Here’s What Connie Has Been Working On

PINCUSHIONS! Using Carrie Nelson’s book Pin Pals, she decided to try making the hardest one in the book – p. 72 Spokes, my favorite one in the whole book!

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She was able to show me the back before she layered it.

Those little tiny seams are trimmed after sewing.

Now for the padded circle to close the top.

And then filled and closed. Don’t you just love it?

Roy made her a homemade funnel – anyone could make one of these and it’s not so skinny making it easier to use.

Connie and I both bought this book and then Martingale sent each of us a book for Valentine’s Day. Hmmmm…. what should we do with the two extra books? We’ll give them away to two of our lucky blog readers! That’s what we’ll do! When you enter a comment and click on an ad we will tally up all the comments and ask Reed to pick two winning numbers. On Monday I’ll announce the winners here on the blog.

Connie sent me a new picture of sweet Betty in a puppy sit by the fireplace. Finally – a great picture of a black dog!

As of today we are retiring Frosty and I Love You. If your postmark is February 16 or earlier, we will put them in the mail. If the postmark is February 17 and later, you’re too late. Tomorrow I’ll show you the next offerings. Any comments today and tomorrow will qualify in the drawing for the two pincushion books.

Book Club – I let it go this month because I thought you were too busy working on Bullseye but I’ve gotten several titles so if you’d like to list your February books as your comment, I’ll collect them.

Beyond The Battlefield is still available for $31.00 to which includes shipping. I emailed Martingale on Friday because the books still had not arrived. And sure enough UPS had some problems keeping on a schedule due to weather. Hopefully they will arrive here Monday or Tuesday.

This is where I was yesterday with Becky – Concord Care monthly birthday party.

Tonight on 48 Hours our cousin Lynne Westafer from CA will be featured as part of the story about the Trader Joe’s shooting last summer. Just FYI.

I’m going to hold my breath and hit PUBLISH. Tomorrow I’ll introduce the new patterns.

I haven’t read all the supportive comments after my rant last night but thank you, all of you, for your concern!

315 thoughts on “Here’s What Connie Has Been Working On

  1. Mary Freeman

    The pincushions are great-especially the ‘spokes’ one. Love all the little patchwork! I so enjoy your blog -getting a look into your life is fun. I do get cold sometimes, just reading about the wether!

  2. MartyCae

    Love the pincushion – simply amazing! I use the pincushion daily that you made for your piano fund. It is always by my machine (except for when kitty bats if off). It is part of my décor. You will have to take a picture of Ernie and Hazel again! I just love them both!

  3. Jess

    Oh, my word! That pincushion is amazing….I’ve never seen one with such small strips. I LOVE IT!

  4. Bobbie Woodruff

    Wow ! I love that pin cushion. But it looks like a lot of work. I love all the ones you have collected over the years. You think one day 50 to 100 years someone else will have that one in her collection. Need to attach a little label to it. With her name and date on it. Hope your weather improves soon. It’s been a extra cold winter here in Arizona this year. But colder at home in Washington state. You do wonderful on your blog. I couldn’t do it but love💕💕💕 reading your. Keep them coming.

  5. Sandra McGuire

    Love that pincushion but it looks tricky. I love your blog and just hit on several ads as always.

    Sandi McGuire

  6. Lovie Ball

    Love the pincushion. Saw all seams pressed open, have to give that a try. Working on 10 degree wedges.

  7. Heather G

    I recently found your blog and am enjoying following your quilting, farm, family and friend antics! Thanks so much!

  8. Patricia

    This was on my to buy list so maybe I’ll get lucky. The one Connie made is so cute, as they all are. The pictures you posted showed sunny skies so I hope your weather has improved. I’m continually amazed at all that you do, not only all your chores at home but your volunteerism as well. I continue to enjoy your posts and look forward to them. Love the pictures.

  9. Suzanne Matula

    So cute! Another project to addbtoy list. How cute would that be to gift to a quilting friend?

  10. Karen Gaither

    I missed this last night. I love love love Connie’s pin cushion. Y’all have always made fantastic pin cushions. I bought one either in Houston Quilt Show or when at store for camp. I don’t know how all make them so full and tight. I would love the book/pattern.

  11. Janet Orr

    What a wonderful giveaway! All those pincushions are wonderful. I love to make them for my friends and myself. A person can never have too many. Thanks! BTW I miss your shop. I had just discovered it before you closed. We have a retreat in Clear Lake every spring. But totally understand it was time for you to enjoy life doing whatever strikes your fancy. But you seem busier than ever – ever wonder how you had time to work? Thanks again.

  12. Elaine Green

    Love, love this little pincushion. Can’t wait to try, but had back surgery last week and the sewing machine is not on my list for now. Would love the book.

  13. Candy N.

    I see a pincushion collection in my future … LOL! I really want the one Connie is making,… it reminds me of those ‘tuffets’ that are so popular. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Kim LeMere

    I have never made a pincushion but I can learn! Many have been given to me so I’m never short of having one handy. Looks like a super cute book to take to bed and read .

  15. Beth T.

    So many comments that by the time I got to the bottom, after reading them all–I forgot what I was going to say! I don’t know if that’s age or sleep deprivation, but these days I blame everything on our new puppy so I’m going with lack of sleep. 🙂

    I watched that program about the Trader Joe’s hostage situation, because I am a California native, although now I’m living in Oregon, and could easily imagine myself dropping by a TJ’s on a Saturday afternoon. It sounds so harrowing. I thought it was very heartwarming that a supportive group seems to have grown out of the experience; there are probably very few people who can understand what that was like, while many outsiders probably are urging them to “get over it” or stop thinking so much about it. And then it seems like they are also enjoying the experience of getting to know people they might otherwise not have, due to differing socioeconomic conditions–often we know people who work where we do, or live in the same neighborhood, or are in many ways like us, but people at the store might be very different, and yet they shared a traumatic situation and it opened them up, it sounds like.

