August In Iowa

The State Fair closes today which is the rite of passage for many kids on their way to college, especially the farm kids who spent the last week showing livestock. Our school starts on Friday – seems impossible, doesn’t it? I’ve been watching a Prime Video series called Tin Star which takes place during the winter in cold Alberta, Canada and it makes me afraid of winter just thinking about it. And of course, it is coming – that’s the reason I hate fall – it’s just the hint of life to come.

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August is always weedier than I remember! Just when I think I’ve got the weeds under control, I need to start over again. The grass certainly continues to grow – we got an inch of rain early this morning so no chance of it drying out. I wouldn’t have known it was raining and/or thundering except that I woke up with Hazel under my chin! Then I knew it was thundering and she hates the thunder.

Becky and I did the prelude this morning – we did “It Is No Secret” and then she went to another church for a 10:00 service where she was filling in. One of our mission trips this summer was to Kansas City and the kids handled the service that included songs and short speeches about what they did.

Last night Becky, Connie and I went uptown to the park the the Lions appreciation evening of fun and music. There were several kids playing Jenga- I had never heard of it!

Tomorrow I’ll go back to the RugAlong – we’ll catch up and move ahead. Here’s the one I finished – I want Connie to take a video of me taking it off the frame in hopes I can post it as a short video.

And I warped another one to work on.

Get ready tomorrow morning to work on your rug!

Our next “Along” activity is Hidden In Plain Sight from Beyond The Battlefield- hope you didn’t forget that! Remember lots of you wanting to wait till fall to start this? Well, it’s almost fall and you have exactly 2 weeks to pull your fabric or purchase new so we can start cutting 2 Weeks from today, September 1.

Reed is coming to sew this afternoon so I’m going to gather my fabrics. Rick is freezing more corn – I know what everybody will get for Christmas! I was afraid I had run out of hot dog relish and was thinking back to a year ago knowing that I wouldn’t have to can this year. But I couldn’t find the jars of relish so I panicked and was ready to purchase onions, cubes, and peppers to make more when Rick discovered 20 jars from last year! Oh, thank goodness!

Time to sew with Reed! I leave you with the overflowing flower bed – I remember cleaning this out of all extra plants but they are determined!

54 thoughts on “August In Iowa

  1. Charlotte S.

    Your rug is beautiful.
    I always click on the blue title in your email. I never get any weird messages.
    We just got home from vacation so I need to start on my #3. Hope I can get it done before September 1st.

  2. Susan

    No weird message here. I’m on a Mac, maybe that’s the thing. Post came through fine. I closed 6 ads. Hot here in Georgia mountains, and our flowers are taking over, too! I’ll be sewing along on Hiding in Plain Sight, it is a beauty! Time to go quilting.

  3. Mrs. Goodneedle

    My favorite musical is “State Fair”; my family always teases me about its cheesiness but I love it; and real state and county fairs too!! Your garden: 😳 WOW!! It is truly spectacular. Please keep us posted on what Reed’s working on. Love, love, love your rug!!

  4. Bonnie walder

    Hi this is Bonnie . I live in Texas and today it 98, in the shade .no rain .wish I could be there today.

  5. Nancy A Poole

    Wonderful seeing al the blog today. My little old dog Casper loves my tomato plant. Every time I think oh some will be ripe tomorrow he eats them before I can get pack and pick the ripe ones. No canning for me.
    Still working on two boxes of scrap fabric I was “gifted”. Thank you for reintroducing me to Bonnie Hunter earlier this summer.


    I too don’t know what happened to emails or post but have not been getting them. Maybe I have to join again? Not sure, but love hearing about your comings and goings in Iowa. So special your mentoring Reed and have a lays love rag rugs but not wanting to make one. 🙄. Now my hubby would like that, he likes tedious thing and he is my hand quilter. Lucky me. Enjoy what summer you have left, been real hot here in Illinois. But signs of fall all around.

  7. Nancy in PA

    Mary, have you ever watched McLeod’s daughters on Prime? It’s an Australian film and very good.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy In PA – I will start McLoeds Daughters tonite! Finished Tin Star and wouldn’t recommend it highly.

  8. Beth T.

    Your rug looks great–the colors are so rich and they “play well together”. I’ll bet Reed is enjoying that quilting time before school starts again, and you are, too. I’m starting to feel the same way you do about the end of summer. Here in the Pacific Northwest we know the rains/gray skies are coming. Once summer ends and the rains begin it could be until next July before we see the sun for two days in a row. Ugh. I’d much rather have a string of extremely cold days with bright blue skies, but this is what we get here so I’m trying to learn to appreciate it. One of my friends–who used to own one of the all-time great quilt shops in the area, Momma Made It–used to say, “We have to water the garden we live in”, a reminder that all of our beautiful greenery requires a lot of rain to stay that verdant and lush. Seeing so many wildfires I know I shouldn’t complain at all about our wet weather. But still…I do miss a glimpse of sunshine now and then, so I’ll enjoy it while it is here.

