Let’s Catch Up, 11-25-20

When I don’t post for a day, I get so much backlog – pictures, news, dirty dozen quilts – I oftentimes don’t post until evening and last night I was so busy watching Hillbilly Elegy that I didn’t have time. What a great movie! Glen Close was amazing in her role as the grandma and the lesson to all families is very clear. I will say no more but if you have kids or grandkids, you should try to watch it. I think Rick would enjoy it so I’ll watch it again with him in the living room.

Jo news – I fed her bits of Fresh Pet food on my fingers – with my hand turned backward – I think that is key. She doesn’t see a fist coming towards her. She really was active last night outside the kennel – she found a bobbin from the quilting machine – it wasn’t unwound but I put them all up high! And a Xerox paper bill that she tore up – it’s paid automatically so no harm done. I tried to take her collar off this morning and had to cut it off – I’ve never used a martingale collar but this one has been on a very long time.

I am going to grit my teeth and not reschedule my hand surgery at this time. I believe I’ll buy a new right hand brace and get by for as long as I can. It’s a terrible nuisance to have a tingly numb hand but I’ll live with it for now.

Remember those lovely wreaths from Janie in IL? These pictures are from Connie – the one with Betty is priceless!

Thanks again, Janie!

More Christmas quilts:

Out On A Limb by Country Threads

Winter Comrades by Country Threads

Feather Tree by American Quilt Retailer

Square In A Square by Country Threads

Frosty Itty Bitty by Country Threads

By Country Threads – Connie will have to help with name

Schnibbles pattern? Connie?

This was a contribution quilt to a book by Martingale – so long ago, I can’t remember the name!

This is what I’m quilting right now – Iowa State Christmas! Red check backing – will use on my red couch.

That’s all the Christmas quilts! Order and start sewing. Here’s KATHY’s Country Threads design wall right now.

Dirty Dozen:

Two Amigos – see Emma’s chair in background?

Rick is gone this morning so I let all the goats out for a little fun!

And some of the chickens roosting

Robbie – tell them what you said about this picture.

Time to make the pumpkin pie – the ONLY dessert I won’t eat but Rick loves!

53 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up, 11-25-20

  1. Phyllis

    The wreaths are beautiful. Do they sell to the public?
    Also your post from today came through with an error: incorrect format.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Robin Rauk – I’m quite sure you will love them! Let me know! Hugs to Libby!

  2. Susan Rynex

    Schnibbles quilt is Jersey Girl…just made it. The Christmas tree is Country Christmas & it’s on my list!

    1. Karen

      Country Christmas was in Quilted for Christmas by Ursula Reikes for That Patchwork Place (#B176). There are some copies available on Ebay, Etsy and other used book sellers. I made this quilt with either a kit or as a BOM from Country Threads. Still put it up every year.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Karen – really? I don’t think we did a BOM but evidently someone did. I remember Ursula who sent me pictures from the zoo where she was working. Wow! That’s been awhile ago – yes, I put mine up every year, too, still love it!

        1. Karen

          I got my Country Christmas quilt out this weekend. The label says it was made from a kit purchased at Country Threads sometime prior to November 2004 when I finished it.

  3. Diane in Maryland

    Beautiful quilts! Loved every one of them! I have the little Santa Country Threads quilt to get out for Christmas. Will do a little Christmas decorating on Friday but not going to do much this year.

    It sounds like Jo is beginning to learn how to have fun! Isn’t it wonderful! Also sounds like it was a good idea to get the collar off of her. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Brenda

      I found mine at the quilt shop in Ankeny – Quilter’s Cupboard. They also have Iowa fabric. I bought it instead of ISU .

  4. Jane from St Marys

    Where did you find the ISU material? We’re big fans here in our little corner of southern Iowa!! I also wanted to tell you I can relate to getting Jo to eat from your hand only my issue is with stray cats that know where the good food is located! I’ve got 2 that I’m trying very hard to convince I’m just a crazy cat lady who loves cats! With patience we both will get our animals to know we mean them no harm but just want to love them! Keep up the good work with Jo!!

    1. Brenda

      I found mine at the quilt shop in Ankeny – Quilter’s Cupboard. They also have Iowa fabric. I bought it instead of ISU .

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane from St Mary’s – I bought my ISU Christmas fabric at Gruber’s in MN.

