More Yardwork



I finished up the lily garden today – fence all around and several decorative supports in place. Cocoa hulls will be spread later. Hostas are peaking through by the Civil War building and now I’m going to mow the ditch. It’s a beautiful day and I heard it’s going to rain all next week so I have to make hay while the sun shines!

6 thoughts on “More Yardwork

  1. cathy

    I don’t mean to sound ‘preachy’ or maybe step on toes, but be very careful with the cocoa hulls. They could be fatal to your dogs if they were to chew on them. Just one animal lover to another.♥

  2. Sue Davis

    Looking good, keep it up and when your done you can come and help me. I can’t keep up with you. Where do all the weeds come from anyway? I know there not a precius gift from our Lord.

  3. carole

    It’s so wonderful to see all the plants springing to life again.
    Maybe this year I’m looking at it with different eyes … and appreciating it all the more.

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