  9. Kathy Hanson

    Love to see your flowers, always beautiful!! Sounds like Reed wasn’t discouraged, I am so glad! He does such wonderful work! Wondering how I will manage the Sew Along and also get my dirty dozen done – but will have to just work, work, work!! lol Looking forward to it. I will be gone from Sept. 3rd to the 12th and again in October. We haven’t been able to travel for so very long so we are going to catch up a bit. So, I will probably be behind but will do my best to catch up! My favorite season is Fall but I just won’t let myself think about what comes next. It is so beautiful in the fall and so I will just hope that we don’t have another winter like the last one!! Looking forward to seeing what Reed will be sewing next – the baby quilt??

  10. Sunflower

    Your rug is beautiful, Mary. I will join the quilt along but will join late as I’ll be on an Alaskan Cruise at the beginning. Am anxious to do a project from that book. There are so many beautiful ones. Continuing to work on #3. My garden is also starting to produce lots of vegetables. Have a great week everyone.

  11. Jill of NE Iowa

    Amazing… rug and flowers are all amazing.
    The rug is amazing. I wish now that I would have purchased the book and DVD. Thank you so much for sharing…

  12. Nikki M in Tx

    Hard to believe September is just 2 weeks away!
    Flowers are beautiful. Glad you found your relish.
    Used your recipe and froze 2 dozen packages of Iowa sweet corn. Canned 10 pints of salsa today, probably have enough tomatoes left to do another 10 pints but need make a run into town tomorrow to get more garlic & cilantro. Also have tomatillos, probably enough to put up 6 pints of salsa verde.
    Same neighbor that brought me tomatoes brought over a basket of okra & squash today. Tried to give some of salsa I put up & said No Thanks had put up 6 dozen quarts of salsa! Asked if I knew of recipe for (sweet) tomato preserves, I don’t but remember Mother making tomato preserves and oh how I loved them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – 6 Dozen quarts of salsa???? Does he run a restaurant? Who could eat 72 quarts of salsa?

  13. Caryn Goulden

    Your flowers are beautiful! It’s a good year for Black-eyed Susans here in Eastern Washington too. Can’t wait to see what Reed’s next project will be!

    1. Lisa in Washington state

      Caryn, Where in eastern Washington are you? I’m in the Okanogan Highlands NE of Tonasket!

  14. Gayle Shumaker

    I’m so bummed out I was looking forward to the quilt along. I fell this past week damaging my shoulder and fracturing my elbow on my dominant arm. I’m out of commission sewing for awhile unless it is something small and by hand.
    I’m not looking forward to winter but welcome fall because we locals get a well deserved break from tourists. This year has been the worst for rude, obnoxious visitors.

  15. Marie Fibelstad

    I got the same message, so I clicked on comments and it came up with your site and all was good.

  16. Connie Tesene

    Dear Blog readers
    This is Connie – Mary asked if I could let you know that we are aware of the problem. Give her a bit of time to work out the bugs AGAIN!!!!

  17. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    I always click on see comments and I did not get that message. Strange isn’t it?

  18. Joann Baxter

    I have to click on the headlines of the post to read the complete post. If I click on the ‘read more’ on the bottom, I get the error reading. It’s been that way for months, if not more.

  19. Bobbie

    I got the same message also. But I decided to open anyway. Can you check this out to see that opening it doesn’t effect our iPads or computers. Your flowers are beautiful. It’s in the mid 6o’s here in Washington state west side of state . Overcast to. I love your rugs but I can’t keep up my quilting much less take on a new hobby. You have so much energy Mary it’s unbelievable. All the yard work, keeping the animals you feed and care for. Quilting, housework. You are simple amazing.
    I can’t wait to see the new quilt Reed is going to start. He is such a fabulous kid. His first Quilt was beautiful, he sure got cheated not going to state. But there is next year. With you as his teacher this quilt will be beautiful also.
    Have a great weekend. And stay cool.

  20. Anonymous

    Hi this is Bonnie . I live in Texas and today it 98, in the shade .no rain .wish I could be there today.

