Two Wins For the State of Iowa, 11-27-20

Both Iowa State and the University of Iowa won exciting football games today! So many games – football and basketball – and we watched as many of them as we could. I also follow Gonzaga when I can – who wouldn’t want to cheer on the Number One Team?

During one half time I moved the pumpkins out, the winter living room rug in and hauled the Christmas tree into the front room – all on the run! Didn’t want to miss much of the game! So I waited till dark to put the lights on – only to discover they were all spotty with many bulbs unlit so tomorrow means a trip to Mason City for lights. And maybe a Whopper?

Jo eats most anytime from my hand now – she still stays in her bed when I come into the building but I’m patient. I cut her old collar off and will get her a new one – looks like this one has been on quite a long time. Talked to a couple dog behaviorists today and hope to try a couple things soon – a collar and a short leash to leave on Jo will be the first thing I’ll try. I want her to be comfortable with the leash and not be terrified. Some things she’s just going to have to face so she realizes she’s still in a safe place. I will keep you posted about her progress.

I set up the mantel this afternoon but I’m not sure it will stay this way. I found another very large double sham with hand done redwork and a ruffle which I put on the mantel – tucked the excess behind the mantel. I think I’d rather have the vintage handknit white socks.

Both of these quilts came from the Country Christmas book from years ago.

When Amy was here last month she gave me this panel and I added borders – quilted, bound and hung it outside my sewing room.

Just a note about this and what I wish I’d done – since it’s directional and hung in this hanger, I wish I’d added a spacer at the top so the little squares wouldn’t get lost under the hanger. I just didn’t think of it.

JB, Hazel’s favorite cat, relaxes in Telly’s chair.

Remember Chicklet? Here he is with his crowd – even a couple friendly roosters!

That’s all I got – just a lot of blabber tonight but now it’s back to the ballgames. Be still.

29 thoughts on “Two Wins For the State of Iowa, 11-27-20

  1. Gayle Shumaker

    Just had to let you know I made Connie’s heart attack potatoes for dinner yesterday. They were a hit and even better as leftovers tonight.
    Your decorations are wonderful. I decided that since we already celebrated Christmas with our family I’m not going to decorate this year. I’d rather expend my energy healing, getting stronger and reclaiming my everyday life.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle Shumaker – I have to assume you’re home which is good news! Enough of that rehab center – you’re back to cooking! I have not decorated like this for 3 years actually and since we aren’t having our cantata this year, I had the time. So glad you’re getting stronger!

  2. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, you could add a piece of black fabric to slip into the holder and then your whole top border will show. Just baste it on and nobody would ever know!
    We had a beautiful Thanksgiving. The couple who brought my dinner delivered 8 of them. That was such a nice thing to do and everything was delicious. The good weather is holding til tomorrow night when a cold front is coming in. No moisture in sight and we could really use it. I hung my outside wreaths this afternoon. I have to find the living room for the rest of my decorating. I know it’s there.
    Don’t forget to try this when you are typing and the pain hits. Try raising your chair so your hands are lower than your elbows on the keyboard. And relax or take a walk to the other room and come back. It may actually be what the brace does, but I don’t know about that. It is worth a try. This suggestion is from experience and my carpel tunnel went away. I never went to a doctor as I knew what it was. And it wasn’t really bad at that point. I had pushed myself to the limit typing in the information for 400 pay checks every 2 weeks plus entering LOTS other information for too many years.
    Take care. Betty from Rapid City

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    I discovered my kids are great cooks yesterday! We took half to them and they sent half of their dishes home. After getting home, everything hot, the table set and FaceTime connected, we ate together. I advise I’d not cook another holiday dinner. All I want now is “to be invited”!
    I’m thrilled with the progress made with Jo. She’s getting there.
    Rub her ears for me.
    Your decorations are warm and inviting. I’ll start mine soon.
    No outside Black Friday shopping for me. Those crowds has never appealed to me. Happy to stay home.

  4. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Your mantel looks so peaceful. Maybe that’s what we need this year?! OSU just cancelled their game tomorrow due to Covid. We watched the Iowa U. football game. 🙂
    Could you add four black loops to the top of the quilt and use those to hang it?
    We had all two of us for dinner yesterday so we picked up from the former Longaberger restaurant. Some of you may have some of their hand woven baskets. it was delicious and we had leftovers tonight. I often take a short walk in my neighborhood after 11. It is so peaceful tonight and the moon is beautiful.

  5. Sue in Oregon

    Your mantel and quilts are beautiful. You have given me the incentive to start. Actually, I won’t be doing much. I get tired just thinking about all the decorating I used to do.
    I love your holly Irish Chain quilt. Very pretty.
    Thanks for the good blog post, Mary.

  6. Maureen

    My daughter volunteers with several dog rescues in Illinois, so I’ve been sharing your stories about Jo with her. She commented that she thought you were doing everything right–going slow, being patient and not pushing Jo to do more than she feels safe doing.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maureen – I appreciate that vote of confidence because it’s all a mystery to me – Jo will have to lead the way and I will patiently follow.

