Gypsy Wife, Week 16, September 28

Here we are making the last of the filler blocks.  I think this is really exciting – I love the idea of having all the blocks made.

Once again my blocks look very disjointed.  I hope it all works in the end.  Each of these blocks are different, some use previous blocks in the center.  Don’t stress too much at this point.

I could not resist starting to pick strips for Section One.  This takes some thought because she has not identified the blocks used in each section so I had to rely on the color photo of the quilt.  Here’s my start.

Try to have all the blocks finished by next week.  I will concentrate on assembling Section 1 and 2.  

This sweet boy, Jackson, will be going home tomorrow after being here a week.  He’s such a good boy, I hardly know he’s here.  He loves going in the van, he loves balls, and he loves naps in the sun.

8 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife, Week 16, September 28

  1. Brenda in sunny arizona

    Although I’m not doing gypsy wife, it’s interesting to see your approach and combine so many fabrics, so successfully. Two questions? Do you press each block before stitching it to another? And … How do you keep your design wall free of “hairs” of all colors? I have tried picking them off, using a sticky lint roller, the vacuum, etc. nothing seems to work.

    1. Mary Etherington

      Brenda – I do press each block before joining it to another. I think pressing is as important as the actual sewing and the finished quilt will be much more attractive if pressed thoroughly.
      I have cotton batting on my design wall and I don’t have much trouble with threads sticking to it.

  2. Mary Says Sew!

    I love the ‘disjointedness’ of your blocks! It’s perfect for your Gypsy Wife quilt!

    What a great photo of Jackson, who sounds like a great dog!

  3. Rose Mikulski

    Is it my imagination but it seems that you use completely new fabric for each block, very little repeat except for the lights. This is truly the essence of the Gypsy Wife Blocks. I’m going into rehab after this quilt is done. I’m glad that all of my blocks are done.

  4. Kristie

    Yes I know what you mean about not listing the blocks in each section. I ended up making copies of each section and labeling the copy so I knew where the blocks went. I then labeled the filler blocks by size since the sizes were not given either in the layout…had to determine by the strip size next to them. I decided to do each section at a time with the strips and then worry if they will go together fine. The quilt is so busy that I think it will all work out in the end…well that is what I am hoping for. It has been fun playing with “wild” fabrics ;o)

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