  21. Linda Baker

    Mary, I am canning a batch of salsa as we speak. You’re lucky you don’t have to do relish this year. We don’t have a big garden, but it was coming along nicely until my husband accidentally sprayed with poison and killed everything but the tomatoes and broccoli.
    Your flowers and rug are stunning, love the colors. I’m surprised to hear that you don’t like the fall, is it because it’s such a short season? When I worked at the farm market it was always so much fun to sell all the different pumpkins and fall flowers.
    There’s the timer, better take care of the salsa.

  22. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Your garden looks gorgeous, Mary. I hope you enjoyed the fair. I love local and state fairs.

  23. Sue in Oregon

    Wow, I love that rug. I will have to save the rug a long sessions because I can’t see my way to start it yet. But, I sure want to.
    My phlox that color are blooming now too. Aren’t they gorgeous? My dahlias are pretty now too. We have had such a lovely summer here that I hate the thought of winter as well. Gosh, it just flew by.
    I clicked on the blog name at the top and did not get the scary message. Glad of that.
    See you tomorrow….

  24. Linda in So Cal

    I got the same message! When I opened Comments I was able to view the rest of your blog. When will your new book be available? Will you & Connie autograph it as you did with Beyond the Battlefield? We could use some of your rain… no lightning though since it starts fires.

    1. Connie Tesene

      Hi Linda
      Yes, we would be happy to autograph your book. We will be selling them in November…not sure of the date yet. We will keep you informed.
      Thanks, Connie

  25. Kathy in western NY

    Your flower bed is brimming with color!
    We saw the game of jenga being played at graduation parties this summer and the noise when the stack falls kept making me jump a mile. But kids were having fun and that’s what matters.
    I think I better sit this next project out. I see from my book some squares are cut 1 1/4” and my sight has some difficulty with cutting smaller pieces. I might cut a few pieces and see how I do first before I decide.
    Excited to see what Reed will be doing next!

  26. Jo in Wyoming

    Your flowers are truly beautiful. And I see geese in the yard too. Love the geese and chickens sneaking into a picture.
    Fall is coming, it was in the 40’s this morning. I’m about ready to take a cherry pie out of the oven. Wanta come over and have a piece with coffee?
    By the time you get to ole Wyoming, it should be cool enough to cut!

  27. karen

    received that odd, scarey message also
    but I could access the blog thru your website

  28. Maryann

    I had no problem getting to the blog. Only had a couple ads to click on. I watched the entire Tin Star series. It is different. Your flowers are amazing!

  29. Mary

    I love the rug. Got that message too so escaped out and went back to the post and clicked on the Auguat heading which took me to the website. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  30. Vickie

    Got same message every time I tried it. Pressed comments to get to the blog.

    Mary, I really wish your blog was not having this hacker crap and I know you do too. Wish people could just leave everyone alone and find something constructive instead of destructive to keep them busy.

    1. Kathy Hanson

      I did the same – wonder what is up!! Love the blog and want to continue to read it so I did!

  31. Ellie

    What a beautiful flower bed! You surely have had enough rain to keep everything happy! The State Fair closes in IN today too. Many of our kids are already back in school. Seems so early to me. Love the colors in your rung and I’m looking forward to the video.

  32. Joyce from NY

    I also got the same message as JudyE, I don’t know what that’s about. Did see your post though, nice.

  33. Casey

    I know exactly what you mean about not being able to fully appreciate fall because of what looms in the near future. I find the older I get the more I dread the winter snow and ice. But I’ll never move to Florida because of it.

  34. Diane in WI

    Everything worked fine for me also. We had a storm and lots of rain again this morning. It can stop for awhile. The colors of your rug are beautiful. The overflowing flower bed is wonderful such a abundance of color and flowers. Our country fair starts next week on Wednesday. We usually have over one hundred quilts come in for judging. I hope the weather stays nice; last year we had down pours of rain. Have a great day.

  35. Diane, Squeak's Mo

    Wow–I am the second person to reply:) HOT here in Central Ohio. I have two strips finished on my rug so I better get busy. It’s my second one and I love doing it. With four grandchildren it’s sometimes hard to fit in everything I want to do! The flowers are beautiful. My husband and I are heading to the Dairy Barn quilt show in Athens, Ohio sometime soon. We have never been so decided we’d go on one of these hot days.
    I can’t wait to see Reed’s next quilt.

  36. JudyE

    For your information:
    When I pressed the read more then I
    got a message that someone could be impersonating this website Country Threads and they could steal your personal data and financial information. Close this screen immediately.
    I had not seen that before.

    1. Lisa in Washington state

      I also got that same weird message, I had to go into the blog using a different pathway in order to read this post.

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