The Fair

Who doesn’t love a county fair?  Becky and I attended the church service there this morning, ate breakfast, talked to scores of neighbors and friends, enjoyed the exhibits and looked at the animals.

I’ve never had the time to enter anything at the fair but that’s going to change next year.  I hope to take some houseplants for sure and will enjoy listening to the judging.  There’s also a category called tablescapes which looks like fun.

In the cattle barn, these 2 solid black cows were laying side by side so sweetly.  Very hard to take a picture of black animals – ha!

Machinery of this magnitude is a regular sight in North Iowa.  Farmers who farm lots of land need big equipment to get it all done in a timely fashion.

These two gals, Marilyn and Kay, are in charge of the Open Textiles show as well as the raffle quilt which is hanging behind them.  At this moment someone has won this beautiful quilt and I hope whomever it is will truly enjoy it in their home.

And so ends another great Hancock County Fair!  

I’m sewing tonite – remember this group of Japanese fabrics I showed you a couple weeks ago?

This is what I’m doing with them – simple yet classy.

And here are my guests for the week–Susie and Chester, both French Bulldogs.

Sometime this week I will answer these inquiries from readers – tips on growing succulents, the playhouse story and a question regarding phlox. Stay tuned.  Ann Barlament, please email me at

10 thoughts on “The Fair

  1. Jane

    Perfect color combo for a quilt, Mary. Traditional Country Threads Japanese Style – Love it!

  2. Ann Barlament

    The first summer I was in Assisted Living…I entered a couple of my crochet projects into the County Fair. My crocheted Ducky blanket won a green ribbon and the baby hat with a ruffled brim won a blue ribbon and a whopping $3.00!! lol

  3. Cindy Sabinske

    Loved seeing the photos of your county fair, and loved seeing the Angus ladies, they look splendid with their summer coats and resting nicely out of the sun. We raised Registered Angus cattle for over 25 years. Miss them Still appreciate their calm nature..minus the calves..thanks for sharing, and I enjoy seeing your sewing projects! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Launa

    Welcome to Susie and Chester; your guests! Won’t take them too long to find where the treat jar is.
    Am I not seeing 3 cows in that picture???

  5. Patricia Cash

    Thanks for sharing the fair, love fairs. The fabric looks wonderful.

  6. Maryjane

    Looks like the cows are laying side by side because they are tied up and can’t move around. Don’t like what they do with animals at fairs, esp. the mother pigs. All so confined.
    Like your quilt!

  7. Tammy Guerrero

    What is a simple pattern using fall material for a beginner quilter? I have material but need a pattern. Thanks. Really enjoy your emails. County fairs are a blast.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      How about a Disappearing Nine Patch? Go online and look it up – great pattern, it will be free online and starts out with squares making it a wonderful beginner project. I have made many and I’m not a beginner but I love making it!

  8. Betty Klosterman

    Gotta love the county fairs. We always went to the Wright County Fair in Eagle Grove. I went to the Iowa State Fair a couple of times. It was so big then and it must be gigantic now. I’d skip the midway and hit the livestock barns. Back then the parking was immense. They used helicopters to locate empty parking spots….. And I never did see the camping areas.

  9. Rose Mikulski

    Love the Japanese Quilt! You know I’m going to make one now, this is definitely a Mary Made Me do this pattern. Enjoy Susie and Chester, they remind me of our grand puppies Duke and Daisy.

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