Gypsy Wife


I love this quilt and I’m determined to get braver with my fabric choices starting now.  I have collected some yardage in a tub just for this project and after I finished my first block, I see that I’ve used the primary colors without realizing it – red, blue, yellow and green.  And my block is pretty ugly but I will get more comfortable with this “look” as I continue to work on it.  I say this only to encourage you to take a step out of your comfort zone, too.  It will be fun!

Page 5 – Colour Wheel Block.  Pick 4 fabrics and a background.  

I also added an old Country Threads’ fabric for the center.

Read through the cutting directions and follow instructions for piecing.  I pinned my block on a cork board so I could see what it would look like – and I sewed it anyway!  Ha!

There will be 4 triangles left which I will sew into 2 triangle squares and use in Scrap Vortex.

And here s my first block – ugh!  

If you turn to page 18, you will find all the blocks shown in color.  This won’t take you much time if we only take one block a week so there’s no pressure.  Feel free to work ahead if you get inspired to do so or take a week off and pick up the post when you’re ready if your life gets too busy.  I will always call the post Gypsy Wife so that you can locate it quickly in previous posts.

Good Luck!

15 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife

  1. Heather K

    It is funny that ended up being your palette! My movers packed my fabric and pattern somewhere that is currently a mystery…. But I will find it and get block completed this week!

  2. Carol

    You are brave! I am a control freak…not sure my blocks will be “out there!”

  3. Sharon Eshlaman

    I love Jen Kingwell’s patterns and fabrics. I also am trying to be brave at selecting unusual fabrics. Your block looks great and fabric choices hit the mark. Enjoy!

  4. Helena wentzlaff

    Have all but one block left of the main blocks
    .I also have to push myself to continue on ,it is out of my comfort zone. It is great to try something new. I enjoyed visiting with Jen at market. Love her patterns !

  5. Launa

    Looking good so far Mary. I’ve bought the Spring 2015 Quiltmania issue mainly for the Kingwell pattern. Hope to start on it soon. How bout a picture of your tub of fabrics?

  6. Louise

    My sister and I are both doing this quilt. I think Judy is quite a bit further along then I am. I have the first six patterns in the book done. I too am kind of doing this by the seat of my pants but…trying to keep some what of a plan going. Making mine from my already established collection of fabrics. I used to call it a stash but Jo Morton has made me see the error of my ways…you see it has been building over
    40 years. I do think it is going to be a fun one though. I’ll try to keep up.

  7. Claudia Voorhees

    Oh I will love watching you make Gypsy Wife ! That is one I want to make. But… will have to wait a bit. Thanks for sharing your creation with us !
    Have a great day !

  8. Sandi

    Love the lemon slice fabric. Could you please share any information about it? Thanks.

    Have fun with the quilt!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandi – no info on lemon slice fabric – my fat quarter had a blank selvedge.

  9. Nikki Mahaffey

    I love scrappy but find like Louise that I too have a collection of fabric rather than a stash..plan to make this from that so we will see how it turns out…………….will try to be random……………..

  10. Nancy

    Hi. I have been looking for this pattern and I couldn’t find it at that time. I am so ready to step outside of my comfort zone! Can someone tell me where to locate this pattern please? Thanks so much!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gypsy Wife booklet available on Etsy for $23.50 including shipping.

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