Here’s the preschool picture

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13 thoughts on “Here’s the preschool picture

  1. Charlene sexton

    I the same thing lots of years ago for the letters H and Q. Horse one time with lots of tack and then Q.

    It was fun. Wish i had pictures.

  2. Carole

    So sweet! What a perfect quilt to take to a pre-school. Happy quilt, happy kids, happy Mary.

  3. Dixie

    You are such a wonderful lady being involved with so many lucky people. Keep up your energy and continue doing what you do best from animals to people.

  4. Maryjane

    Adorable Iowa children! They learned the Q lesson big time! Thanks for sharing the pic. Great quilts.
    Tustin, CA

  5. Gwen Herbert

    This looks like it really was a FUN day!!! Little kids are so sweet! & I love the quilt!! Looks like a “bullseye”!pattern. I did 2 of them !

  6. Marilyn Morley

    What a bunch of cuties – I understand why you have such a beautiful smile. It is such fun to deal with the little ones. I made alphabet quilts with three kindergarten classes at the school where I volunteered a few years ago. We made a quilt for each classroom – my lesson learned was if ever I do it again – I will make a block for the kids to take home to keep from having some of the tears a few little kids shed over putting their block in the quilt!!!

  7. Launa

    Such a swell group of beautiful kiddos; high energy age. Looks like you enjoyed alphabet ‘Q’ day as much as they did! Just love your dotted Bull’s Eye quilt with the piano key border. Great picture, Mary.

  8. Louise

    Oh my goodness, what a little packet of cuties! Mary you fit right in with them and the happy
    quilt you are sharing with them. What a fun day you must of had. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Jeanine

    That’s the Bull’s Eye Quilt! I made one several years ago, and even taught some other gals how to do it. I have it hanging in my sewing room, as I just made a smaller version. So much fun! I did mine in civil war prints, and love it. What fun colors yours is.

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