    Did you know she was there when it was happening? I’m thankful she wasn’t injured. Tragic that the Trader Joe’s manager was killed. And crazy to think of how many similar situations people think about when something like that happens–school shootings, movie theaters, churches, concerts–trying to determine what to do, what is the right response, in a split second. Like, hiding in the closet and keeping absolutely still.

    There is a beautiful documentary on HBO right now, about the drama students at Parkland who went ahead and put on a concert after the shooting there last year. Coincidentally (or maybe not, given the date), I had watched it earlier yesterday and was amazed at the teacher’s presence of mind in dealing with her students during the event. (They’d had a training session just prior to the shooting, might have helped, but still–she was amazing.) But it also made me so sad, that part of teaching in America is being taught how to keep your students alive. Don’t let my sad response scare you away from the HBO special, though–most of it is very life-affirming and those kids are resilience personified.

  16. Patricia E Campbell

    So now I know WHY so many people commented on this post: a giveaway! Haha! It’s kind of like the cyber version of shoppers rushing to a bargain bin all at once!
    Yes, I clicked all the ads. 🙂
    And, Hello, Reed!!

  17. Barb K

    I love to see all your animal and bird pictures–I am an animal lover too–cute picture of the dog and teeth brushing! I believe you are one busy lady with all your interests and your animal chores!!

  18. Debbie Lindeman

    Such a beautiful pincushion! And a fun give-away! I love your blog and all the news. Our snowy Iowa winter is good for sewing.

  19. Barb Rydell

    Loved the pin cushion and always wanted to try making one. Wouldn’t mind winning the book for inspiration. Enjoy your blog and always close the ads.

  20. Carol

    PS I close all the ads every time, and sometimes I go back to reread on another devise and close them again! Doing my bit to keep you in “threads!”

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – thank you for closing the ads! You are helping us pay the bills!

  21. Maria L Zook

    I am a faithful reader of your blog and checked out the handcreams on L’Occitaine. I am so thankful that you and Connie have stayed involved in the quilting world.

  22. Jeri Niksich

    Putting my name in the pot for a needed book! I bought crushed shells and some Lavender oil for a pretty relaxing aroma for see but I stalled out there for an idea for pin cushions. Thanks for the opportunity to win and I think Reed is the perfect person for the winning pick. WTH Reed!

    1. Jeri with head hanging low.

      Oops I’m so sorry for not proof reading my spell check 😠 I meant WTG (WAY TO GO) Reed!

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Jeri – I couldn’t figure it out, except for the obvious, so I’m glad you wrote back! Spell check is not your friend unless you proofread everything! I also know from experience.

  23. Judy

    I love Connie’s pincushion it reminds me of the footstools everyone was making a couple years ago. I am finding the ad thing interesting as some of us must see different ads than others. I noticed one person clicked on Coldwater Creek and Bernina. I may have seen a Coldwater Creek ad but never Bernina and right now I have only been seeing Wayfair. I guess I thought everyone was seeing the same ads although it probably doesn’t matter as long as we see at least one to click on.
    I am reading a book right now called The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz. The Author has spent most of her life working for foundations that look for ways to help the poor in third world countries. It is very interesting as it really opens your eyes about how much money can be wasted in trying to help people unless you go about it in the right way and sometimes it takes awhile to find that way.

  24. Barb K

    Love that cute pincushion! And love following along with life on the farm!! I so miss your quilt shop,

  25. Sharyn Resvick

    I have a friend who wins these internet things always. I’d like to tell her I won this time! Love hearing from you each week.

  26. Donna M

    Who would have thought a book on pincushions would be so popular? Me! Fun little projects that take very little time but very satisfying to make

  27. mary jane

    Today, Sunday, here in Hudson WI, it is gray (again) but the sun is trying to shine on awhile.
    Yesterday I rec’d my copy of Beyond the Battlefield, am anxious to open it up and pick out a quilt I will want to try. I am just finishing up my BULLSEYE top…getting close.
    I have a few books to add to the list for this month or next:
    THE TRAVELLING CAT CHRONICLES by Hiro Arikawa (those of us who love our kitties will enjoy this)
    EDUCATED a Memoir by Tara Westover (inspiring)
    PEACE LIKE A RIVER by Leif Enger
    VIRGIL WANDER by Leif Enger

  28. Joann

    Tried to post a comment last night but it looks like it didn’t go thru. Love the pin cushion! Thsnks for giving us a chance to win the.books!

  29. Linda Huyser

    Very cute pin cushion!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a new book!! Can’t have enough books/patterns!

  30. Gayle Shumaker

    Love the pincushion. I’ve made a couple of the tuffet pincushions. They were a pain trying to slip the sewn material over the firm foam then attaching to the wood base.
    Received my copy of Beyond the Battlefield and am looking forward to making some of the quilts that are in it.

  31. Karen D Martin

    Betty looks like she is waiting for someone to stoke up that fireplace–lol! I can see how making those pinnies can become addictive–so adorable!

  32. Debra

    Hi, Mary, I’ve finished my Bullseye quilt and watch TV under it in the evenings. I so enjoy your blog every morning with a cup of black coffee. I faithfully click all the ads I see and would love to have Reed pick my name. He is such a fine young man. I love seeing and hearing about all your adventures with him.

  33. Paula Philpot

    I absolutely LOVE that pincushion and would love the book. Thanks Reed for choosing for Mary. I also closed some ads as usual. Paula in KY

  34. Linda in PA

    Connie’s pin cushion is great! I really like your Bullseye quilt. I didn’t follow along,but would like to make one in the near future. I usually click the ads and did so today. Your blog is on my reading list every morning!

  35. Debbie B

    Connie’s pincushion is adorable! Looks like a fun book. It’s so nice to see you and Becky entertaining the folks at the home. Brings back memories. I’ve done that in my adult life, but started early while in girl scouts and school outing, too. Kudos to you two!

