many more moments like that with her! The wreaths are just beautiful!

  54. Jean

    Mary, I am so excited about the Jo news! It’s like she’s my surrogate child! THANK YOU for loving that poor soul. One day she will wag her tail whenever she sees or hears you and you will be so blessed!
    Sorry about the surgery not happening. People need to start caring more for others.

  55. Brenda Ks

    Mary the wreaths are just beautiful.
    So happy for you and Jo. Maybe when she licks you you could look at her and tell her she is a good girl.
    Troy (my son) rescued a husky that someone dumped. Whenever he tried to pet his head he would put his ears back and lower his head. It has been almost a year and he just now lets Troy pet his head with only loving reactions.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda Ks – wow! A year? I am just thrilled with a lick 2-1/2 weeks in. She lets me pet her as long as I want – she doesn’t flinch from my hand and I can tell when she lifts her head. I do sometimes look her in the eyes but I think it still intimidates her. Sometimes I can feel her raising her head and resting it on the bolster around the dog bed – I talk to her constantly and tell her she’s a good girl! My sweet girl, Joey!

  56. ChristieB

    You really have another something to be thankful for – that precious lick from Jo! Baby steps! You are so patient! God bless you! HUGS… and stitches

  57. Kathy Hanson

    Happy Thanksgiving! What a hassle with the surgery but wonderful progress with Jo! Enjoy the beautiful wreath! What a lovely gift!!

  58. Joyce

    Oh Mary.. what great news with Jo! I just can’t help but think what Christmas Miracle you’ll get on Christmas Eve when you visit your sweet animals in the barn. ♥️

  59. Sheila in WI

    Sorry about the frustration and disappointment with your surgery. I can’t imagine what you are going through.
    Great news about Jo!
    And those wreaths are absolutely beautiful! What a thoughtful gift. You are very much appreciated!

  60. Charlotte Barnard

    Mary, I am crying in silent joy over Jo with you! I predict she will be sitting in your lap by Christmas!!

  61. Bobbie

    That’s wonderful news, she is beginning to trust you. You will win her over it’s just going to take time. Someone has hurt her bad but your sweetness will win her over.
    I love y’all wreaths they are beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all blog readers.
    Our weather is just rain, rain, rain. Hoping for a little clearing on Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving day will be my hubby my sister who lives with us and me. The kids and grandkids with family were coming from Alaska but with the Covid-19 in Washington state so bad it will have to be next year. We aren’t the only ones who will not be with family this year so I won’t complain. Just hoping God gets us thru this really hard time.
    I also want to say your quilts you have been putting up are amazing. You have such a flair for decorating. I love your country home. I’m just now sure I would like your winter snow storms.
    Give Jo a extra pat from all of us, I’m sure she will love them.

  62. Sharon Lowy

    Happy Thanksgiving Mary. Jo is going to be your girl before long.❤️ Love hearing about her progress.

  63. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    This was so heartwarming to hear about Jo!!! Patience is the key for sure. Just be still while with her.❤️❤️❤️ Also, yes the wreaths are gorgeous! What a lovely gift to you and Connie. But you give a gift every day with your posts. Such fun to read/see them. I always check my email
    First to see if you posted…and you always do.
    Dint worry about your surgery. Maybe you should just put off until after Christmas so you won’t have that worry/concern to deal with during the holidays and you will be able to play all you need to. Take care, stay safe.❤️❤️

  64. Diane in Maryland

    We may think of Jo’s licking your arm as a “baby step” but this must have been a giant step for her! You are obviously doing everything right. 2 1/2 weeks isn’t very long even though it seems longer.

    What a shame to have your surgery postponed. I’m sure you are disappointed but I do try to remember that all things happen for a reason. I usually remember this after I’ve had a fit about it! haha Start back on the Ibuprofen and have it done next year. December may not be the time to get this done. You’ll want to play music thru the Christmas Season for your church and to be able to continue to make progress with Jo.

    The wreaths are gorgeous! What a thoughtful gift. I wish I could visit that farm! We all do love your blog! Thank you for doing it. Happy Thanksgiving.

  65. Donna J

    What a wonderful and blessed milestone!
    You are doing the right things for Jo. I had tears when I read she licked you. You have the dog whisperer touch. God Bless You!
    God is Blessing Jo!
    Thank you for all you do for God’s creatures.
    Thank you for your blog. I love seeing it in my mailbox!
    Donna Jean

  66. Joy

    I can see why you are upset with that doctor and his staff! Grr! So glad Jo gave you a sign of trust and love! 💕. Your wreaths are beautiful! Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  67. Polly Perkins

    Shannon, Illinois is just around the corner from us. My son does agricultural work and his “office” is in Florence just next door. I have not heard of this place but will check it out! Small world isn’t it.

    So glad Jo finally responded to you. Take joy in the small steps. It takes a long time to undo the wrongs in life. I was talking to my two foster rescues last night and told them they did not know how lucky they were not having to be out in the snow yesterday. My husband replied … no we are the lucky ones. This is after he kept saying no more cats. I do not want anymore in the house!!!! Now he has Findlay as his lap buddy.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Polly Perkins – I am so happy you have a couple of foster rescues! They need all the help they can get and I’m glad your hubby has a lovely lap buddy!

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