Gypsy Wife, Week 7, July 27

This is such an easy block!  I almost think we should have made 2 different blocks this week but too late now.  I had two blocks made before I even remembered to take pictures.  And I made two blocks because I did not read carefully.  I thought we needed two so now I’ll have to pick which block looks the best at the end.  Here are my two Indian Hatchet blocks. 

I hope I have not forgotten to post anyone’s photos – if I have, let me know and everybody else please send a photo of your blocks to

I put my Scrap Vortex on the quilting machine this afternoon.  That crazy top will soon become a quilt. 

I mowed again today but I am so unhappy with my new grass.  Remember how hard I worked last summer preparing the yard for new seeding?  I asked to have sod but they wouldn’t do it.  Said I had too much shade and I was very disappointed.  I knew I’d be living with multiple dogs running through the new seeding and wouldn’t you think I’d know what I wanted?  The company wouldn’t even prepare the ground for me so Cheryl  helped me. How would I know how to prepare a construction site for grass???  I could have very easily spread the grass seed instead of paying them the big bucks to do it.  Just look at my patchy grass – you’d think an amateur had done it instead of professionals.  Grrrr…I am very disappointed in this company – they sure won’t get any referrals from me.  End of subject. 

 Someone asked how I grow phlox and I have no answer. They grow rampant in my lily bed and I’m going to pull them up this fall!  I don’t even like them and they flourish in my lily bed, crowding out the beautiful lilies.  I’m sorry to disappoint the reader who asked but I’d rather have the lilies.


10 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife, Week 7, July 27

  1. Judy

    Mary, I love your new gypsy blocks. Indian Hatchet was one of my favorites. Your Gypsy quilt is going to be awesome and…I would prefer the lilies also!

  2. Gloria

    Oh, I wish I lived close by..I love phlox and wish I could transplant them.

  3. netajane

    I love your phlox! I have some of those, but they’re not as pretty as yours. I guess we always want those things we plant to flourish; I understand that sentiment… Some things the gardening catalogs sell are “weeds” to me because they grow where I don’t want them.

  4. Louise

    That is my sister, Judy posting about your hatchet blocks..I like them as well. When we lived high in the
    Sierras we grew phlox as a ground cover. When all the snow melted off in the late spring the phlox would always be in bloom already …..very hardy! I like your hatchet blocks as well.

  5. Louise

    Forgot to mention, Mary..I really like your scrappy vortex quilt. So many different fabrics, Fun!

  6. Darla

    I have some of those same phlox…same color. They are so agressive, spreading in clumps and by seeds. I’ve been pulling mine too. I did replant a few in my “purgatory ” flower bed…for those flowers that I have thinned and I’m not sure what to do with yet.

  7. Heather Kehoe

    Let me know when you want to dig them I will come help if I can have some. I have a few spots they would be great for. 😉

  8. Carol

    I have pulled out phlox for years, I think they are weedy looking and are very aggressive. They just won’t take no for an answer, they keep popping back up. But in lesser numbers so they are just a pop of color where I least expect it…because I pulled it out…I don’t expect it!
    Love your scrappy vortex!

  9. Carole

    The pictures of the phlox bring back such sweet memories from my mother’s garden when I was a little girl. We used to get splotches on the leaves like a whitish grey mold which certainly took away from their beauty but between the phlox and hollyhocks … ah Mommy … thanks for all the beauty that you gave us.
    As to the sod in the shade … are they nuts??? What sod needs when it’s taking root is water and consistent dampness. Shade is great for the latter. After the winter kill from 2 years ago, we had to get rid of a hedge of yews and decided to just do lawn. It’s under a fairly large tree and was in constant shade. Took immediately. Then we had to replace a big rose bed (thank you bunnies!) which was in the sun. Definitely took a lot more time and water to get it to take.

  10. Cindy Sabinske

    Pull up the phlox and throw them in the grove so they can spread their beauty on the wild side, I know what you mean when you say you don’t have to do anything they are hard to eliminate them. A few are fine but soon you have a sea of purple. This evening I can hear my Jenny Wren out the clicking to her little babies in my birdhouse, they are cheeping away! It is growing ever quiet nowadays with the 2nd fledgling of the Robins, I miss their singing in the early morning hours. I also her multiple chipping sparrows outside tonight calling. Try the bag of grass that you can patch in with the green stuff with the grass seed, it will fill in nicely those bare spots.

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