  36. Carolyn Rector

    Love to read your blog! Always so interesting. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  37. Therese Waller

    I love those little pincushions and really miss coming to Country Threads. Remembering the good old days of classes above the garage and midnight potlucks!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Therese Waller – weren’t those the days? The all night class with a potluck thrown in – great memories!

  38. Barbara

    Your blog is great fun to read! Even the comments are enjoyable. And the fact that you read them and answer them is amazing. I made the bullseye quilt way back when the book with Aunt Amy’s quilt came out. It’s still my favorite lap quilt! I still have copies of the Goat Gazette! Keep on blogging!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara – I am so impressed that you have saved some copies of the Goat Gazette! Thank you!

  39. Sandra Corrigan

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and all the comments from the readers. It has been a long and cold winter in Indiana and my arthritis is giving me fits. Thank goodness for book suggestions and wonderful quilts to be made, and encouragement to complete a few of the ufos.Now I think I will get busy and start some pincushions.Take care.

  40. Laura DeMarco Van Slyke

    Love those pin cushions! Sally (from Quilted Hearts) and two of our quilting friends are going to do a pin cushion exchange. We both enjoy seeing what you and Connie are doing. I’ve been going thru all my old Country Threads books and patterns. Have many samples, of yours, from the shop. I could not let this go!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Laura DeMarco – oh, weren’t those the days? Connie and I will never forget our stay in your cabin nor our visit to Sally’s home! Wonderful memories! How did you manage to marry someone with two last names like yours? It’s a mouthful – ha!

  41. Connie

    This book has been on my wish list for quite a bit. I hope Reed picks me!! HA. I love this one that Connie has made. I am up for the challenge! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of this book.

  42. Mary Neitzel

    The pincushion is so cute! I love following your blog and hearing about the goings on at the farm. I especially love hearing about and seeing pictures of Hazel! She must be a real character!

  43. Rosalie

    Love your blog.
    Just finishing a string quilt from a class I took with Connie in Victoria Texas in February of 1999!!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rosalie – were we both in Victoria? And what is the string project? Just can’t remember.

  44. Linda

    I loved every pincushion that Connie has made but this is my favorite! Reminds me of the one my mom had when I was growing up! The ads are weird today there were several to close and some days I don’t see any. Go figure!

  45. Lee

    Mary…look what a fan club you have! You never get this many comments. Now they have all come out of the woodwork hoping to win a book. Life sure is grand.
    Great picture of Betty!
    Try to stay warm….snuggle up with a good book. I am having a great time rereading At Home in Mitford. It’s like an Episcopalian revival meeting.
    Blessings. Lee

  46. Meri in SoVa

    Love the pincushions Connie has made…thanks for a chance to win the book! I got my copy of Beyond the Battlefield (thanks for signing it) and was explaining to my hubby that all the quilts he sees around the house and the rug frame and rugs are your designs! They are still my favorites!
    I bought 30 Stars for 30 Years pattern from you at the Country Living show in Columbus a few years back and need to whip that up, too. Thanks for your blog and for your stories…keep them coming!
    PS Closed 7 ads on this post

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Meri – I need to tell the 30 Stars story one of these days. Thanks for reading and closing ads to support us.

  47. Jacqueline Spivey

    I only have one pincushion that I have used for 40 plus years. I think it is time for some new ones!

  48. Melody

    Hello from sunny Florida where we escape from the cold Iowa winter! I finished my bullseye top, that I had started years ago, in our rv this week. Your see along have me the judge i needed to get it done – thank you! Stay warm!

  49. Janelle L. Bucher

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a book. I’ve only ever made one pincushion, so it could be fun to choose which one to make! I have a black dog and never gave it a thought until someone else mentioned to me about how difficult it was to take pictures of black dogs. Oh well, they’re still cute.

  50. Linda H - SE MN

    Thanks for the heads-up on the 48 Hours episode featuring your cousin Lynne – it was riveting. Hard to imagine the level of absolute terror they experienced… but good to see how they have supported each other since that day.
    On the subject of books…. I’ve been enjoying “Friendship Album, 1933” on the Quilt Fiction Podcast. It chronicles the lives of a group of women who establish a quilt circle in Milton Falls, Ohio during the Depression. It is read by the author: Frances O’Roark Dowell.
    Radar shows that you’ve been getting snow for a while – looks like it’s still a couple of hours from Rochester – I’m so sick of this winter!! Snow and snow and more snow, ice jams, frozen/burst water pipes, cold, cold, colder – enough already!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda H – SE MN – hang in there, Girlfriend – spring has never failed to come along – maybe late sometimes.

  51. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    The 48 Hours story was well done, Very interesting.
    The picture of Betty should go on a dog calendar (or any calendar.)
    The pincushion is wonderful. So fun.
    I would click on the ads, but I never get them. I don’t know why. Thanks for your efforts and stay warm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Schwartz – you likely have an ad blocker that can be removed from our blog posts, I think.

  52. Diana Stanfill

    I already have Carrie Nelson’s book. I got it the first time you showed it. I have made 8 pin cushions so far. Haven’t tried Connie’s yet. There is another pin cushion book out by “Just Another Button Company”. Havent gotten that one (yet!)

  53. Diane in WI

    The pincushion looks great. I love all the colors Connie used. Betty is a beautiful dog. Three to five inches of snow again tomorrow through Monday with more on Wednesday. I am definitely ready for spring and warmer days. I closed some ads tonight. Have a good day tomorrow.

  54. Kathy in western NY

    Wow Mary, your cousin was so brave. I am still up and not in bed yet! I can’t imagine the emotions of it all so I guess it’s weighing on me to sleep. Thanks for telling us about it. Her curly hair was so cute.
    My daughter and I had lunch together today and just talked about this new pincushion book and how we should buy it to make them to swap with people in our guild. My daughter would do the tuffet one cause she likes small pieces and me i prefer anything 1 1/2” or larger. Connie’s is so stunning.