  5. Brenda in Iowa

    Thank you for taking such good care of JO. I’m sure she’ll eventually come around with all of your love. It may be a long while but it will happen.
    I love your cheesy potato recipe. I make it to go with ham at Christmas. We will have mashed potatoes and gravy with our turkey tomorrow. I’m making noodles today.

    Does anyone have a link for the feather tree pattern? I’m having difficulty locating the pattern.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Gosh I have to look for a ton of Country Threads patterns to fill up my design wall after seeing the white space! It’s so fun to work an hour or so every day on getting them done. Great pictures of quilts and pets today. Made a pot of chili for tonight so house smells good.

  7. LaNan Eldridge

    I enjoy reading your blog. I’m nursing a finger that had the sewing machine needle stuck in the bone . My advice …don’t try to sew when your finger is in range of stitching!!! I can’t sew yet but have been using my embroidery machine and that’s doable. Can’t sit still!! Where did you find the Iowa state Christmas fabric? My son, a graduate of ISU, would think that was pretty sweet!! Happy thanksgiving! Oops just saw you respond to someone else about the fabric at Grubers….one of my favorite stops in Minnesota!!

  8. Ann in PA

    I just love all those wonderful Christmas quilts! The wreaths are so special!
    Thank you for keeping us up to date on Jo. She has a lot of people cheering for her right now. What a blessed Thanksgiving she will have – finally someone showing her the love she deserves.
    Have a wonderful, blessed, safe Thanksgiving! xxoo

  9. Charlotte Shira

    I love your Christmas quilts!! I need to get busy and make some. Great pictures of quilts and all the pets. My son-in-law is from Pella….he loves IU. I’ll have to look for some fabric for him.

  10. Gloria B.

    Your Christmas quilts are wonderful. Will have to get going on decorating. Thanks for recommendation on “no exit by Taylor Adams – new author for me to follow.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gloria B – did you read “No Exit”? If so, let me know what you thought.

  11. Jo in Wyoming

    Fun, fun, FUN, post today.
    I’m making pie, sweet potatoes with apples, nuts and cranberries, cornbread dressing and gravy tonight. Tomorrow I’ll cut the turkey in half and doctor up some canned cranberry sauce and boxed stuffing. After 40 years of marriage, my husband told me he really doesn’t like cornbread dressing or cranberry salad! So, I make him some from a box and a can😕.
    We will box up half and deliver it to Laramie, get their half, come home warm it all up then eat. Not as festive but better than nothing.

    I love seeing the geese in the background, looks like your feathers and fur has a fun time outside.
    Mary, sounds like you are making big progress with little steps with Jo. Very rewarding. Rub her ears for me.
    Stay safe and still and have a great Thanksgiving.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – love how you’ve got your meal planned out!!! I didn’t know that Rick really loves pumpkin pie – this is the first one I’ve ever made! He also told me to buy cool whip which I did.

  12. Martha C Engstler

    Thanksgiving blessings to all Mary’s blog followers. Love the “Feather Tree” quilt. I have a real feather tree that I have all the White House ornaments on. This year I left it up in my dinning room. It really is special.

  13. Mary

    So sorry for your delay in hand surgery but understand you wanting to play piano. Our church is only online. I am back in therapy for my hand.
    How does having the goays out correlate with Rick being gone?
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – I think the goats deserve some fun! Rick thinks they’re just livestock – they’re not! They’re pets and get bored.

  14. Sue

    Where did you get the Iowa State fabric? I’d love to get some for my Christmas quilt? I graduated from there in 64!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – see other comments – I got mine at Gruber’s Quilt Shop in Minnesota.

  15. Penny Klein

    Can’t figure out how to send a pic, but I have the Christmas book from Patchwork Place , Quilted for Christmas”, with the quilt you were uncertain of. I gave this book to my Mother for Christmas sometime in the 90’s. Just getting to know you this year from Gloria in CC. My lake neighbor in WI. Thanks so much for the great stories. Penny

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Penny Klein – to send a picture you need to send it to my email – marye@ncn.net – and then I post it on the blog – after a series of saves and resizing on my part. If you know how to send an email, you can do it!!!

  16. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I love so many of those Christmas quilts, I need to start sewing immediately! 😂 The animal pics were so fun; Betty is just beautiful. Thanks for this great blog, Mary. 🥰
    Happy Thanksgiving, Blog Friends! Take Care/Stay Safe

  17. Diane and Squeak

    You must be related to my husband. He eats everything except pumpkin pie and Lima beans—lol. The DD’s and your Christmas quilts are great. Each of our grandchildren has one that goes on the bed from Dec 1st to 31st except one who keeps hers on until February!, I have several of those patterns. Better get busy😃
    As you buy your Christmas tree this year, please think about all those kids who pruned them each summer in the hot sun so they would all be beautiful trees. I was one of those kids!

