Good Tuesday Morning, 3-26-19

Almost the end of March! The yard is not attractive at this point – spongy ground, sticks, some piles of snow, puddles and mud.

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I think this hen is my favorite – gray with touches of rust. I think she’s just beautiful!

I have forgotten what kind she is but she’s the only one that looks like this.

Someone asked about my chicks who have grown so much!

They’ve gone from chicks to small chickens. When cabbage was so cheap around St. Patrick’s Day I bought 15 heads and have been putting out one at a time and they love it! They’re so hungry for something fresh and green – aren’t we all?

The geese are actually swimming in a puddle close to the pond. They are also anxious for open water again.

And here are two quite beautiful roosters.

Rita sent some pictures of her Swedish flower roosters which I have never heard of but they are handsome as can be!

I understand these are hard to get so Reed and I will have to keep our eyes open. Thanks, Rita – love your chickens!

On to a couple more Bullseye quilts. This one from Christina in Alaska – the background looks like Alaska, doesn’t it?

And Judy from TX challenged me to find the block in her quilt that is turned wrong. Can you find it?

And here it is all fixed – what a wonderful arrangement and I love the back and white backgrounds and the really bright circles- what a great quilt!

And Lois has made yet another Big Harvey.

And from Lynn, a more formal handsome Harvey.

And now let’s talk about the Quirky Little Quilts by Temecula Quilt Co. Martingales blog Stitch This is leading us in this quilt along. Here are the fabrics I’m using.

I’m going to try to give you a link to the blog. Here are my first 3 shoofly blocks.

This won’t take you long – 3 little blocks this first week. Here’s the little sampler quilt we’re making – on the cover.

I haven’t figured out the link – go online and look for Martingale’s blog called Stitch This.

Last night Becky and I went to Band Bonanza at the high school – almost in memory of our mom who loved Band Bonanza! Three bands took part – the 5-6 grade band, the junior high band and the high school band.

Here are three kids we know.

It was very good – especially when all three bands played together. We’ve decided to go to Band Bonanza every year in memory of Mom.

I leave you with a picture of Becky and Hazel – the special girls in my life!

And thanks for making me feel so much better about my deformed Harvey! I’m off to the dentist this morning.

29 thoughts on “Good Tuesday Morning, 3-26-19

  1. Tanya

    Good luck at the dentist! And, doesn’t Myra look pretty in her dress? I am sure the three siblings all sounded as good as they looked!

  2. Claudia

    Beautiful chickens and roosters.. I “think” spring will be here soon……. Have a good day.

  3. Delores

    Mary, Thanks for all your pictures, stories, comments. Love hearing about YOU and all your family, all your friends and all your animals. Your “blog” is special!. The picture of the geese today is a beautiful reminder that Spring is just around the corner.

  4. Patricia E Campbell

    I love going to events like that too! But since I moved to Phoenix, I don’t really know anyone and my husband won’t go. Enjoy!!!

    And I LOVE chickens!! Thank you for the beautiful pics!!

    One of these days I’m going to make a Bullseye quilt….

  5. Launa

    Enjoyed the great variety of pictures this morning! So nice to see three musicians we readers know in the band! Chicks and new chickens, too!
    Know you are going to enjoy the sew a long featuring Shoofly Sampler from Quirky Little Quilts by Sheryl Johnson, owner of Temecula Quilt Shop! I’m doing her shop blog sew a long entitled One Block Wednesday. Your fabrics look great, Mary!
    Weather channel just announced light snow will start here in my part of Idaho in a few! Drats, like we don’t have enough already!

  6. Nikki M. ...Tx

    What beautiful roosters! Makes me miss having chickens…who knows, I may just get some! Said no more cattle…over 10 years later and back in cow/calf business. Spring has arrived here and ready to get in garden.

  7. Ellie

    Thanks for all the lovely pictures this morning! Those concerts can be such fun and it’s great to watch young folks learn to appreciate the arts. Good luck at the dentist.

  8. Patti in W. Barnstable MA

    Hi Mary! Thank you for all the pictures. The Band Bonanza looks wonderful. I loved the picture of Hazel and Becky. The Harvey’s are fun to see. It’s 38 degrees and windy here this afternoon with a partly sunny sky. It may reach 40!

  9. Diane Bauer

    Love the chickens and roosters!! And your snow is melting quickly! What’s not to love!! We will have high 70’s here tomorrow followers by plummeting temperatures for the weekend. Such is springtime in the Rockies!!

  10. Betty Klosterman

    Found the error, but I was really looking for it. Nobody else wouldn’t have the foggiest. Just enjoy it as it is truly a work of love and beautiful. Remember the galloping horse?

