Doesn’t she look angelic?  How could this sweet thing turn into a piranha every evening?  Ha!

44 thoughts on “Hazel

  1. Chris Harrington

    Love, love, love this picture of Hazel! She is adorable and all Terrier I’d say.

  2. Diane

    I’m replying late. Somehow I missed this yesterday. As my husband would say, “She is cuter than socks on a chicken!” The quilt is adorable, too. Hazel does deserve her own poster:) Warm in Central Ohio today. 80’s in April–ick.

  3. Patty McDonald

    I agree with Joanne that Hazel should be a on a poster for a good cause. She is adorable. We refer to our coon hound as shark teeth and our youngest lab as piranha teeth when they start with their rough play. They can appear so viscous but are really sweet hearts. We rather watch our pups than TV. Love to see the pics of Hazel!

  4. fannie jane

    Oh I just don’t believe it . . . Hazel be anything but sweet and calm and well behaved? Nor do I believe when one of my children tell me that one of my perfectly angelic grandchildren have behaved badly. Not possible!

  5. Diane

    It helps if you feed her! Just kidding. She looks adorable and the background for this picture is perfect.

  6. Joanne Kalahar

    Hazel is a show stopper – she should be the poster puppy for some good cause.

  7. Dee T.

    Hazel is a beautiful puppy. Take this picture and expand it, frame it and hang it up. How do you accomplish her staying so still for a photo? She must have a dual personality. Some times a piranha.
    When she changes, look at the picture and remember how cute she is.

  8. Kelley

    What a sweetie! Oh I know those baby teeth are so sharp. I would just collapse after I put my terrier baby to bed!

  9. Becky from IA

    Oh yes so sweet!!! Love that you call her piranha….how I remember those baby teeth!

  10. ANITA Fetzer

    Cute as a button. I just want to reach in there and hold her but there is a little “I’m an ornery little girl and want to have fun fun fun.

  11. Carolyn W.

    Look at those sweet eyes. They are saying, “As soon as this picture taking business is over I have plans.” She really is a cutie.

  12. Ann Barlament

    Looks too angelic, probably just a show for the camera! Work it Hazel Jane!!

  13. Donna from Oz

    Beautiful little girl!
    And the reason she is like she is is because she is a terror breed. Oops! I mean a terrier breed!
    Her antics will make for great memories. They sure did with our little terrier.

  14. Heather Kehoe

    I had the pleasure of meeting this little beauty tonight. She is definitely a handful and from what I see keeps Mary on her toes. But she is the cutest piranha I have ever seen! 😉

  15. pam forsling

    I know of a friend who at one time had a dog like Hazel.
    They always kennels it when they went away. Finally they thought it would be ok for a short time while they were gone. When they came home, it had shredded all the mini blinds any anything that was on a table had been completely knocked off!

  16. Rebecca Haines

    My sweet Rhett turned into Buckey Beaver and destroyed the laundry room! Eleven years later he’s calmed down but has on occasion eaten fringe off of the rugs.

  17. Angie Rowland

    BLESS HER HEART. She can’t be THAT bad? She has such a sweet face you must be mistaken. Of course she may have a split personality. They used to say there are no bad children just bad parents, but I don’t believe that about animals. Did you see Hazel’s parents? Remember the book, MARLEY AND ME, I am just saying.

    I have to laugh and thank God it is you and not me because you have the patience of a Saint and will be supreme over Hazel, eventually.

  18. Vickie Lemonds

    I so love Hazel Jane and I look forward to her daily pictures. She is so adorable. I even share the pictures with my husband. If I forget, he’ll ask “what Hazel was doing today!” Thanks for your blog. It’s a bright spot in my day, everyday!

  19. Sue Davis

    Oh Mary, I think your mistaken. Are you sure it’s this precious baby that turns into piranha!!

  20. Patricia G Hayes

    pack her in a cartoon and send her my way!!! PLEASE!!! OH IKNOW YOU WON’T BUT THAT’S OK. I WIL ENJOY HER AT YOUR PLACE. SHE IS A LOVE. WHAT TYPE OF BREED?

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