  18. Sherrill

    Seeing your little goats made me think of what I did a few days ago. Right after Thanksgiving, a gal posted on Nextdoor that her neighbor had goats who would appreciate anyone’s ‘used’ pumpkins. I had one and picked up 5 more left at peoples’ curbs. She’s also said the goats like bits of bread and I never eat an entire loaf so took a few pieces plus 2 pumpkins with me. OH MY GOSH! There were pumpkins all over the field so I left mine by their gate (figuring I’d take the others in a week or so..we’ll see). But the bread!! Those goats were more like little pigs and I didn’t have enough bread. I’ll buy a loaf of day old next time at the store so maybe more goats will get some bread. HA!

  19. Sunflower from Michigan


    As I remember, in an email, I asked you how the chickens were doing, and you sent me the picture of the six birds on the beam in the barn. I commented that the chicks could be the six girls/sisters in my family, one is usually backwards while one is a little separated from the rest for one reason or another. In any case, I loved the photo!
    My husband and I will be alone for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow but we’ll take a nice dinner plate and leftovers to our son after we eat. We’ll leave it for him by the door and he’ll pick it up after we leave. My extended family cancelled our usual big thanksgiving dinner, like a lot of people.
    You are so blessed to have received the beautiful wreath and blessed to have progress with Jo.
    I am working hard on my November DD, and it is an oldie as I think I’ve had it around ten years, in a plastic bin not started! You’re a great inspiration.
    I really want to make some of the small Christmas quilts so will keep working! Like so many others, I loved the jewelry tree.
    I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 and to the other blog readers, too! Robbie

  20. Jan from TN

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!🦃 Hope everyone stays safe & well.
    Mary, sounds like Jo is starting to make steady progress. Yay! 🤞🏻
    Love seeing your farm animals, especially the goats!
    Beautiful & cute Christmas quilts. I’m working on sewing/quilting a few Christmas gifts for my daughter & my sister. These will probably keep me busy for a few weeks.
    Thanks for sharing your pics & your life with us! Hugs! 🤗

  21. Sally J.

    Becky mentioned Bob and Brad on You Tube to help with your carpal tunnel pain. I have been doing an exercise they suggested and i’m just about pain free. Very easy to do so maybe worth a try.
    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  22. Jean

    Mary WHAT a great blog today! Thank you for keeping us connected. I love it! Happy thanksgiving to all.

  23. Sharon Lowy

    Wishing you a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving.❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🦃🦃. Sharon

  24. Linda baker

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My bird is in the oven and I’m taking a break right now. All the Christmas quilts are beautiful, makes me want to get sewing again. I’m not much of a pie lover, but pumpkin is about my favorite. Got to have Cool Whip on it, for sure, lol. Just the husband and myself today, he will probably watch the Lions lose this afternoon and I’ll putter around the house. Stay safe, all.

  25. Sue in Marion, IN

    Love this post! No pumpkin pie here. We’ve done various pumpkin desserts…pumpkin pecan pie, pumpkin cobbler (delicious but we’ve done it for several years). This year I made pumpkin delight..you might have had it in chocolate or lemon as it’s been a carry-in favorite for years. It’s the one with pecan crust, cream cheese layer, pudding layer, topped with Cool Whip. For pumpkin you use vanilla pudding and add a can of pumpkin and a tsp. of pumpkin pie spice. Yum. Our kids aren’t coming, but we’ll FaceTime later. My 93-year-old Dad who lives down the street is coming and my sister from Michigan who’s staying with him. My other sister in Michigan didn’t make the trip. My 87-year-old aunt and her son live behind us and we’re taking them food. Life is good!

  26. Rosie Westerhold

    Is Country Threads Candy Cane Quilt for sale in your digital store? Maybe you were just showing us a picture, and not saying it was for sale. If it IS for sale, I can’t seem to find it in your line digital patterns☹️.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rosie Westerhold – it will be there eventually but in the meantime I can mail you a pattern – send $10 – I’ll watch for your order, Rosie!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diana Schumacher – contact Heidi at Hen and Chicks in Conrad, IA. She is the one who owns the rights to this pattern.

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