Weekly Update

It’s harvest time in Iowa – 24/7.  Here is that same view from my porch that I’ve shown several times this summer – now with very dry corn stalks ready to be combined.  I’ll be able to see the highway once again after the corn is gone.

Here’s a picture of my east porch with Some of the plants – looks like a jungle!

It’s been a quiet week – Becky brought this to my attention – 2 days without chicken scratch-everything OK?  Ha ha!  I have spent lots of time working on Gypsy Wife.  This is not for the faint of heart, as Connie describes it.  I’m making progress but not very fast.  Here’s a classic 9 patch that I quilted on the machine  last week.

What’s not to like about a simple quilt?  I’m also watching Season 4 of Homeland and I don’t want it to end!  Season 5 is now on TV but I’ll wait until the DVD comes out.

I took this picture of Emma last week – she is such a sweetheart.

It’s going o be 80 degrees on Sunday – possibly my last screen porch afternoon with a good book.  I am reading Benediction by Kent Haruf which is the final book in the series of 3.  I love his writing style and simple plot about difficult human situations.  Great books!

It’s not too late to get the rug book and DVD for $20.  We will start the Rug Along in January.  Start collecting your fabrics which we will be cutting into 2″ strips.  Please don’t try to make your first rug with denim or wool which are both harder to work with.

Happy Fall Weekend!

25 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. Carol

    Thanks for the no wool rug tip as I was thinking in that direction! Lovely Emma…she’s a beauty! Rainy and cool in Buffalo, NY area….fall is upon us with a vengeance …I for one am glad to see an end to the outdoor duties, which are minimal compared to yours…I’m looking forward to hibernating with my sewing machine and Kitty.

  2. Susan Larson

    Hi Mary! It’s funny you mention Kent Haruf. I just read Our Souls At Night last week & loved it. I’ll have to check out his other books.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      That’s the first of his books I read and absolutely loved it, too. The 3 books in the series are Plainsong, Eventide and Benediction and I’ve enjoyed all of them! Let me know if you like them.

  3. Carolyn

    I would like to get in on the Rug Along, do I send you $20 for the book and DVD?

    Carolyn Van Petten
    1239 Brighton Square
    Saint Paul, MN 55112

  4. Diane Deibler

    Did you buy the books or get them through e-books? I found EVENTIDE at the Garner library but they don’t have the rest.

      1. Diane Deibler

        I would love to borrow them from you when you are finished reading them. I too, love his books. New find for me!

  5. Pat Johnson

    Mary, Do we need a frame or anything other than the book and fabric for the rug-a-long starting in Jan?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty —- corn is 10-15 feet tall! As tall as an elephants eye!

  6. Jeanie

    Beautiful: fields, house, quilt, and Emma. We live in rural sw IL and also have been watching the landscape change with each harvested field. I love watching the trees change colors. We are spending as much time as possible outdoors, as we know it will not be as enjoyable soon. I do look forward to spending time in my sewing room on those cold, winter days.
    As always, thank you for taking the time to let us know the happenings of your busy life. js

  7. Ann Barlament

    I think I would rather have those corn stalks in place during winter, to help buffer the wind of winter. Love the porch jungle…I miss being surrounded by plants. Enjoy basking in the warmth of Sunday’s sunshine, sounds like next week will include some blustery days.

  8. Rose Mikulski

    Two out of three ain’t bad, I just realized that I have the frame and book but no DVD. Will be sending you my order for the DVD.

  9. Tammy Guerrero

    Can you send the address to send the 20.00 for the rug book and dvd. I would like both but do not have the address to send money. I love emma. What a sweetheart.

  10. Jo Kramer

    Hey Mary..I am rugging along with you! I’ve wanted to do a Tshirt version for forever…Now is the time. Thanks for doing this.

  11. Pam Klemm

    I will order the book and DVD, but am lost as to the frame. I have about 15 pounds of 2″ wool strips professionally cut that I got at the thrift store last month-a rubbermaid tub full. I have made a “toothbrush” rug but haven’t made one with a “frame”. Will the DVD and book enlighten me as to what I will need with the frame. I read the note about wool, btw, so if I sink, I sink 🙂 Thanks!


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      You make your own frame or you can order one from Farm Chick Quilts online

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