Happy 25th Flag Day Anniversary, 6-14-22

Yes, it’s today! I’m thankful it wasn’t this hot 25 years ago!

The reception was held in the haymow with many American flags hung from the rafters and little white lights strung throughout. When I look through these photos I see so many folks that are no longer alive, kids that are grown with families of their own and friends I haven’t seen in years.

And believe it or not , the bride was NOT as interesting as what might be in the barn downstairs! Haha!

(Ellen – recognize anyone here? Smile!)

Here is a photo taken at a Christmas event just to show the decor.

Prior to the reception we rented scaffolding to clean the beams and rafters and to hang the flags. (I have spent way too much time searching for those pictures – when or if I ever find them I’ll add them to a post. Ugh.)

So I am celebrating today by corralling the puppies and Rick is on his way to Mayo – no pet sitter and it’s too hot to leave them home alone.

I wrote about the wedding and all in the Goat Gazette – there was even a special Wedding Edition! Sounds pretty funny now.

So it’s really hot today and we’re staying inside as much as possible. I’ll be refilling water buckets several times for chickens, goats and geese. The pond has not been cleaned so the geese can’t swim to cool off.

Stay cool, All! One of my next posts will be questions to readers so watch and answer. I keep notes and those who have had surgery for example, need to provide updates. I’m also going to review our old book At the Lake – there are several great quilts that I can offer as $5 patterns. Does anyone remember our very first book On Behalf of Chickens? Take a look at the cover quilt – Connie is working hard on this remake.

I know UPS just dropped a package at my gate and I know what it is! It’s an advance copy of our new book coming out in September- I gotta go get it!

Happy Flag Day!

75 thoughts on “Happy 25th Flag Day Anniversary, 6-14-22

  1. Beryl in Owatonna

    Happy Anniversary!!
    Stay cool, we cool off tomorrow and then some more hot days. I wondering if we get bad storms tonight with the high temps, wind and possible rain tomorrow.
    Love the new puppies!!

  2. MartyCae

    Happy, happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing the pictures – it looks like a wonderful day.
    Keep cool keeping the animals cool. That is a lot of work.

  3. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Happy Anniversary!! Yes, I remember your special wedding edition of the Goat Gazette and have a copy of On Behalf of Chickens, too. I can’t wait to see the remake of the cover quilt. It’s very hot today here, too. Best wishes to the bride and groom!

  4. Kay Crandall

    Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 58th anniversary yesterday. Finally unpacking some of the fabric boxes from our move three years ago and I found a copy of the wedding edition of the Goat Gazette in one of the boxes. Had to sit down and read it from cover to cover.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kay Crandall – NO! Haha! You are one of the readers I was going to request an update – how’s Marsh? And everything?

  5. Cathy D

    Happy Anniversary to you and Rick! Very hot and humid with potential strong storms moving in tonight. Why can’t we just have a nice shower with no wind or storm attached? I have gardening to tend to, but it’ll have to wait until it cools off a bit.

  6. Jill

    Happy Anniversary, Mary and Rick! I thought of you this morning when we put up our flag. I love the pictures. Try to stay cool!
    Cousin Jill in CA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – do you remember it is Florence’s birthday, too? We’re probably hotter than you are today! Yuck

  7. Bobby Sutton

    Happy Anniversary!!🎊💕🍾.

    Those puppies have it made. What a blessing you’ve been. They will be well so socialized fir adoption!
    Just getting over covid. I have been so careful and thought I wouldn’t pick it up. Just goes to show you don’t get to plan life and have it happen like you want. Thank goodness for vaccinations. My case was mild.

    We are having rain and 72 degrees. Lucky with summer heat so far. However, a little too much rain and our farmer nearby lost an early corn crop to slugs and had to plant again.

    Enjoy your day.

    Bobby from Md

  8. Janice B.

    Great pictures Mary! Love seeing them and another reminder of how fast time flies.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Quilting Sister – we went together in high school and lost touch for

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Quilting sister – we went together in high school and reconnected 30 years later – a real Oprah story!