  55. Caryn Goulden

    I’m enjoying Beyond the Battlefield. Thanks for the note. Connie’s pincushion is adorable! Thanks for a chance to win the book.

  56. Janet Snyder

    What a lot of comments. Couldn’t close any ads, there were none. ❤️ The pincushion.

  57. Carol

    Love the pincushion, it reminds me of the tuffet that is all the craze these days, but in miniature.
    I haven’t been commenting much lately due to the fact that seven rooms in my house are in complete disarray…had eleven new windows put in, all new frames, baseboards, family room painted and new fire surround built… a completely messy job.
    Today we started putting the house in order, everything is coated in dust, nothing can be out back without dusting or washing. I spent three hours hand washing and drying the family room floor…I’m exhausted and not looking forward to continuing the tasks tomorrow.
    But I do love reading about your days, you remind me that the sum of our daily activities in our homes (and, in your case, barn!) and in our communities and in our handiwork makes for a beautiful life.

  58. Sue in Oregon

    Adorable pincushion!! Tell Connie we all love it. Going now to click Cold Water Creek and Bernina ads. They are great ones to click.

  59. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, you must have a thousand comments already. If I don’t win the book, I hope my friend Linda Bakken does because then she can lend it to me. Sometimes there one or two adds, but other times there are more. I always click them.

  60. Tina W

    I’m throwing my name in the hat for a chance to win one of the books! There were 3 or 4 ads that I clicked on. There’s always one at the very top above your picture. So glad the barn heater is fixed. It’s cold in Oregon but not nearly like you have. “Wear warm clothes!”

  61. Joyce C

    Your cousin Lynn W is my hero!!! 48 hrs made you feel as if you were there. She’s a strong woman!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joyce C – I honestly had never heard the whole story. Yes, she’s a strong woman and so is Mary Linda who was so kind to the shooter.

  62. Carmen

    I love making fiddly little things! Those pincushions would be right up my alley. Thanks for being so generous. Love that picture of Betty; I have black cats and it is so hard to get a good pic of them.

  63. JoAnn borges

    I love working with tiny leftover strips, perfect for the round strip pincushion.
    Who knows, maybe I’ll win the book! Thanks for sharing.

  64. Diane From TN

    Thank you for kindly offering your extra books to all of your blog friends. I look forward to your blogs, reminds me of my teenage years in Wisconsin in a farm. It’s a great picture of Betty. Black dogs are hard to photograph but the lighting was perfect. The pincushion looked like a lot of work, but I love it. Just started a new book for my daughters book clun. The mountain story by Lori Larsen.

  65. Rebecca

    Connies pin cushion would make a darling gift. We have so much snow here in eastern Wa, that your blog always brings warmth to my heart when I read it. Thank you.

  66. Marion Epley

    miss you still–all the things you two make is to my liking but I can’t begin to keep up

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marion Epley – HI! MARION! So fun to hear from you – hope you’re still sewing and decorating your wonderful home. Did not know you were a blog reader.

  67. Becki

    Hi Mary. As I read your last blog I was watching the trader joe episode on 48 hrs. How horrible! Connie did a nice job on the tuffet pin cushion. Thanks for your interesting posts. Totally enjoy them💕

  68. Roxanne

    Connie’s new pin cushion is the one I want to make first! She’s done wonders piecing all those beautiful

  69. Christine M

    I love reading your blog. My daughter sent you an email asking about your Buddy Holly memories and you were so kind and quick with your response! Thank you!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Christine M – and I still have feelers out for people who attended and then I’ll send them to her.

  70. Judy

    Connie’s pin cushion is so cute. It is not the that the seams are so small to start, but the pieces are small!
    Pick my entry, Reed!

  71. Margie

    Received Beyond the Battlefield! Can’t wait to read it! That is a neat pincushion. I made a pin cushion in home ec class back in 1972 and still use it. I think if I win the book I might just make a new one. . Enjoy your blog so much! Thanks for sharing.Thanks!

  72. Linette

    Wow I am so impressed with Connie’s pincushion! I don’t have good luck with really small seams. I have my DVR set to record 48 Hours. 😊

  73. Dee Winter

    Yep, I too am a pincushion lover. It started as a small wooden sewing chair with a pincushion set and places on the side for small wooden spools when I was a girl. My one grandma was a veteran thrift shop shopper. She bought me my first ironing board that I lost when our house flooded, I still miss that sturdy wooden board. But then I cleaned out my mother in law’s house and acquired a few, then my mother’s house, a few more, now today I bought an owl one at the quilters shopping spree. Yes, I like pincushions.

  74. Jane Eilderts

    What a cute pincushion and book! Those seem to be the rage right now! Thank you for all the posts in your blog. I love reading it!

  75. Amy M

    I would be afraid to trim those seams for fear of nipping one of the strips! But we really can’t have too many pin cushions, right?! Betty look so big already! Now she is probably at that stage where she still does puppy things but in a large body, like knocking over things! I’m sure Connie and Roy are having so much fun with her. I’m glad you mentioned the Traders Joe, I’m planning to watch.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – yes, Betty is big but still a puppy who does puppy things! I love her!

  76. Deb G in VA

    Love Connie’s pincushion! I’m in need of a new pin cushion, so I will have to find a copy of Carrie’s book and make one! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  77. Mary

    Your blog posts are always so fun to read! Thanks for keeping me entertained:)
    Connie’s pin cushion is adorable; that would be so fun to make. Blessings.
    PS. I don’t mind clicking the ads:)

  78. Jane

    Thank you for the wonderful blog! You are so down to earth-we are dairy farmers so love your farm news too. I especially enjoy all your pictures of quilts in your house and your yard! You are an inspiration to all us! Keep up the great writing! I will have to try your straight line quilting. It looks great!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane – I would not be able to write the blog in any other way than down to earth – born a farm girl and will die a farm girl!

