Grandma Lori



Our most exciting news!! Lori became a grandma last week to Jenna Alice (pronounced Uh-Leese) Cink, daughter of Adam and Jenny who live in Colorado. Guess where Lori is this week! Jenna has her own guard dog. We would all love to meet this precious baby – maybe they’ll visit Iowa next summer – hint, hint, Adam!

7 thoughts on “Grandma Lori

  1. Bonnie in Az.

    Lori, you are blessed with a new baby in your family. She is an adorable, precious little girl. Enjoy her while she is little. They grow up too fast as I am sure you know from your own kids. Lucky you!!

  2. Lynn

    Aww, congrats! My first granddaughter had one of those guard dogs, too. My springer would not leave her side and would show every tooth in her head if any other dog got within 10 feet of the baby. Half the photos we have of her as a newborn have part of Sadie’s face in the picture because she was always so close.

  3. donna j

    Congratulations to Lori! There is nothing like a granddaughter to brighten your life. She is a doll. Love her name.

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