  9. Donna Sproston

    Happy 25th anniversary! Yes, it is a scorcher today. I only subscribed to the Goat Gazette a year or two before you ended publication, but I loved the jokes and recipes as well as snippets of life on the farm and in the quilt shop. I look foreard to the new book in September! Hope Rick has a good trip to Mayo. It was two years ago this month that my wonderful surgeon there came into my room that night following surgery and said I was cancer free, the tumor was gone, and the margins were clear. We return to Rochester every few months and delight in hearing that same message.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna S – and I remember you writing about that visit to Mayo – such wonderful news for you!

    2. Linda in Estherville

      Donna, Isn’t that the sweetest words a doctor ever said. It will be two years in August for me to have made that trip to Rochester and heard those words. I certainly hope Rick has good words from his doctors. Prayers going for him and also for your sweet kitty. Mary, I need to visit with you. Can you see my email, if you can please send me your address. Linda

  10. Charlotte Shira

    Happy Anniversary, Mary and Rick!! Thanks for sharing your pictures. You were a lovely bride!

  11. Betty Klosterman

    Happy Anniversary. Twenty-five years is good. How time flies. Are we having fun yet?
    On Behalf of Chickens is a wonderful book. I treasure my copy. All the great patterns. At the Lake is good, too. Some quilting patterns are ageless. Perfect before and made with new fabrics to be discovered again. How time flies! The year is almost half gone, AGAIN. We have so much to be thankful for, I think….. even with all the bad things happening.
    Take care, everybody, and keep quilting. Betty in Rapid City

  12. Lois Ann Johnson

    Happy Anniversary, Mary and Rick! May you have many more years together! The puppies are so cute; I bet you are enjoying them each day. The weather sure did a turn for the worst, didn’t it? No one enjoys being out in 90 degree heat for long. I am wearing my “flag” earrings today in honor of “Flag Day.” Stay cool — stay safe!

  13. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Oh, I wish it was hot here today! We have been having record cool temps all spring and RAIN! This is a place that annually only gets about 10 inches of rain and we’ve had 1 1/2 ” over a 3-day period last week and more rain yesterday and today. Tired of it! Loved seeing your wedding pictures!

  14. Sherry Whalen

    Happy Anniversary! It is hot and humid – so of course we spent the morning cleaning out our shed. It’s good to get it done, but….really – today Al?? I also washed and hung out sheets and it took about 45 minutes to be completely dry so I washed a couple of quilts I just finished – one is another bullseye – my third – and I can’t wait to make another! Stay cool everyone!!

  15. Kim

    Such fond memories of the farm, Country Thread’s lifetime there on the farm, but especially your wedding day and the reception held there on a beautiful early summer day. Happy 25th.

  16. Brenda Ks.

    Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick!
    Hope you stay cool and Rick has a good appointment.
    Very hot and humid here today and the rest of the week! Ugh

  17. Sheila in WI

    Happy Anniversary! Wishing you the best today and in the years to come! Loved seeing all the pictures!

  18. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Happy Anniversary Mary & Rick!

    Your choice of beautiful, classic wedding attire still looks great 25 years later.

    Celebrate a little with Rick when he gets home. Sit and have a chat with dogs and cats all around. Doesn’t get better than that.

  19. Jo in Wyoming

    I wish you both a Happy Anniversary.
    You are a beautiful bride and Rick, a handsome groom!

    It’s cool and very windy here. The flooding in Yellowstone looks awful. I am on the opposite corner of the state from there, so we’re not in any danger. But, the wind is howling at 50-60mph!!!

  20. Mary M Rhodes

    Happy Silver Anniversary ! Beautiful Bride n Groom! Love the pictures. Sorry I dont remember the book. Here Beth Ohio had very high winds n rain! So now 91 degrees very humid. Some lost trees lots without electric! My cats actually listened to me to get out of heat. Ivan loves watch the men putting new deck on at neighbors. Love hearing about animals. Stay cool.

