Gypsy Wife, Week 17, October 5

Here is Section 1

Please read page 25 carefully.  All strips are cut 1-1/2″ wide unless it’s shown as a dark strip.  That means it is cut only 1″.  I must say I think she could have done a much better job labeling the blocks in each section.  She doesn’t even indicate what size block so I really had to study the color picture of the quilt.

On the right side of Section 1 there is a partial seam by the 4″ pinwheel  block.  After sewing the 8-1/2″ strip section to the left section, lay the 4″  pinwheel block right sides together against the 4″ edge and sew.  Then fold the other direction and finish sewing the vertical seam.  Pressing is extremely important.

I was happy with my fabrics in Section 1.  Here is Section 2 which I’m not as thrilled with.

I did not consider where blocks would fit within the quilt so when choosing fabrics that ended up in Section 2, two blocks in the upper left are almost the same colors and the block in the lower right is too dark.  BUT — it is what it is.

The strip on the right will join with Section 1 in another partial seam.  

Do you see that the strips continue  from top to bottom so don’t lose track of them until we’re done.  Lay them aside to use in another section.

I love putting these blocks together so by next week I am going to assemble Sections 3,4 and 5.  The end is in sight!

15 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife, Week 17, October 5

  1. Carol

    The brown block doesn’t look so dark once it’s together in the last shot…the pinwheel balances it. Loving watching your quilt grow!

  2. Rose Mikulski

    Ladies, if you type this in your search box: Quiltalong Spreadsheet/Flickr-Photosharing, it will bring up a very nice and helpful spreadsheet which will tell you which size blocks belong in each section. I plan on using this when I put my sections together which won’t be until later this month. I am so glad I found this because that was one of the things that was annoying me, not knowing what size the blocks were.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rose! Thank you – how did you ever discover that? Oh boy, that will really help – I considered drawing it out myself. Thank you!

      1. Rose Mikulski

        Divine intervention, I did a google search “I Hate Gypsy Wife” and the spreadsheet was one of the results.

  3. Susan

    This was the most frustrating project I have done! I did the black and white version and actually ended up free forming because I just could not get the blocks sorted out. So now that I know there is a spreadsheet …maybe I will try another one. Challenge that is was I love my quilt!!!

  4. Kristie

    I have made up to section 9 and hope to do 10 today. It has been interesting putting the sections together to say the least. I found that everything will work, it just takes time and a design wall really helped me with each section. I also let go of the worry of fabrics touching or how everything will look in the end…it is so busy that I still love it and am in the home stretch now. You can do it too Mary! And great info about the spreadsheet. I did my figuring with scanned images and writing in blocks and measurements.

  5. Rhida

    You could do anything with this quilt design and it would be fine. What a mess and who would know ???

  6. Judy

    Love how this is looking, that dark one is going to fit right in and give the whole top some punch. Need to get back to my blocks, you are definitely an inspiration.

  7. BarbK

    I know you have posted this before, but what is the name of the book that Gypsy Wife is from? I have been following your posts, but now want to try it myself this winter.

  8. Rebecca H

    Thank you for the info. I haven’t done anything yet with my book, but know now, I will make the squares and do my own placing, whew, to try and figure it all out, I don’t think so. I love the fabrics you have chosen, press on……

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