We were afraid it wouldn’t come with all the rain we’ve had but here is the scene across the road from us.  The combine is just gobbling up those soybeans – look at that nice clean field!

And here is what Rick was doing today – putting hay bales in the haymow via the new hay elevator. Yes, our very fun camp classroom now has hay in it for the goats.  

I tried and tried to load a short video so you could see the bale elevator working and it just wouldn’t load​​.  This sure beats hauling those bales up by hand!
I picked these beautiful hydrangeas today, too.

Short post today – I promise I will post the sponge cake recipe tomorrow and show you the shirt quilt.  I finished Driftless – now what will I start next?  Connie and Roy are visiting the Black Hills this weekend.  They just stopped at Wall Drug for one of those delicious donuts!  Yum!

20 thoughts on “Harvest!

  1. Pam

    Mary, am I correct in saying that the big basket with the hydrangeas is an antique funeral basket? I have two of them. One is white and the other has been painted brown. At least that is what my mom told me they are called. They were used over and over for funeral flower displays supposedly.

    Seeing that fresh hay makes me homesick for girlhood…for about a second! That is hard, scratchy work but I still love the smell and I especially like Rick’s supervisor!

    Your hydrangeas are beautiful! Thanks as always for the snapshot into your life!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam – yes, it is an antique funeral basket. I think I have about 40 of them in assorted sizes. They are great at Christmas with greenery, too.

  2. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, Wall Drug. They have really built it up into a very interesting place over the years. Yes, there is free ice water, but you have to buy the doughnuts. They had the buffalo roundup in Custer Park on Friday with 15,000 (?) watching and listening to the thundering hooves. Today is the fall Volksmarch at Crazy Horse. Were Connie and her husband going to climb Crazy Horse? It is a wonderful day for it. And the view is terrific. My cousin came out and we did the climb 8 years ago. At Chamberlain they will be able to see Dignity on top the hill. The sculptor lives outside Sturgis. It is very impressive.
    Guess that is a travelog for Western South Dakota. It is a beautiful time to visit.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – Connie just sent me a picture of Crazy Horse but I don’t know if she did the walk. She was expecting it to be finished – ha!

      1. Betty Klosterman

        The paper says about 4000 people climbed Crazy Horse yesterday. It was a beautiful day.

  3. Diane

    That elevator has to be a help as well as Telly!! I love the basket holding the Hydrangeas. We visited Wall Drug in 1982–nice memory, but I don’t remember the donuts so I’ll wait for Connie’s post:)

  4. Ann Barlament

    Hydrangeas is what one of my nieces used as her wedding bouquet.

    Good that you’ve got an elevator for the hay..one tough job made a bit easier.

  5. Rose Mikulski

    It seems like yesterday when I read the post with the ladies doing the hay baling manually. I did it once and that was enough. Looking at the hay elevator, I see a ride for the critters. I’m sorry that I didn’t cut my hydrangeas sooner, they’re all teal green now.

  6. Kathy Schwartz

    Looks like Rick has some help on the hay rack. Or, maybe that is the boss standing there!!
    We also are busy with the beans. The elevator is open 8-8 and you should see the trucks and wagons lined up ready to dump. Once you are in, it only takes about 10-15 minutes. They are open on Sun. also, because of the forecast of rain on Tues. and off and on next week. There is no time to loose now. We don’t want them to swell and pop open and go to the ground. Some of our beans are shoulder high this year–that is where the cow manure was knifed in last fall. We are anxious to see the average. Once they are planted, you start to wonder what you will get.
    The flowers are beautiful and very “showy.”

  7. Launa Peters

    Nice to see the new hay elevator and your wonderful flowers, Mary. They can be dried and made into beautiful wreaths sprayed with a little glitter for the holidays.

    Had a nice dip in the weather today as our high was 79 and sunny.

    Could you explain a little more about the Black Hills Wall Drugs’ donuts? My WA hometown used to have Spudnuts……to die for.

    Sewed the three Circa 2016 four patches and next Friday Sheryl is posting the setting for this Temecula shop sew along.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – I’ll have Connie tell you about the Wall Drug donuts when she gets home.

  8. Jane b.

    We were poor farmers who never did get an elevator. Now I drive through the countryside and see them rusting because farmers no longer have livestock. Made me sad to see that way of life gone.

  9. Mary McCarron

    Hygrangea color reminds me of tourmaline Just beautiful flowers Thanks for pictures

  10. Angie Rowland

    Don’t forget the free ice water that they advertise for 500 miles and by the time you get there you are dying of thirst and it goes well with the doughnuts. Hard to eat just one.

  11. mary

    I have started At The Water’s Edge by Sarah Gruen and I think it is going ro be good.
    Our town is drying out.
    My recall of baling hay- hard work.

  12. Carol

    My vanilla strawberry hydrangea trees just came into bloom and they are beautiful! Time to cut them. Looking forward to your recipe and quilt pictures.

  13. Marilyn

    Great pictures as always. So glad for the harvest.they haven’t done the soybeans here in North Carolina yet.The flowers are beautiful.

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