Gypsy Wife, Week 10, August 17

Oh, this is an easy week!  Half square triangles in a 16 patch block and you’ll be making 2 blocks.  Find this pattern on page 16.  I have a box of half square triangles, cut 2-7/8″ but they’re all Civil War fabrics.  Too bad I can’t pass these to you, Fiona!

And so it begins as it does every Monday – searching for fabrics.  Here’s what I came up with:

This time I cut all the dark triangles from one Kaffe Fassett print and cut assorted light triangles.  

Here are my blocks.  Let’s hope they’ll fit in.  And here are some other blocks that readers have emailed to me. These are Gloria’s blocks.

See Fiona’s blocks at Ice Bear Quilts – Gypsy Wife Quilt Along.  Fiona lives in The Netherlands – she is making her quilt using Civil War prints.

I finished the rug over the weekend and will write a post regarding twined rugs this week some time.  There has been quite a lot of interest in twined rugs so I’ll try to answer all the questions in one post.

This is the little quilt that was on the table under the bowl of sweet corn.  It is the cover quilt called Devil’s Claw from our book Civil War Remembered.

This book is available at your local quilt shop or at Amazon.

12 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife, Week 10, August 17

  1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,

    Yes, that was a pity! All those Civil War blocks and HST, just waiting for a quilt! Maybe you can use them in a following quilt-along project, and then I’ll use brights and can tease you with my Kaffe Fassett offcuts and leftovers…

    Kind regards,

  2. Launa

    Hi Mary, Went out the front door this morning and a neighbor’s beautiful calico cat was sitting up on a corner post near the shrub that attracts Hummingbirds; so much for her wishful thinking! Summer is here in full force…..triple digits again. Great fabric combinations in your Gypsy Wife blocks. Makes me wish I had started the sew along.

  3. Felicia Hamlin

    Pretty colors on the table topper Mary! Love the colors on the teapot. The kitty is such a great addition!
    The plants I got from you are doing well, so i am glad.

    You are such a go getter, makes my head spin.

    Have a nice day. felicia

  4. LMK

    i love the tea pot too!!!! yes, like carol said, i enjoy what you write about, your critters, your projects, whatever. makes my day when i see you in my in box.

  5. Carol

    I wished that you still had your shop and would sell those half square triangles….it would be a great way to get a variety of scraps into a civil war quilt ! I am just a beginner and don’t have a lot of fabric scraps yet, but working on it, ha. Really enjoy your blog!!!!! I know you probably don’t think you have much to say or show, but you make my day. Albeit, you make me feel kinda lazy when I see all that you accomplish in a day!

  6. Diane

    You always come up with neat combinations, Mary. Who is that little girl (boy) on the table topper? Adorable. You gave me an idea for some blocks that I thought I’d put into a baby quilt, but I think a table topper is a better idea:) The tea pot with plant is perfect:)

  7. Paula S.

    Love your blocks and the quilts. I have this book and need to get busy making that little quilt!

  8. LMK

    we went to blue earth sat. jo from jo’s country junction was there (also her daughter, kelly) they did a trunk show, real interesting they had lots of quilts. really enjoyed listening to them talk. a nice show, been there before, they always have a guest speaker. paul walked over to the park where the jolly green giant is, said people stopped to take pictures with him. a warm day but glad we went to the show. did you get to the gold rush???? did you find any treasures???? we finally got a nice rain, also glad it’s cooling off. the sweet corn looks real good!!!! we need to get some. paul fixed a batch of fish last night, we’ll take some up to denise today. enjoy the rest of the summer, it’s almost over with, doesn’t seem possible, seems it went way too fast.

  9. Rose Mikulski

    Thanks for showcasing the table topper; I loved it when I first saw it under the big pot of corn. I love the fabrics and the quilting. So refreshing.

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