Storm! 6-15-22

Last night I could not get to sleep so I went to my recliner on the porch and within a few hours of just sort of half sleeping during all the lightning and thunder I was suddenly hit with rain blowing in 15’ across the porch! I moved in a hurry! Oh my, did it rain – we got over 2” but south of us got 4-5”. Now the weeds will get ahead of us all and it will be just easier to give up – too wet to hoe for awhile and by then it will be a total mess.

Shelf cloud this morning before another downpour

My 3 amigos are so busy – honestly I just sit with them either outside or in the porch and watch them play – I’m not sewing, reading, cleaning, cooking – or posting new patterns. They will just have to wait until next week when the little boys go for their surgery and then their adoptions. Just cut me some slack until Monday and then I’ll be back at it.

Digging under the playhouse
Following Dianne
Meeting a goat
My rickety old lawn chair that I sit in while Hazel is rat hunting.
They just don’t know what to think of the chickens.
Too wet for these succulents
This was fun, too!
Faded but it’s my belief – a house is not a home without a dog. Thank you, Amy!

Had to show you my friend Pam’s dog – Spur! He is so handsome!

Only one reader project

Time to put the puppies to bed!

PS – for some unknown blog glitch you received an old post about the kitten last night – don’t ask me why! I’m sure it confused you and when readers started commenting I simply could not understand why. I apologize – technology – I do not understand!

40 thoughts on “Storm! 6-15-22

  1. Ann in Virginia

    Your pups are soooooo cute. Thanks for sharing the pics of them.
    You are such a good person to foster them. Thanks for doing it.

  2. Jill

    Do you have the pattern “A House is Not a Home Without A Dog”? You are so kind to foster the puppies. They are so cute.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – no pattern – it was a panel that was given to me by a friend.

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    Well, Mary, many of your pictures didn’t post either…I’m a patient person, so they may show later. I’ll check back.
    It’s so hot here—-the garbage trucks are catching on fire!! Yep, 2 of them today. The news showed the fire trucks spraying the back of the garbage trucks. That is the first time I’ve heard of that. It’s a slow news day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wy – yikes! That’s hot! Others got the photos so I’ll bet yours will eventually show up.

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        Hey, I got all the pictures this morning!! They are fun.
        My husband says “some people are technical, some are not”. I’m not, and I break things!!
        Gives the old boy something to do.🤪🤣🙄

  4. Rosie Westerhold

    Our storms hit here in Lincoln, NE just a bit earlier. Tornado sirens went off at 10:45 p.m. I cannot remember sirens ever going off that late at night. And nothing was going on where I live. All quiet, no rain, no wind. . . And then. . . BAM. All heck broke loose. Had the 2 dogs leashed up and ready to head to the cellar. It’s the only place that’s RELATIVELY safe. And even the cellar has an egress window in it. Only place without a window is my small walk-in closet off the bedroom. ON THE SECOND FLOOR!! Ummm, no thank you. Not taking shelter in a tornado on the second floor!! Tornado came within about 8 miles of where I live. Just lots and lots of rains and thunder and lightning and WIND!! I was amazed I didn’t really have any damage. My wood fence that was LEANING to the west in one section is now upright. Because the wind was blowing from the west. Yeah that the wind helped repair my fence🙌🙌🙌!! But, my cellar was flooded. Couldn’t understand why until this morning. The plywood covering the entrance to the egress window from the outside was bowed downward. It just acted like a funnel directing all that water towards the cellar. UGH. There’s a dirt floor down there so the water will just dry up. EVENTUALLY. Don’t need to go down there for anything but changing the filter in the furnace. And CERTAINLY don’t need to do that right now. Temps will be at or more than 100 degrees for the next 10 days😱😱? YIKES!!

    So good of you to be fostering those ADORABLE puppies💕💕💕💕. Re raised several litters from our male and female Chows. Oh, they were so darn CUTE!! But all I got done when I was home was watching those cute babies and then playing with them outside when they got big enough. Ahhh, brings back memories from more than 20 years ago. I was SOOO much younger then (as all of us were). Don’t think I could keep up with that many puppies now. Bless you for being there for them❤️❤️.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosie – you definitely had worse weather than we did – lots worse south of us several hours. Happy your fence is now standing up – haha!!