  79. Martha Engstler

    I haven’t read all the blog comments yet and it’s bed time but I have been worried about your lack of heat in your barn and the death of your chicken. I feel bad about that loss and do wonder if you were able to get heat back and what about the baby chicks? Winter isn’t kind this year (maybe never.)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha Engstler – heat is on and the chicks are running around like crazy – they keep warm under Mama.

  80. Debra Miller

    Love all your stories and pictures-like “talking” to a dear friend! Connie’s pincushion is adorable-reminds me of the tuffets. I have set 48 Hours to tape and watch later. My husband can’t miss Dr. Pol! Our goats are having babies-two sets of twins this week and he thinks he might miss something he needs to know.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Debra Miller – I guess so, too – Dr. Pol is wonderful! What kind of goats? Meat, dairy or just pets? I’m too old to take on baby goats but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to!

  81. Jeanie from sw Illinois

    That Betty is just adorable; what a great picture! I love Connie’s pin cushion. Thanks.

  82. Sandy Kolarik

    I love that pin cushion. I still have the pincushion I bought from your booth in Rosemont Il. I couldn’t decide on which one but settled on a mini log cabin. You two were always so nice and helpful. Always my favorite booth. Whenever I sew I think of you gals when I see this pincushion. Thanks so much.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy Kolarik – oh, that is so sweet! We made a lot of those pincushions, didn’t we?

  83. Kate Schloemer

    Absolutely love pin cushions. I had the book added to my Wish List on Amazon. Now I will see if I’m lucky enough to win one…

  84. Bonnie McKee

    Such a darling pincushion! I am going to try to make one, or several! If I don’t win one of your books (fingers crossed!) I will buy a copy!
    And I loved the picture of Betty! Aren’t Labs just wonderful? We have a yellow Lab named Maizie Mae who is full of personality!
    Stay warm!
    Bonnie, in (soggy) Oregon

  85. Jayne Werren

    I have been working on my bullseye quilt and have all 8 rows to put together, but my husband likes it and wants me to make it into a bigger bed quilt, he really likes it. I too have a pin cushion collection and like the one Connie is making. Love all the farm animals and pet pictures and quilts too. I live on a farmette with 2 dogs 1 cat and 3 black angus steers.

  86. Judith Ann Jaques

    I have your blog in my blog list. I visit often. I do love this pin cushion. I have lots of scraps I will give it a try. I did a pillow similar. Never did get it stuff. On my to do list. Getting ready for more snow here in Iowa. We are in the 5-8 inches area. I pray we don’t lose power.

  87. Linda W

    The pin cushion is awesome! Not sure I would attempt that one but I love and the others in the book.

  88. Rita Mulvey in CT

    that Picture of Betty is a really good one, it so difficult to photograph a black dog. She has grown so much.
    That pincushion of Connie’s reminds me of the tuffets that so many people seem to be making.
    We have more snow coming on Monday then snow and more ice Wednesday into Thursday.

  89. Gloria, CC

    Loved finally meeting Hazel this morning. She is the sweetest dog and what a jumper! I didn’t know a dog could jump that high. Gaylen was worn out from playing with her. Ha. Thanks for finding the mink stole to add to my collection. This one will go to Wisconsin. I have eight chairs there to cover in minks. I just finished “The Looking Glass” by Richard Paul Evans – very good book. I found 9 more shirts today in Clear Lake (Village Store) and Mason City (Affordables) to add to my growing collection.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gloria, CC – Hazel loves people and Gaylen really must love dogs. When some people visit they don’t really like that energetic little dog!

  90. Linda Winn

    I faithfully read your blog and really enjoy it. I love pincushions and I know I would enjoy the book.

  91. Teresa

    Love that pin cushion that would be the first one I would make too. I love reading your blog. Thank you for having it.

  92. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Gorgeous pinnies!!! Love them!! Now to go check out the Benefits Eligibility Checker, Leader in Luxury Cruising and Wish…how about I Wish I was Eligible for Benefits with the Leader in Luxury Cruising!!!

  93. Dianne M Cook

    Love to see the pictures of you and Becky. My ladies church group visit several local retirement homes each year and our church organist, as one of our members, always leads a sing song. Ii is usually one of the most popular parts of the program along with the special food treats we take. Will be watching 48 Hours soon. Love all of the pin cushions. Thinking I should buy the book.Dianne

  94. Lori

    Would love to make some of those pin cushions, thanks for a chance to win a book.

    Love that you set rules and stick to them. yay!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lori – since we don’t have a shop set up like years ago, we just have to limit patterns that we make available – otherwise I’d be working 40 hours a week!

  95. Marian Stever

    Mary and Connie, I lost my first attempt on my iPad. So, I would love the pin cushion book. Been clicking ads. Betty looks to be so huggable. Love her. I bet Hazel and Betty have a good time. I am enjoying the Battlefield Quilts. Have a nice Sunday. This has been a really rough winter. Hope things are better in the barn, Mary.

  96. Jill Norenberg

    LOVE the pincushion! Would really appreciate earning one of your extra books! I so appreciate your blog! In addition to learning so much from your posts! We share our “understanding” of technology also!!!!!

  97. Nancy Schulz

    I’ve been making pincushions for years but since they are very addictive, I would love to win one of your books! Looks like the odds will not be the greatest as there are lots of comments. Just look at your blog following. I don’t usually comment, but faithfully follow your blog and have several of your books – been a Country Threads fan for years and years.

  98. Gloria B.

    A Dogs and a Dresden…very very cute ones. Love Betty (miss mine terribly) and love Connie’s pin cushion. Those pieces are so tiny they look just bigger than trimmings off another quilt project. Another reason to keep every scrap of fabric!

