Happy Birthday, Charlene!

I almost forgot! Today is my friend, Charlene’s, 90th birthday! HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS, Charlene Sexton! She’s visiting her daughter in Atlanta so I hope she’s still reading the blog. She lives in Wichita Falls, TX and no, we’ve never met in person but we’re great email friends.

Happy 90th and many more, Charlene!

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  1. Bonnie McKee

    Happy Birthday Charlene!
    You share your birthdate with my mother in law, Lois, who also turned 90 today. Lois was born in Corvallis, Oregon. We will celebrate with her tomorrow along with visiting family from Washington, California and Oregon.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend!
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you ! Yes, I am reading the blog and so pleased to see my picture and sweet words. I am at my daughters in Woodstock.

  3. Nancy

    Mary, Charlene is my best friend’s from school’s mom. She is creative and reminds me of you. I do wish you could meet each other because you are so much alike. We both love your blog and I’m thankful we can experience a little of your everyday excitement through this world. I’m thrilled you and Charlene are friends now too! She doesn’t act or look anythink like her age. Love you both.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy – So was Jill your best friend? I think Charlene is amazing and only hope I reach 90 with the same verve for life!

    2. Nikki M in Tx

      Charlene & Nancy…Wichita Falls, TX ! We need to get together…I live southwest of Jacksboro, northwest of Graford, east of Graham. Do you belong to a quilt group?
      Do you ever attend the Post Oak quilt show? (Last Friday& Saturday in September) It is at the Community Center in Post Oak. Need to visit quilt shop in Jacksboro (across street from Green Frog ) if you haven’t.
      Neighbor called me yesterday &asked if I would like some vine ripe tomatoes…Yes!… went to her house, her garden in high!!!Some of tomato vine at least 6 feet tall!!! I came home with a bushel basket of tomatoes & did not put a dent in harvest. Then vine still loaded with tomatoes at various stages. Also got a couple of green tomatoes to fix fried green tomatoes for supper…oh my we’re they good. Plan to can batch of tomato sauce & make salsa.

  4. Sue in PA

    Happy birthday Charlene! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family.
    Mary, I only received this email once.

  5. Paula Nordt

    Just wanted to let you know that your posts and pictures are coming through just fine and only once! I only received multiples when you first got hacked.

    I love the way you take care of your old “folks”!

    I’m another Paula from Texas.

  6. Helen Jane (TX)

    Happy 90th Charlene….hope your day/week/year are exciting times for you. 🍰🍦🍧💐⛱🎁🎈🎈

  7. Rhoda Ebersole

    Happy Birthday Charlene. 90 is an age to be very happy you have achieved.

  8. Vicki in Seattle

    “Happy Birthday,” Charlene! Have a wonderful time with family and friends!💐🎂💐

  9. Maargaret Jessen

    Happy Birthday Charlene, ninety is the best age!! Happy Saturday to Mary and all others reading the blog. Only received it once, thanks .

  10. Sunflower

    Happy birthday, Charlene! You share your birthday with my favorite cousin, Karen, in southeast Michigan.

  11. Karen

    Been a long time since I lived in WF myself! DH and I were married there “back when”. Love Texas! Happy Birthday, Charlene!

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