  21. Doris G

    Happy anniversary Mary and Rick! Hope you have many many more! Hot and humid in Alabama!

  22. Beryl BC

    Happy 25th Anniversary! The barn made a great place for a wedding.

    It’s hot in Ohio today, too. It follows a stormy Monday evening. We were out bicycling this a.m. to avoid the real hot temps. There were so many sticks on the trail; we stopped several times to throw them off. We had to climb over one downed tree, too.

  23. Sandy

    Hi Mary, happy wedding anniversary to you both! Ours is 23rd June, l will celebrate by going to see the new Elvis movie, 49 years.l wore a purple velvet caftan, one day it might become dresses for Stella and Luna. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  24. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Happy Anniversary, Mary and Rick. You share it with my oldest daughter, Char, and her husband, Todd. their’s is 35 years this year.

    You are doing the best thing for that kitten, they don’t need to live in pain.

    It is predicted to hit 95 today and even closer to 100 next week for three days. We went straight from Winter into Summer, ugH!! I have fans going in the kennel to help move the air. The dogs have been laying on the concrete in the shade trying to stay cool. With fur coats on all year, that is a little difficult.
    Had a CT Urogram today to check for any possible spots of cancer that may have popped up. I have been cancer free for 4.5 years and my doctor is just being safe. I have a Cystoscopy next Monday, and then will hopefully go to a yearly checkup. I go to Mayo in Eau Claire, love most of the staff there.

  25. Cheryl

    I was so happy for you and Rick when, through the Goat Gazette, we got hear about your wedding. I have that issue here somewhere….. the high school snow storm and accident I will never forget either!! Happy 25th Anniversary to the Etherington’s ❤️

  26. Kathy in western NY

    A lovely couple enjoying a very special day ! Your gown is so elegant and tasteful for an outdoor wedding. Thank you for sharing them. Hope Rick comes home with good news and no more return trips needed for awhile.
    I was outside using the spray hose to water strawberries and the poor robins flew and perched themselves on a garden decoration near me just so I would mist them for some water. They fluttered their wings like it was a bath.

  27. Mary in Davenport

    Happy anniversary Mary and Rick. It’s also very hot and humid in Davenport Iowa. Mary I support you about the kitty there truly are so many healthy kitty in our many shelters.All of my cats have come from them except one . Stay cool since it’s so hot outside I’m planning on deep cleaning my sewing area this week.

  28. Connie P. Sheldahl, Iowa

    Happy 25th Anniversary Rick and Mary!! We are celebrating our 54th anniversary today, didn’t ever think we would be this old, ha! I to love to display my flag and patriotic quilts (some made by you and purchased at your sales)!! Not celebrating today, it is so hot! Our tradition is to go to Walnut, Iowa, this coming weekend for the antique show, used to get away from the kids, now we want the kids and grandkids to visit, how times change! Hope Rick has a good report from the doctor today! Celebrate this special day!!

  29. Dorothy Blumer

    Happy Anniversary to you and Rick. Sounds like you are warmer than we are here in Florida. Puppies are adorable.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dorothy – remember Chico and Juanita? I should write their story for the blog readers!

  30. Linda from Georgia

    What a lovely wedding and a lovely bride. I love the idea of having the reception in the barn! And the American flag makes a great decoration. Can’t wait to see what is coming. Looking forward to the $5 patterns and the new book. Happy Anniversary to you and Rick.

  31. Deb in Idaho

    Happy Anniversary! Sorry it’s so hot. We have had very pleasant weather but it won’t last. I worry about the fire season. Looking forward to your book

  32. Rhoda

    Happy 25 th Anniversary and it is a milestone. My daughter’s was 25 this year too and she didn’t really celebrate it much at all. She gave Ron and me a surprise party 25 years ago.

    Take care in the heat and stay cool.
    I am in NE WIsconsin again!!!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rhoda – at least it’s got to be cooler in WI than LV! No celebration here – too hot and Rick was gone all day to Mayo.