  99. terri Mulinix

    I’ve received my book beyond the Battlefield and love it. But I’ve been a big fan since I started quilting. Be careful in that cold weather your having. I’ve done several bullseye quilts i’ll Try and send you pictures of my lates. Happy sewing
    Oh and the pin cushion is wonderful.

  100. Dorothy Sheldrake

    You are an incredible lady. You do far more in one day than I do in a week. I love your generosity of your time and doing for others. I have joy just reading about it. Thank you for who you are and all you do. May God bless you much.

  101. Sharon Lowy

    Looks like a lot of us would love to get that book! I would definitely try to make that pin cushion! Betty is so sweet..great picture of her. I hope your barn is warm again and the animals are doing well. I am sorry you lost a Hen. I hope mamahen and her chicks are okay. Try to stay warm. More snow coming here tonight in Illinois.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Lowy – snow coming to us, too. Chicks are thriving and keeping warm under Mama – heater is fixed – til the next time. Ugh!

  102. Judi Leventhal

    I keep looking at the Pincushion book but haven’t taken the plunge. I do love to make pincushions and tend to share with my quilting buds!Keep up the good work Mary and Connie. I so miss Country Threads.

  103. Kay McCaffery

    That does look like a fun pin cushion to make. THey are so much fun to make for gifts.

  104. Susan K

    Of all the books which have come out, this pincushion book has been calling my name. They look like so much fun to make.
    Love the picture of Betty. I have two black cats and it’s almost impossible to get a good picture of them b

  105. Carolyn Boutilier

    I absolutely love Connie’s Little Tuffet pincushion. I have been collecting pincushions for years and love making them for my friends. Would love to have this book. I love your book Beyond the Battlefield.In your book you reference Harriet Tubman. Our city has a small museum of Harriet Tubman and I grew up in the town that Clara Barton was born in Massachusetts. When I finish some WIP I am planning on making some of these quilts. Keep your blog going as I look forward to each and every one.
    Carolyn B from Shenandoah Valley Virginia

  106. Diane in Central Ohio

    Mary, first I read your blog on my phone, but no ads so I checked my iPad, no ads. Now I’m on the computer and there is only one ad so I clicked it:) There are usually 4 or 5 or more to click and I always do so I’m not sure why there is only one. Diane

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in Central Ohio – this is a real mystery. I just answered a comment that said she had 35 ads to close! I don’t get it!

  107. Linda Everett

    Oh my! Everyone wants a book. So many comments I love pincushions! I also need small projects. I do all the ads too but sometimes there aren’t any. I also have to give my name and email every time I comment They say they won’t give out my email but I’m not so sure. Love your blog and your farm and all your collections. Linda from NC

  108. Diane in Central Ohio

    Great looking pin cushion! My friend is working her way through the book making each one. Country Threads is my favorite quilt shop I never got to visit😢. I retired first, but had older parents to help. I am reading an old Margaret Truman MURDER IN THE HOUSE. I like it. I just finished JK Rowling’s THE CASUAL VACANCY. I liked it, but it’s a realistic portrayal of high school, teens, and a small town. I hope your weather gets better, Mary.

  109. Judy Brownfield

    Loved the pincushion. Also reading about your “animal kingdom “. We have a Mini Aussie rescue dog. She has us wrapped around her little paw.

  110. Lorri Schuller

    Love your blog. I remember stopping by the farm a few times when you open. I live on the west edge of Iowa. South Dakota is just across the Big Sioux River. Thank you for a chance to win the cutest book. If I do not win I will look for one later when I can get to a quilt shop. Live a long drive away from any.

  111. Eydie

    Omg, just reading your blog post and the news just showed the CA Trader Joe’s story coming up on later…I will certainly watch and also clicked on an ad. Carrie’s book would be an awesome topper!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Eddie – Lynne is the one who was doing the countdown 5-4-3-2.. in the commercial.

  112. Tanya T.

    Oh, that talented Connie has inspired us once again…who knew that we needed to save little strips?? And, Mary, I never thought I’d know chickens well enough to pray for them! More snow sounds like time for a jigsaw puzzle and a good movie…

    Wish that I were there to sing along at the care center. The old songs are the best. When I was in 4th grade, our class loved “The Wabash Cannonball” and could really belt that out!

    What fun to have a drawing! Hope Reed knows we are all waiting for him to draw our names to be the lucky winners!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tanya T – if you were here we’d take you along to the birthday party to sing along with Becky!

    2. Mary Jo

      Love the pincushion. The smaller the pieces, the more appealing. Absolutely love your blog. Can’t wait to read it.

  113. Mary hawk

    Oh Mary, sorry the weather is giving you fits. That pinnie book looks swell! We will watch 48 hours.
    I am reading The Outsiders by Stephen King- it has been good from page 1. I had to give up on No One Is Coming to Save Us. Blah. Gin says Mistress of the Vatican was good and also Love and Dust.
    I just got home from Omaha and Vinton has lots of snow and more on the way. Hang in there, spring approaches.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Hawk – how is Ada? I need a new picture. I read The Outsiders but can’t really recommend it. Yes, more now coming!

      1. Mary hawk

        I haven’t finished the book so I suppose I shouldn’t say b4 I finish it. His usually get twisted.
        Baby Ada is so sweet- learning to smile and coo. Hard to leave her after 12 days-mamma had to go back to work so I was was tending her. Will send pix.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Becky from TX – you must have missed all the others she made that I posted before this one.

  114. Annette F.

    Mary, I want to thank you for your blog. I look forward to every post. You are so generous to spend your time and talent in sharing daily experiences. Although I think Connie’s pincushion is doable, I don’t think I would have started with that one. It truly is a beauty, I can see why it is your favorite.