  7. Dorothy

    Thank you for sending us to Heidi @ Hen & Chicks for the Feather Tree pattern. All though she calls it the Goosefeather Tree. She sent a PDF to me for it—-FREE. And I so love what you are doing with Jo. Keep it up and she will totally bond with you

  8. Gloria from CC

    Good morning Mary and all your readers – love the red work piece on your mantel – it looks so romantic. I’ve been decorating for Christmas for two weeks now. I have two more trees to decorate and a Dickens Village to put on my dining room buffet. It looks like a winter wonderland in here. Psychiatrists are recommending that Christmas decorations be put up early this year to bring joy to our hearts and help ward off depression. It’s working for me!
    Looking at all your red work prompted me to hang an antique red work quilt over the railing in the entry. I love it and wish I had hung it in previous years.
    Angel tried to keep up with me while decorating but would finally go to the couch and take a nap. Every hour or so I would look down and there she was – making sure I was still in the house. And then back to the couch she went, tail wagging. Happy decorating everyone!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gloria from CC – I agree – those Christmas decorations are going to give me a feeling of peace and joy – I can forget what’s happening in the world for awhile and just enjoy the lights.

  9. Angie from Baltimore

    We look forward to your “Blabber” it makes me live precariously thru you. Best of two worlds me in an apartment in Baltimore and then on a farm in Iowa. Best of the best. Stay warm and safe and enjoy the Whopper

  10. Kim J LeMere

    Your dog quilt is adorable and what a cute panel. I like the simple border that you added to it. The Christmas decorating are making me feel more joy, need to put a few up myself this year. So glad that Iowa won on both fronts and hope you enjoy your whopper.

  11. Roxanne

    We were cheering for Nebraska yesterday and enjoyed the game even though they lost to Iowa. I knew you’d be happy! Good game! 🏈
    The rest of the day was spent catching up on laundry, eating leftovers, and even had a couple of dog walks. Beautiful weather in Virginia! What month is it?

  12. Kathy in western NY

    I love to decorate for the Christmas holidays as I find it so peaceful during cloudy wintery days to admire my white lights on my mantle. In spite of what it could be like here in a few weeks, I will be thinking of ways to make new family memories. We’ve been in this pandemic for soooo long. For spring Easter dinner, I did drive through dinners for each family to pick up, we celebrated Thanksgiving outside in a barn in October during warm weather, so who knows what December 25 will be like in this crazy weird year. I Would like to support a few local businesses today but I am not a Black Friday shopper so I used the day to pick up my pumpkins outside and put out back for critters to eat.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in western NY – the squirrels and rabbits love those pumpkins, don’t they? I have never once shopped on Black Friday either. Hate it.


    wall hanging – too short. You could add some loops (tabs) to the back of the completed wall hanging. Then it will hand down to the right height

  14. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Here in the Gettysburg area (don’t know about other places) we have shop small business Saturday. We stopped early at a farm market just north of here and had free coffee and free apple dumpling and lots of farm products and many nice gifts to buy. I don’t like crowds either so this was a perfect start of any Christmas shopping that has to be done. You all be safe!!!

  15. Paula S.

    I laughed when you said you did some decorating “on the run”! Husband and I watch all the games too. There are so many cancelled and rescheduled because of,sickness, so we watch all of them or try to! I waited until this morning to get my Christmas stuff out. The tree is up and decorated and I’ve got all my fall/Thanksgiving things put away. This is the first time in 40 years of marriage that we have the tree up in November! You can teach old dogs new tricks. Ha!

  16. Frances E

    I made your Heart Attack Potatoes and it was a hit. Thank you for sharing! Love your Christmas quilts. I’m so glad about Jo eating from your hand all the time now. That’s great news. We’ve decorated the outside and most of the inside today. I’m putting lights on everything- using all the lights because it has been such an awful year.I want as much cheer as I can and I don’t care if it looks gaudy or not. The little kids will like it, and they are the ones that matter. Keep still and stay safe.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Frances E – lots of lights will make me feel calm, I think – I hope! Yes, I have lights everywhere – even on the barn steps!

  17. Susan K in Texas

    We had a small thanksgiving meal – barbecue and baked potatoes, and pecan pie. My two oldest sons, my husband, and I. Only my husband likes turkey. We’re still eating leftovers and the boys have gone.
    I did wind up taking one of my kitties to the emergency vet. He has had pneumonia the past two June’s. Thanksgiving he was struggling to breathe. They don’t know without spending a lot of time and money what is causing his problems. It is breaking my heart and he and his brother are only 3 years old. He’s home but I take him back to our vet on Monday.
    I love the Christmas quilts you’ve been posting and your mantle. After the cleaning lady comes Tuesday our tree will go up. My husband likes sitting and looking at the lights while he watches tv. He has been watching a lot of the football games.
    I’m glad Jo is slowly coming around. Still hoping for a miracle for you both. Patience! And Prayers!

    1. Paula Nordt

      Susan K., praying for your kitty! It is so hard to see them hurting. I lost one cat to cancer early this year and a kitten who adopted us died from a snake bite. ( I am also from Texas. )

      1. Susan K in Texas

        Paula Nordt Thank you for your prayers. They’re much appreciated! He’s doing much better today. I lost my 14 year old kitty to cancer 3 years ago and got two brothers – both black but so different. It is so hard to see our pets hurting! And a snake bitten kitten – oh my!

  18. Linda from Oconomowoc

    I love reading your blog. That is a very good idea to get Jo used to a new collar and leash. I love your red and white holly quilt. I will have to go into the archives to find your book. I know I own every book you put out and at last count, I own 37 of your patterns. Can you tell that I have loved you now and in my past?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda from O – the red and white holly is not a Country Threads quilt but is included in the book Country Christmas. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? And thank you for being such a loyal customer through the years!

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