  5. Beryl in Owatonna

    We had thunder and lightening up here too but I don’t think we got that much rain. We got a lot on Saturday, I think it was. It was terribly hot yesterday, nice today only about 68, maybe 70 late. We are to have 94 again on Sunday, I don’t do well in the heat.
    Those puppies are growing so fast!! They are curious for sure! Did the hens stick around over night? Your chickens are beautiful!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beryl – oh, I forgot to say! Two guineas are missing completely and the remaining two were here this morning. Rick suggested maybe the other two are nesting – but they hadn’t had time to lay any eggs so I just don’t know.

  6. Suzanne Golden

    Boy are the puppies having an adventure at your house, peaceful just to watch them

  7. Linda So CA

    Enjoy the puppies while you can. All your chores can wait. Just don’t forget to feed everyone! We need rain but not the downpour you experienced. Watering limited to 3 times a week; some cities once a week. Even the weeds are dying! Love the picture of dog meeting goat. Please, more puppy pictures before their surgery. How are the wandering guineas?

  8. Sandy

    Hi Mary, just watched Jo Kramers son in law and a video of the pregnant donkey and tons of goats that he had to round up for a neighbour, very entertaining! Sorry about all your wild weather, we have had heavy rain and thunderstorms, but it is winter in New Zealand. Back to my craft group tomorrow and catch up on all the gossip, take care every,best wishes from Sandy

  9. Jean

    WHAT a great blog today! Loved the pics. It’s such a day brightener that blog. I especially enjoyed the pic of the chickens. Such pretty girls! Thanks for taking the time to write.

  10. Pattie from PA

    Thank you for writing as much as you do. Everyone needs a break now and then.
    I was wondering about the post about the kitten too. I thought maybe after driving so far to get the kitten , they changed their mind. Whew, glad it wasn’t so.
    I recognized your ratty lawn chair immediately. I still have 2 low back and 2 high back ones that were my mother’s. Same color too. The 2 low backs sat in my garden the last several years and I gave up moving them in the winter. Now the seats look like yours. I took them out of the garden recently when I was putting down mulch and decided they had to go. They are now sitting near the road with a free sign attached.
    I am thinking about bringing the high backs out now but I will definitely return them to the shed after the summer is over. They are still in good shape and so comfortable.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – these chairs are the most comfortable chairs! I have two good ones in the porch and another ratty one by the playhouse.

  11. Kim from TN

    Watching the puppies investigating their surroundings is so much fun! I would sit outside and just watch them all day. Enjoy, lucky you. Spur has some wonderful colorings, and his coat sure looks healthy, what a sweet dog. I hope the corn isn’t slowed down by all that rain. We have a heat advisory here in Middle TN, staying inside is best. I’m busy sorting and cleaning my quilting space, it is long overdue. My tomatoes are thriving in this heat, and I manage to water them early in the morning.

  12. Quilting Sister

    I saw that kitten reply, too … just figured she missed your msg about the wonderful ppl who came & gave her a new home.
    Have fun with those wild little boys, they’ll be in new homes before you know it, too!! 😍

  13. Marie C

    Thanks for all the great pictures you showed today. I’ve been watering, all the rain in Iowa seems miss us.

  14. Kathy in western NY

    I wondered how people in the Midwest did with all these storms so glad everyone chimes in and you are good too Mary. I sure feel for the business in Yellowstone Park area with the tourist trade. They didn’t need this bizarre weather. You just enjoy those little rascals Mary as winter comes soon enough to clean, cook and sew. I am inside today finally as heat index is 100 here today so weeding and sitting outside will not happen. Loved the pictures from your readers who are so good to share with us too.
    A question for your reader Beth. Did you ever get DNA results back on your dog?

  15. Amy

    The puppies are so cute! I wouldn’t be doing anything else either, enjoy them shims they are there! The dog wall hanging is perfect! : )

  16. Lynn in CA

    Mary, thanks for all the pictures. Love the animal pictures as much as the quilt pictures. You can send the rain here to CA. Enjoy the puppies.

  17. Sue in Oregon

    Love all the photos you gave us. I can’t imagine all the hot weather everyone is having…all but us, that is. We haven’t seen any hot weather yet. Farmers are worried about getting in dry hay. No one has cut yet. Afraid to.
    Mary…how about a cushion for the ratty rat chair? Looks like the thin wires might hurt a bit. lol
    Enjoy your days off from writing and enjoy those darlings. They must be so much fun to watch.