  115. Angie

    Dang, never saw so many comments but the chance of winning a book makes one happy to comment. We were to get a snow storm but it is going below us. YES, the pin cushion is adorable but those strips look tiny.
    I remember the neat ones you had in the store. Really cute ones as well.
    Stay warm

  116. Claudia Sheets

    Great pin cushion! Do either of you ever sleep?🤣 All these snow days make for some good sew days!
    By the way your new book was delivered to Mrs T’s in Vincent last week and of course I love it!!!!! Nice job!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Claudia Sheets – sleeping is a major problem for me. I worry about it all day sometimes.

  117. Anna m

    I love that pin cushion but, oh my, what tiny strips! Don’t think I’d have the patience for that. This is turning out to be a terribly long winter, isn’t it? More snow here tonight and tomorrow

  118. Patti

    I really like the pin cushion Connie made. I have made a few pin cushions. Finding it is nice to have them scattered around the house when I do some handwork. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  119. Melody Lenart

    Love to pin cushion book by Miss Rosie. She always has tricks to help you successfully complete your project.

  120. Julie Burkhardt

    I love the little pin cushions..Mary, I have to agree with you about making large Quilts, give me those little ones any day. I made 4 small (3 are 6×10 and the 4th is 10×12) ones this week during the snow storms. Looks like I better get some more lined up for this week!!

  121. Debbie G

    Love the pin cushion book. If I don’t win, I am sure to buy. I just need it! Thanks for all you do. Love reading your posts. Always clicking the ads!

  122. Saundra Jones

    Love your blog. Hope you will continue. I’m a quilter and met the two of you at your booth at Rosmont several years back.

  123. Jan from Tennessee

    I received Carrie Nelson’s book from my daughter. Love all the pinnies in it! Connie has much more patience than I do for those teeny tiny pieces, great job, Connie! Love Betty too❣️

  124. Barb Peterson

    My Bullseye quilt top is done…still need to quilt it though. Pincushions will be my quilting friends gift this year so would love to win the book for some fresh ideas. Thank you for the chance at a give away!

  125. Barbara I Stoffel

    The pincushion books looks darling and would make a great special gift for either one of my two quilting sisters (-:

  126. Jodee Blue

    I love that little pincushion, I always wanted to make the stool but couldn’t afford to. I sure hope I win the book 🙏

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – thank you so much for telling me about the ads. Several readers have told me there was only one ad on the page and I simply couldn’t figure it out! I still do not know what determines the ads on Google sites. It’s a mystery to me.

  127. Donna W.

    I have never made a pincushion before but would love to try the one Connie made–so cute. Thanks for the chance to win, Mary.

  128. Anne Thate

    Love that pincushion and loved my beyond the battlefield book I received in the mail:)
    Thank you so much!

  129. Nancy Pleimann

    Mary – I love pincushions. I know we only need one, two maybe 3 but I like to give them as gifts. Thank You two for giving away your extra books. Thanks, Nancy Pleimann

  130. JNet

    Mary, I look forward to, and love your emails.
    I will click as many ad’s as I can each time you send and rma. It takes so little time and a great way to show support. I love the pincushions!

  131. Elaine

    So enjoy your farm and quilt news. Have the bullseye quilt top to the point where I can add the borders. It was a nice break from a quilt I had been working on for several weeks.

  132. Kim Anderson

    Mary, thank you for sharing your stories and patterns on your blog. I love following it everyday!

  133. Crystal Daniels

    I love the scrappy look of the pin cushion….so cute. I have a bi-color black German Shepherd and have a hard time getting a good pic of his black face….lol

  134. Mary salmon

    I can’t believe what a cute pin cushion that is!!
    Do I have to buy the book? It would not make a dent in my scraps!

  135. Launa

    Just clicked an ad…
    Nice to see you sitting on a quilt at the monthly birthday party! A happy place!
    Please enter me in the book drawing. MY, Betty sure knows a cozy spot, doesn’t she?
    Plenty of snow here the past two days. Winter isn’t over!
    Got my Bullseye sewn into two rows.

  136. Barbara

    Love reading your blog and the comments. I also like seeing all the photos of your animals. Maybe I could make a pincushion with chicken fabric if I win the book.

  137. Donna N

    Forgot to tell you I got my copy of Beyond the Battlefield this week. There are several quilts in there I want to make. Civil War and 30s are my favorite fabrics. Thanks for still writing books!

  138. Rose Jeter

    I have been wanting to buy that book, I just love the idea of making them for gifts for all of my ‘quilty’ friends. You guys are the best.

  139. No Baxter

    What a cute pincushion. I used to visit your shop when I lived in Spencer. Have since moved to northern Minnesota, and love following your blog.

  140. Donna N

    I’ve seen that everywhere but haven’t bought it yet. I like Carrie’s patterns so maybe I’ll win. I’ve been clicking ads like crazy the past two weeks every time I come to your site. Hope it’s helping .

  141. Peggy

    Love the pincushion that Connie made. Have my Bullseye quilt finished, washed and dried. Looks great. Thanks so much for the kick start.

  142. Pat Williams

    Such a sweet little pincushion with really tiny pieces. Connie has lots of patience to do that! Thanks for all your hard work on the blog. Like everybody else I always look forward to reading it. Lots of ads to click today. Some of those are very interesting.

  143. Pam Nichols

    I must learn to work with skinny strips, never thought I would find much to do with ones like you used for the beautiful pin cushion. Now I’m going to give it a whirl–should be fun to give as gifts. Guess I’d better get the book first! Looks easy, but when I think that, I’m usually in one kind of trouble or another before the project is finished. I love your posts. I have one friend who has no idea how to sew and isn’t at all interested to learn, but she asks me to forward all the posts you have that deal with your animals, she adores them all. I think she needs this one, though. Betty’s coat is so beautiful, especially when seen in contrast to the white snow.

