Saturday Night Concert


Becky and I and 2 friends drove to Rochester, MN, yesterday to attend a concert at Autumn Ridge Church. Keith and Kristyn Getty are modern day hymn writers from Ireland who wrote many of the newer songs we sing at church such as “In Christ Alone”, “Compassion Hymn” and “How Deep the Father’s Love”. The church was awesome and so was the concert. The next picture shows my full lap with Deano, Millie and Faye while I took a nap in the chair during a Sunday afternoon thunderstorm. With every clap of thunder, Faye cuddled closer to me.
Tomorrow starts a week of rainy days according to our forecast – good sewing weather!

7 thoughts on “Saturday Night Concert

  1. Sheri

    You mentioned hymns and Ireland in the same sentence; the Irish Catholic in me had to look up the Getty’s and their music. My Dad’s baby sister passed away this morning. Soon to be 85, she was the last surviving member of her generation. Aunt Camilla was more of a mom to me and a grandmother to my children. I had not heard of their music and come on, this is a quilting community column! The first song I saw on their website was “A Mother’s Prayer”. Such a beautiful song, and obviously our Lord found a way for me to hear it when I needed it most. Thank you from my heart.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      They sang “A Mothers Prayer” at the concert – it was breathtakingly beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss. Your aunt was greeted by many loved ones, I’m sure.

  2. Arla Ballesteros

    Well all I can say, with all that company with your nap you certainly won’t be cold. Looks like me trying to nap. Love it
    Arla in AZ

  3. Lynn

    Not too much better than a rainy afternoon nap snuggled by furbabies and then being able to sew

  4. Diane

    It looks like you are getting some wild weather! Our Squeak likes to go out on the porch in a storm. Always has been odd–maybe because I rescued her from the Odd Lots parking lot!

  5. Beryl

    My 2 puppies do the same thing! They jump on me until I sit in the chair with them…especially the male, Baxter. He trembles until I hold him. The female, Trinket, is pretty good during thunder but not so much when the fireworks of the 4th start up…then she is the same. And nap time they always snuggle, they would do that all day, if I would sit in the chair!! We go to sleep there nearly every night.. I wake up anywhere from 2 until 5 and go to bed! Guess they are spoiled but that is about the only time I just hold them. Baxter doesn’t like wind either!

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