  11. Sue in Oregon

    When I was a girl, I was in band concerts. I played the alto sax. Then, my children were singers, so we went to lots of choir concerts. And, my husband was in choirs all through school. Even college. Both musical backgrounds are so good for kids, I think. I hope they never take music out of schools.
    I was so pleasantly surprised to see photos of Swedish Flower roosters. Thank You, Rita. Too bad we live so far from each other. We could produce our own flock of Swedish Flowers. Did you find it interesting that they have migrated all the way to Ore. in such a short time. I did.
    It is a nice day, so I will try to get photos of them and send along with my Bulls Eye quilt. My small Harvey isn’t finished. That’s what I did yesterday. I am ready to add his face. Did most of you use buttons for eyes?

  12. Pat Smith

    The chicken/rooster pictures are just beautiful, each so different from the other. I have a collection of chickens and roosters on top my kitchen cabinets, but none are as pretty as these. I thought Christina and Rita’s quilts showed a lot of creativity and no, I couldn’t find the block that was turned wrong. Creative think outside the box is a gift I don’t have, but I will eventually have a more conventional bullseye quilt. I wish I had played in the band in high school. I wanted to be in the Iowa Highlanders at the University of Iowa, but the choosers picked people who had played in the marching band in high school. My piano wasn’t very portable!

  13. Kathy in western NY

    Music in our schools was last week here and we attended the band concert which was a blend of the grades too. It was wonderful. Our grandson played with the horns real loud for the last song and the audience went wild. I so enjoy our school band concerts and will keep going as my husband played percussion at the same school. As a teen I loved watching him play.
    The blue skies make up for the dull looking lawns right now but crocus are popping up around now. And the grass is looking greener every day. Love all the pictures today so much!!! Thank you Mary for sharing with us.

  14. Becky from TX

    The pictures of the beautiful chickens and roosters sure don’t look like the chickens and roosters that that I grew up….lol! They are just gorgeous! Well it looks like spring might just be popping out up there! Have a wonderful day,Mary and enjoy the better weather..

  15. lynne spiegel

    my quilting friend forwards some of your posts as i just moved to ca from nh.all my beloved bantams are in a wonderful new home but i miss them. chickens are the best! i see you have some babies too=always so fun. i can see in next to last pic=big rust/red rooster=needs his back claw cut way back. he could hurt a hen,or himself. sometimes i could manually snap it off-otherwise dog nail clippers work well.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lynne Spiegel – those purebred roosters belong to Rita. I’ve never heard of breaking or trimming them back.

  16. Kathy Hanson

    Loved the pictures of the chickens – so beautiful. Gorgeous picture of Becky and Hazel – sp precious!!

  17. Jo Kramer

    When you talk about Becky I often wish I would have had a close relationship with my sister..but it wasn’t to be. I know you already do…but treasure it.

  18. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    The roosters are so handsome. My kitchen is decorated with roosters that look like yours. I wondered about the chicks so am glad to see their pictures. They grow fast. Waiting to see if you get another rooster. Thanks for all the pictures.

  19. Frances Carter

    Love all the chickens! Reed is so multi-talented! I just love your Hazel!

  20. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! What great pictures today. The chickens and roosters are quite stunning, but the geese are by far my favorite. Are they boys and girls, or all one sex?
    Loretta is going to the beauty shop tomorrow and will be cute as a button and smell better too. All that cotton candy hair will be gone. She won’t be very happy, they will trim her feet and she has to ride in the car……twice, neither she likes.
    I hope your dentist visit was all good news.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – that little Loretta is going to the beauty shop! Haha!
      Both of my dogs hate baths but at least I can lift Hazel into the sink and overpower her – not Telly. Glad you liked all the chicken pictures. I’ll take some closeups of the geese sometime – they are both sexes and when little ones do happen to hatch I have no idea what they are until they become adults. Dentist couldn’t have been better – no cavities, no problems, just a routine cleaning. How are your “girls”?

  21. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Great pictures of the Swedish Flower chickens; but the best part was seeing green grass and flowers in bloom outdoors. When will that happen here in the Mid West? The quilts are beautiful and the Harvey’s also. Isn’t it great to see school kids dress nice? All the jeans were at home. Good job!!!

  22. Saundra

    Thanks Mary for doing your blog. I know it takes a lot of time and effort on your part. I don’t respond often but I love the quirky little quilt quilt along. You can get information if you go to Temecula Quilt Company. I love their style and color choices. Love your farm animals.
    I’m caregiving my mother, father, and sister. Thanks again for what you do. I’m sure you bring a lot of sunshine to people like me who are in a dark time of their life.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Saundra – I am happy to help you see some sunshine on your dark days! Would you contact me by email and tell me more and how I could help if possible?

  23. Mary W

    When you have a hen setting, maybe Rita would send you a dozen fertile eggs to hatch. might be fun to introduce those birds to your menagerie.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary W – she has only roosters of this fancy breed however but it would be fun to hatch some of those chicks!

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