  33. Shirley from Oregon

    Happy Anniversary. 🎂
    Yippee, A new book.
    I live near Sisters, OR and am preparing for a couple friends to arrive on the 4th of July as we 3 will be taking classes at Quilters Affair in Sisters that week, culminating with the big outdoor quilt show the end of the week on Sat. Always the second weekend of July. Prep, prep, prep. I feel your pain Mary. But, what fun we will have.

  34. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Happy, happy anniversary to the two of you! The pictures must bring back such wonderful memories of that happy day. Would love to hear the story of how the two of you reconnected…
    Very hot and so humid here today. Ugh.Hope your weather, and ours, gets better soon!

  35. Tanya T.

    What a beautiful bride!!

    And, a new book coming! Life can hardly get any better! 😎

  36. Ann in VA.

    I wish you two a very Happy Anniversary. Let us know how you celebrated to make wonderful memories.
    My husband and I went to Atlantic City and stayed in the Trump Hotel–We married on New Year’s Eve, so the whole world was celebrating with us!!!!! My husband has been deceased for 8 years, but we made it to 47 years together!! Life is soooo good.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ann in VA – sadly it was too hot to even go out to eat but I told Rick I will hold him to it in the future!

  37. Lori

    I went and found my book, “On Behalf of Chickens”. I actually made the “Log Cabin Chickens” and it still hangs in my laundry room. I still love it. It is timeless 😉

  38. Joy in NW Iowa

    Happy Anniversary! May you be blessed with many more! The heat and humidity wasn’t as bad today as yesterday iin NW Iowa. We went to Lake Pahoja where the kids are camping and sat around the fire. It was awesome outside. Used some bug spray. Take care. Hope Rick has a good report.

  39. Sue in Oregon

    I loved seeing your wedding photos tonight. I especially like the one where the bride and broom are kissing and behind them there all kinds of lovely quilts. Adorable! Thanks for sharing, Mary.
    Happy Anniversary. I hope it cools down a bit and you can have that dinner somewhere other than your own kitchen.

  40. Alice

    Happy Anniversary to you & Rick! What a beautiful bride you were! My husband & I were married on June 5th & it would have been our 57th. I lost him 1.5 yr ago. Some wonderful memories. Hope you both are able to enjoy a dinner out & hope Rick has a good report from the Mayo!

  41. Angie from Baltimore

    Can’t wait for the new book. It has been hot in Baltimore with horrible storms but it is hit and miss. Humidity is what gets me.
    Remember fondly the Goat Gazzette. Looked forward to the issue arriving. Stopped what I was doing grab some tea and read it to relax laugh and enjoy the time I was transferred
    Stay cool and hydrated

  42. Bridget

    Happy Anniversary! Mine is today 😉 Hoping to make 25 years. Love your dress, just great lines and great classic style. So excited to hear about the updates to the quilts. I missed a chance to pick up a vintage copy of At the Lake so this is good news indeed. While it is hot here there is hope for a cooling off for the weekend. Of course the corn loves this weather.

  43. Marsha from Kansas

    Happy day after your anniversary. Enjoy a nice evening out when you are able to.

  44. Mareen Nedved

    Happy Anniversary again Rick and Mary and I see Judy and I as well – what a great day!!

  45. Carole S.

    Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you and Rick and all the animal’s get to celebrate. I so enjoy all your photos and stories. Hope you have many more to share.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carole S – I have more stories than I’ll live to tell – haha! I was always called Windy in the shop – that’s why I could write the Goat Gazette for all those years.

  46. Jan Smith

    Happy Anniversary to you both. Looks like a fun, casual wedding. I like those the best.
    I must say that you honestly look very much the same as recent photos.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan Smith – thank you – I will accept that as a real compliment!

  47. Jan Hebert

    I have to agree with Jan Smith, you haven’t changed a bit Mary! Happy Anniversary to you and Rick, the wedding pictures are great, I just love that barn, it looks great in red, white and blue! Jan in MA

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