Lots of Show and Tell Today

Before I get to the show and tell, do you watch Jimmy Kimmel? If you’re a basketball fan you’ll love his monologue because he thinks Gonzaga is a mythical place. Haha! He says he only hears about this fake university once a year during March Madness! It is very funny!!!

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Let’s look at Bullseye Quilts first.

Sylvia made two quilts. Here’s the first one.

And then she made quilt #2 with what was created in the first quilt. If you recall, the first circle you cut out the back was the light background piece and after that the circles were dark again. I think this is very clever – she pieced her foundation square and used that white circle first. What a great job, Sylvia!

Tina W. swapped blocks with a friend to get a very scrappy look and then they did some more for the serpentine border.

And then there’s Harvey – he has been a very popular project, hasn’t he? If you haven’t ordered Little Harvey, you can do so for $5. Both sizes of Harvey are $10. Send check or cash to our address below our photo and if you could please send an address label, you’ll make our life so much easier.

Lisa Z made a plaid Harvey years ago and hangs him up each spring.

Twyla made her Harvey with mens’ shirts – love it!

From Lynn, a Big Harvey made years ago and hand quilted! Wow!

And now for some reviews – Connie loves Kim Diehl and can’t wait to keep her thoughts and notes in this journal book.

And there are recipes included which Connie also loves, me not so much – haha! Her top three picks to make are My Best Apple Pie, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins and Mini Breakfast Quiches. I can be her taste tester!

I have not forgotten my color inspiration post but I think I’ll just post one as it happens. Such as this cover quilt by Pat Sloan called Hello, Spring. I would really love to stop and make this to hang outside but I’ll have to settle for making it in my mind.

Here are my fabric picks – a pale yellow background with dark celery green leaves and shades of pink, coral and red for the pieced tulips. I think it’s a gorgeous palette, don’t you?

And the Martingale quiltalong making the shoofly sampler from Quirky Little Quilts – here is Connie’s stack of fabrics! I wonder if she’d let me copy her. I stuck with traditional Civil War fabrics which will look right in my house but now I wish I’d been braver.

And we have a decision about the Goat Gazettes. If you would like to receive 2-3 sample issues, send $12.00 to Country Threads. This includes the cost of the manilla envelope and postage. Depending on how many pages in the issues we will send at least two and possibly a blank greeting card as well. Some issues are less than the normal 20 pages so we’d include another issue or cards or something! We would love it if you’d send a mailing label with your order. If we get lots of these orders we may have to limit shipping to once a week just because it will be spring and we’ll both have much outside work to do. Is that fair? You’ll probably have yard work to do as well! I think spring is really here!

25 thoughts on “Lots of Show and Tell Today

  1. Becky from TX

    Everybody is so creative…..I just love it. Love both the color choices you both have made! Yeah Spring….I can’t wait!!!!

  2. Bridget

    Gonzaga is also the name of a family in France. they are members of the French royal family and distant relatives to the queen of England

  3. Kate Schloemer

    I am sure inspired by the bullseye quilts. I have a baby quilt to do first though. These great grandchildren are arriving so fast.
    Lots of yard work to do here to. Just to wet yet. Maybe I should start with cleaning out my shed!!! Lol

  4. Pauline Speck

    What excellent timing! After a busy couple of weeks, I got back to my bullseye quilt yesterday and finished stitching the second circles. Today I’ve been trimming the backs, wondering what else I can do with these extra circles, and there is the photo! So now I’m going to finish the third circles today, with the next Bullseye quilt brewing in my mind🤗!
    Pauline in South Australia – where we are finally getting some autumn weather

  5. Jeanie from sw Illinois

    I will start by saying how much I appreciate this blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us. As a quilter, I obviously love all the quilt info, but hearing about the animals, plants, and Garner IA makes it priceless.
    Yesterday, I put the binding on a lap-size quilt using your finishing method. There is so much less bulk! I have tried this method from printed quilt magazine instructions, but your verbal instructions are so much clearer/simpler. Once again, thank you.

  6. Dee Winter

    2 or 3 ads, I only get one! Must be something in the servers at our respective houses. I am working on granduation quilt, and precious moments graduation girl, and a bead sampler, and today I went to a thrift store that is closing, yes, I brought home some things, but I also was helping them pack things up to give away, throw away. It was fun to spend time with friends who have come together to help our friends. I hope spring has come. And today’s ad was for Wayfair and I just got a statue for my garden. It’s Michaelangelo’s David with a few extra pounds. Looks like the husband.

  7. Norma

    Yes, I’d like to make another bullseye quilt. I had several different layouts pinned but I needed a donation quilt so did the basic. Too many quilts, not enough time!!

