Hope is staying with me while Connie and Roy are on the cruise.  I had one picture from Connie taken with our friends Kathy and Susan and I am waiting for some more details about the class, etc. and then I will post it.  Hope is a good girl but like all dogs, they all have their quirks.  I know mine do.  What’s really exciting though is that Hope goes into the barn with us to do chores.  She doesn’t chase anything and she loves lining up at the feed room door with Telly and Faye who are chomping at the bit to get in and catch a mouse which they usually do.  More dogs are coming tomorrow.

More details about that little bag I made.  It’s lined with yellow and blue print and yes, it is 2 sided with patchwork on both sides. 

I survived the root canal but my mouth is still sore today.  My window washers called Sunday night and said they’d be here about noon on Monday so I got up early and started moving all those plants on the window sills.  Then they called about 8:30 and said they were 5 minutes away – whoa!!  I pulled everything away so fast and it still isn’t  all back in place.  Then the carpet guy came to measure the upstairs for new carpet.  Then my contractor came to measure the windows in the shop so we can put safety glass in since Telly broke one out a week ago while I was in church.  Then I went to the dentist and put Telly and Hope in the shop while I was gone.  I came home and they were both sitting in the front yard.  Yes, Telly broke out a second window and both jumped out through the torn screen.   Ugh! 


This morning I went to preschool and represented the letter Q for quilt.  The kids were very interested and excited – a lively bunch for sure!

And I will close with some everyday pet pictures. 


12 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Ann Barlament

    I love the goat in the trailer, probably wondering why you aren’t taking her for a ride. 🙂

  2. Moe Baly

    Wonderful post Mary! Love that you represented “Q” at the school! Great photos too! Have a great springtime.

  3. VA Mann

    Wow! You had one busy day! Love all your animal pics. You have two mischievous dogs..Telly and Hope…kids just wanna have fun! LOL. You certainly have patience to do a bag made of those snippets…beautiful!

  4. Carol

    Maybe put in skylights?!! Love the kitties…I am partial to tuxedos! The jet black kitty looks so sweet. 🙂

  5. Launa

    Mary, Marvelous lining fabric in your new cosmetic bag. Guess it isn’t fun for the dogs to be in the shop without you there! Enjoyed the critter pictures and am looking forward to the “quilt cruise” pictures. Having a little afternoon heat wave here in the valley for the remainder of the week.

  6. Holly

    What fun pictures! I love the animal pictures, nice to see some of the kitties, too. Hope was always so sweet and quiet in the shop–just walking up and standing by me for a little petting. The dogs are lucky they didn’t get hurt. What escape artists!

  7. eydie

    How lucky you are to do what you want to do now! (Even if they break through the windows).

  8. Penny C

    You are such a busy lady!!! How do you keep up with it all, I got tired just reading about it!!! LOL Loved all the pictures of your wonderful animals. We are still having cool weather here in the Northern Neck of VA, in the sixties most days. But warm weather is headed our way 80 this weekend. I know the kids enjoyed you as much as you enjoyed them.

  9. MartyCae

    I love all the animal pictures! Especially the last goat picture – pure art! Maybe sometime soon you could post a picture of the handsome Ernie Joe Maurer.

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