  18. Jan Hebert

    Great blog post today Mary! Just love watching those adorable puppies, don’t you wish you could keep all of them? It’s been pretty nice here in New England, so I can’t complain. Even so, my gardens aren’t doing that great! It’s very frustrating. We used a new compost that we purchased from our local farmer’s coop and I’m hoping it’s not that slowing things down. Maybe we used too much. The soil dries out pretty quickly so I’m worried that the water is just draining before the plants get to absorb it. Everything is stunted! The tomatoes are only about a foot tall, the lettuces are only three inches tall, even the chard is short lol. We’re supposed to get a storm tonight, I’m hoping it’s nothing like what you’ve all experienced! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan Hebert – didn’t you just post a picture of your chickens on Instagram or did I just think it was you?

  19. Betty Klosterman

    Your foster puppies are a real treat even tho they come full of poop and pee and a ton of curiosity? They are sure to be full of entertainment finding their way among all the other critters on the farm. God made all the little ones so cute for a reason. Such a pleasure to sit back just watch as you relax, laugh and enjoy life thru their eyes. Maybe they put the world problems on the back burners for a few days.
    Rapid City has missed the storms, but Belle Fourche, Hot Springs, Wall, Phillip and surrounding towns have had winds up to 95 mph, baseball/golf ball size hail and lots of rain. Even had a tornado north of Wall. Lots of wind and hail damage. And summer is just getting started. In a week the days will start getting shorter.
    Hot weather will hit tomorrow, but I’ll be happy in the A/C house sewing and sorting. There are some quilt tops ready for quilting, plus working of UFO’s, too. There is progress, but I’m the only one who could tell. The living room has piles of projects ready to finish. Some get done, but then I bring out more and it gets worse…. But I LIKE it. If it is a project I don’t like and don’t want it, I take it to Project Warmth and somebody loves it and has it done in a wink and off to somebody who need a quilt. I just love it when something leaves my house and doesn’t come back! I should be making marks by the back door?
    Take care and watch the weather.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – Rick asked about you just the other day – glad the storms have missed you! We always wonder about what we see on the news whether it’s accurate or not. Do you ever go to the Black Hills on a drive or picnic or outing? Some friends from church took their kids and grandkids and I just loved seeing their pictures.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Years ago we used to go almost every weekend to special places in the hills for picnics and several family members camped, but seems like they have all passed now. I don’t drive on the highways. Everybody is spread out now and busy with their families and jobs. During the pandemic a great niece would take her kids and dogs to a place called “Hippie Hole.” Playing in the water is great. Lots of special places to visit at no cost.
        Can’t remember the name, but there was a place south of town where the water came thru the rocks into vertical whirlpool. The spinning would disorient a person and one afternoon 2 guys drowned. The very next day 2 more guys went down to check it out and they drowned, too. That was when the authorities changed the flow with dynamite. Lots of parks and water in town, too, plus Rapid Creek.

  20. Jan Hebert

    I’m going back reading past blog posts and the comments and see that Lynn in Scottsdale and Mary both responded to my comment about my daughter Jaime’s tumor being benign. Thank you so much for your prayers Mary and Lynn and thank your husband for me as well. I love this blog and it’s readers so much! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan H – so how’s Jaime doing now? I, too, love this part of the group that talks – I don’t even know the other 99%.

      1. Lynn In Scottsdale

        You are welcome Jan!

        I started a list of people to pray for and jot down some people in need from the blog. It is far from a complete list, but your daughter did get on it.

        Glad the biopsy turned out ok.

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Lynn, I can remember you were praying for my husband last summer and it meant more than you know that you cared for us. He had so many people wishing for his recovery that I never underestimate how mighty forces show the good that can come.

          1. Lynn in Scottsdale

            Kathy, yes, we were praying for you and your husband when he was so sick. Fun to hear of your adventures now that he is well.

            There was another reader Bonnie. Her husband was sick at the same time as your husband. Don’t know how he is doing.

  21. Mandy Stewart

    Enjoy those three amigos, everything will still be there after they’re gone. Sometimes the happiest things in life are also the best, watching puppies and kittens fall into that category.

  22. Linda W

    The puppies are so cute. I’m sure you will miss them.
    We had storms here in Ohio on Monday. I live in the city and didn’t have any damage but the power company cut off power to repair the damage. We were without power for 17 hours during the heat wave. We went grocery shopping after power was restored and it was eerie! The store only had partial power so most of the lights were out. There was no meat, cheese or frozen foods. Traffic lights were also still out. I hope the rest of the summer is calm!

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