  8. Paula Philpot

    Love Connie’s Cheddars!!!!! I love your colors for the tulip quilt. I am still working away a little bit daily on the scraps. I can’t believe all the places I am finding those little left overs. I am really enjoying finding stuff as I do this. I loved those chickens yesterday and Reed is just the best! I am really enjoying my Harvey and thanks for sharing it with everyone. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula P – I had to take a break from cutting strips but I’m almost ready to start again. Just seeing all those empty containers and baskets is thrilling!

      1. Paula Philpot

        Yes it is thrilling to see them and to see what we have cut up ready for more quilts. lol Paula in KY

  9. Deb - SW Minnesota

    I love Kim Diehl quilts as well. I have done quite a few of her patterns and like her applique method. I finally caved and set money and a self addressed envelope for the Big Harvey pattern. They are so cute. Probably won’t get it done for this Easter but will work on it for next year.

  10. Diane in WI

    Such beautiful pictures to look at on a beautiful, windy spring day. I like both color palettes for the quilt. I recently made Box of Chocolates from Temecula Quilts. It is a mini and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  11. Ellie

    Great inspiration in the Bull’s Eye and Harvey Quilts! Loved seeing your and Connie’s palettes for the Quirky Little Quilt. I haven’t committed yet but I may. You have inspired me to tackle the bags and boxes of scraps! That may be my Quirky project! Ha! Ha!

  12. Launa

    Mary, I ordered Sheryl’s book, Quirky Little Quilts…and looked online n ordered the Yarra Valley kit, too! I really like the fabrics. Not my usual color selection! Love Connie’ Cheddars!
    It snowed some here last night and way more this morning. Finally quit! More tomorrow?
    We couldn’t figure what our Bordr Collie was growling about. Our son had moved his chain saw bear head to the deck. This morning Pepper wanted out, but was hesitant to go out at first when the door was opened. She finally realized it was wood.

  13. Christina Mejer

    Loved the layouts of these Bullseye quilts ! Very inspirational! And thank you for the chicken and rooster pictures yesterday too , I will forward them to my daughter who LOVES chickens:) I like the tulip quilt that you are making in your dreams, great fabric choices ! I have started cutting scraps into strips and squares to get organized. That’s what Spring is for, right ? A new beginning? Have a great day !

  14. Holly in TH

    I love seeing your fabric choices. Connie’s are so wonderfully funky. And thanks for all the chicken pictures on your previous post–I love seeing them. What great jobs everyone is doing on their quilts!

  15. Robin Boggan

    Love your comment about Gonzaga! On the news last night they are making T-shirts that say “Gonzaga Exists ” it’s pretty funny!
    I love making your bullseye quilt! I thinking about making another one! Have a great week.

    1. Donna Koch

      Did you see that someone sent Jimmy Kimmel the Gonzaga Exists t-shirt? Being from eastern Washington we are loving all the national publicity for Spokane and Gonzaga. Spring break starts for me in 4 hours! I am planning to sew and maybe do yardwork. Happy Friday!

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Donna Koch – Gonzaga couldn’t buy this kind of advertising! And I am really enjoying his segments. What will he do if the Zags win it all? I can’t even imagine! Haha! Enjoy your spring break!

  16. Jo in Wyoming

    The pictures are again, inspirational. I think those roosters and chicken pictures make a beautiful color palette for many quilts.
    My “girls”, this week I learned that being incarcerated is the first time discipline with consequences has been applied to some of these women! We forget how tough it is to live in the back of a car, never learning to read, having parents that do nothing but drugs. It’s heartbreaking but at the same time such fun.

    1. Diane Bauer

      To tag onto Jo’s comment about chickens and roosters here, I came across an old Country Threads pattern called Long, Tall Chickens (#178) that I’m thinking is going to make its way onto my machine in the next few months. I haven’t looked at the cutting directions yet but seems like it might be perfect for some of the scrap strips many of us are cutting!!

  17. Diane Bauer

    I’m feeling inspired to make another Bullseye quilt! I love the one I made with the quilt along but now want to make one with a different layout! It’s amazing how different they look when the blocks are switched up!

    Mary, your fabric picks for the tulip quilt are beautiful! I especially like the sunny yellow background!

    I’m getting just 1-2 ads to click on now—far fewer than before, but sometimes I open up the email twice or three times to read comments, so then they add up!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – I really appreciate your help with the ads! I would like to do a different layout of Bullseye myself – so many creative people reading this blog! I love it! Hey, how’s Pete? Do you think he has recovered completely? Is that even possible?

      1. Diane Bauer

        I haven’t been out to the barn in almost two weeks with my trip to New Mexico and coming home sick. I’m finally feeling better this evening so am planning to go out in the morning and will report back after I see him! Thanks for asking! And yes, the vet said right away that he may surprise all of us and recover completely–he’s our unicorn!!

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