Time To Bring The Plants Inside

Fall-like temperatures are forecast for tonite and even though it won’t be a killing frost, most succulents and houseplants don’t enjoy getting chilled.  So that’s my job today.  The first plant I looked over was this huge overgrown fern and I decided to experiment with it.  I have never cut a fern completely back but it was so misshapened that I didn’t think I’d be out much.  Here’s a before and after.

I’ll let you know if this was the right thing to do or not.  I have another large fern that I moved into the house with no trimming.

Some of the plants will go into the garage on this old rolling bread rack.  I will find places in the house for the plants as I go. I like to clean, rearrange and redecorate as I move the plants in.

I have enjoyed reading the “acts of kindness” comments – thank you to all who wrote!

13 thoughts on “Time To Bring The Plants Inside

  1. Marie Beers

    I have those fern in the ground and I live in the NW we do get temps below 30 and some snow. I cut them back every fall–around Nov and in April they have new shoots and just as big again.

  2. Launa

    I think the fern will be okay…….we all need a good haircut now and then. Sunny CA fall like temperatures here in the valley are coming this week…..highs will be mid to upper 80’s and lows mid to low 60’s.

  3. Mary McCarron

    Your cut back fern should grow back just fine Have you ever cut a clamatis down to the ground? Ours has very little but brown stems on the bottom few feet and all the green leaves and flowers are up in the eaves most on the roof Thanks

  4. Diane

    It’s raining in Central Ohio today and cool. We’re hoping for good weather Fri and Sat for our Quilt Show. Whew–It’ll all be over on Sunday:)

  5. Carolyn Boutilier

    My Husband cut back our knock out roses the same as your fern and it came back beautifully. In fact last evening I cut a pretty bouquet of roses. We are getting dumped with rain over 1 1/2 inch this morning and more to come for the Shenandoah valley in VA.

    love your quilt pictures and doggies.
    thank you.

  6. Rose Mikulski

    Hmmmmm do you trim Rick’s hair or do doggie cuts? I’m leery of trimming anything, the hydrangea bush was trimmed last year and we didn’t get any flowers this year, just a bush of green leaves. I hope they come back next year. Don’t forget to give us the goat coat report, are they getting furry?

  7. Emily

    Hi Mary;

    Last year, I cut back my ferns and kept them in my garage over the winter. They were watered lightly only when they were dry, When the weather became warm, I took them out and put them on the patio. I then fertilized them. They are beautiful!
    Love reading your blog.

    Take care.

  8. Linda Hanley

    I’ve always wanted to try to keep my ferns over winter, but never have. I hope you are right Mary!!! This year I’m going t do it….

  9. Paula Walker

    Enjoy the Fall temps in Iowa!! In my part of Texas, it is 90 degrees during the day and tonight it will only drop to 71!! Send us a Cool Front!

    A year ago this week, I was in Garner for Quilt Camp…….I remember it being “chilly”!

    Paula W.
    Camper 2014

  10. mary margaret

    My mom would cut them back like that over winter by spring they where beautiful! She loved her ferns and flowers!

  11. Rebecca Haines

    My sister Barbara Ramey whacks down her ferns every year and they turn out grea!

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