Rug Day, August 19

I checked my rug book and it looks like we started weaving row #1 on July 30 but I’m not sure that post reached any of you so we’ll talk about it again.

Start on page 5 in the lower left hand corner. Be sure to start your ONE strip in 2 unequal halves to you won’t have to add strips on at the same place creating a bump.

Always treat the rod and the closest strip as one unit – this is what keeps the edges of your rug straight.

When twining from the right side to the left side of your rug, always throw the right hand strip OVER the left hand strip and then pass it under the warp.

Continue across the top row being very careful not to pull the warp strips off the nails – that’s where the rubber bands come in very handy. After you’ve twined a row or two on each end, the warp strips will not easily come off the nails.

The next step was scheduled for August 5. It’s found on page 7 and it’s got 2 stars beside #4. If this step isn’t done correctly, your rug will come apart.

Remember that loop we hung over the first nail on the upper left corner? The strip that passes over the left in that corner must go through that loop! MUST! ABSOLUTELY MUST!!! After it goes through that loop it will pass under the rod.

The remaining strip also encircles the rod and now you’re ready to twine from left to right which means the strip in your left hand will pass over the strip in your right hand and then go under the warp.

Watch this chapter on your dvd and I think all your questions will be answered. Page 9 that is referenced was from a previous edition of the book – in the 3rd edition the step is on page 7. And if you do still have questions, ask in a comment and I will answer.

Your assignment will be to get at least 6 rows on each end of the rug. I’ll check back with you one week from today.

13 thoughts on “Rug Day, August 19

  1. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    OK. I have two rows done so I will get busy. Spent the morning with my neighbor whose dog passed over The Rainbow Bridge last night at Med Vet. Very, very sad. We are their back up walkers and loved Cooper, too. He was a beautiful blue merle collie with big, brown eyes. Just sad. The rug will help take my mind off my sadness. Thanks, Mary

    1. Marsha from Kansas

      So, so sorry for your neighbor’s loss. Our pets are our family! Sorry for your loss of a walking partner, too. Dogs touch so many lives, don’t they? We are all attached to Hazel and Telly even though many of us have not met them in person. We still love seeing what they are up to. Like the towel game! They each have their own special personality.

  2. Kathy in western NY

    Oh Diane, my heart breaks. I know it’s part of owning a pet but it still tears me up when they go. I feel bad for anyone who goes through this loss. They are our companions. Keep busy as you say and work thru the sadness.

  3. Jean

    I couldn’t read the most recent blog before this one because a full page alarm message popped up n my phone stating country threads page was corrupted and all my personal info on my phone would be attacked! It was so stressful. Grrrrrr

  4. Amy

    I’ve closed ads and no ugly messages. Its a good Monday on the blog! We are going to be in the high 90s this week with heat warnings, not that I like winter but I don’t like this ridiculous hot either. However I do enjoy the 4 seasons so we can be happy at least this too shall pass : )

  5. Kay Nuckolls

    So sorry about Cooper they are so special and unique. I lost my best friend JR a corgi daschound mix but looked like a trip color corgi on Monday after Thanksgiving the my other corgi mix on Wednesday. Bad week. In December I got a 8 week old Corgi and the void was filled. So happy you are able to post again!!!!

  6. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts about Cooper. He was a very special guy to us so caring thoughts help. To Kay, glad you now have a new little one to give you joy.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane, Squeaks mom – so sorry your neighbor has lost Cooper – I hope they’ll get another dog to fill the void.

  7. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    Hi Mary, They have Romeo, also a rescue, but I think they will get another. They volunteer at the Humane Society and love their pups:)

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