  144. Lois Ann Johnson

    I just saw the latest photo of Betty; what a sweetheart! I also have a black lab. Her name is “Lady” and she is 11 years old. She has a “sugar face.” Her formerly black face looks like it was dipped in sugar; thus the name. I didn’t make that up; I read it somewhere! Are you ready for the next snow storm? I live in Humboldt, so I am guessing we usually get the same kind of weather.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lois Ann Johnson – I’ve never heard the term “sugar face” but it’s a perfect description for an older dog’s gray muzzle. Give Lady a hug from me!

  145. Kathy from Minneapolis

    Looking at the photo of the piano at the Concord Care Center…looks like it could use a quilt to cover the back. 😃
    I absolutely love reading your blog! Thank you for your efforts.
    My bullseye quilt top is almost sewn together, and I’ve started cutting #2. So much fun!

  146. Jeanine

    I have made a few pin cushions, but nothing like the one Connie made. I love it. I made a paper pieced log cabin on years ago, and then made one for each of my sisters -in-laws, and my sister. It was fun, but tedious as the strips were 1/4″ finished, but I use it all the time and really like. Love your blog and reading all the comments. God bless you.

  147. Pamela in Missouri

    I’m interested in what kinds of songs you and Becky play at Concord Care? Do the residents sing along? I, too, play the piano and it brings me such joy. Over a year ago I bought a cello and am taking lessons. (It’s a humbling experience.) A few days ago I bought a mountain dulcimer and am using YouTube to learn how to play it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela in Missouri – we do songs that the residents likely remember – easy ones like Oh Sussanah, Home in the Range, Edelweiss, Tennessee Waltz, Because He Lives, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, It Is No Secret, the Bible Tells Me So, Jesus Loves Me, and On Top of Spaghetti to the tune of On Top of Old Smokey – which is very popular. One lady who is 99 doesn’t want to miss that meatball song – it’s Reed’s great grandma, Pearl!

      1. Diane Bauer

        A dear friend of mine, Roz Brown, has made a career out of keeping alive the songs that are dear to those elders who are now in nursing homes. His regular job is playing cowboy songs at the Buckhorn Exchange in downtown Denver (liquor license #1!!), but during the day he tours nursing homes all over northern CO to keep the residents entertained. They so love to sing along! Both of my kiddos (now 21 and 27) visited often when Roz would come to Fort Collins. The residents loved seeing young folks almost as much as they enjoyed the music! The kids’ lullaby music was Roz’s cassette (I know–those were the days!!!) of his songs!

  148. Kathy Roloff

    I faithfully close all of the ads every single time. I would love to receive a copy of Carrie’s Pin Pals book. Pick me Reed!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Roloff – thanks for closing those ads – we think you’re a great blog supporter!

  149. jan VanDeWalle

    Pincushion is adorable, not sure that my old fingers would be able to get that done so neatly. Love it and love the blog. Sorry for the loss of one of your hens in the cold hope the rest are all fine., Oregon is back to wet, chilly and grey. the birds are eating me out of house and home 😉 Have lots of Juncos, chickadees, and house/purple finches right now along with downy woodpeckers & nut hatches.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan VanDeWalle – I’m surprised that those are the same kind of birds at my feeders – Oregon and Iowa.

      1. Carol

        We have yellow finches, chickadees, woodpeckers, blue jays and cardinals at our feeders daily here in Western New York State. And six deer in our yard every day now, I’m hoping it’s a sign of spring coming soon…but probably everyone’s just hungry!

  150. Shelley

    I love Carrie Nelson’s patterns. I’m currently piecing a Christmas quilt she designed. Kudos to Connie for piecing those little slivers of fabric!! All those pennies look like fun.

  151. Debbie Larson

    That pincushion Connie mademis too too cute! What a wonderful book to bring out one’s creativity!

  152. Marcia Mahoney

    Thanks for all you do. Would love to win the pincushion book. Enjoying Beyond the Battlefield, a great book. Betty is so sweet.

  153. Carol San Diego

    The pin cushion looks so cute! I’m trying to not buy new books but to win one would be great!

  154. Carol Collier

    That is absolutely the cutest pincushion ever!! Love the spring colors, too! A great picture of Betty! Wish I could hug her!

  155. Rhoda Ebersole

    First of all so sorry for the loss of one of your chickens Mary.

    Love the pincushion Connie made.

    Book suggestions The Paris Seamstress by Natasha Lester (I enjoyed it) and Lilac Girls (didn’t enjoy it) by Martha Hall Kelly.
    Bought Modern Quilt Magic today by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.
    I always enjoy your blog and am enjoying your book.

  156. Sue in PA

    Mary, thanks so much for the book and note. I have my Bullseye all quartered and ready for my next retreat in March. Love the picture of Betty and am anxious to hear how the heater situation in the barn is doing and how the animals are faring, especially the new chicks. Like so many others who comment, I thoroughly enjoy reading about your interesting life.

  157. Jan P

    Love Connie’s pincushion! I love making them. I think it’s addictive. Each member of my quilt group will be getting a skinny pincushion from me when we go to our retreat!

  158. Susan Sundermeyer

    Connie’s stitching is just beautiful on her pincushion! Betty is just a stunner! My not quite 6 month old lab, Desi is full of energy! Like having a 5 year old whirl wind. Lol!

  159. Vickie L. Devore

    I love everything you do — including farming info too (my hubby is a farmer) and everything else. Makes me feel normal! Love this pincushion and even though I’m no where near done with Bullseye, the book gives me an excuse to visit my local quilt store in a few days!!

  160. Kathy Decker

    Thanks for the giveaway chance and for the Bullseye tutorial. It’s been on my to do list for many years. I closed two ads! ☺

    1. Barbara

      Love reading your blog and the comments. I also like seeing all the photos of your animals. Maybe I could make a pincushion with chicken fabric if I win the book.

  161. Jan Pittenger

    Love the pincushion! I think making them is addictive, but so much fun! I just made Skinny Pincushions that lay just in front of your sewing machine for each member of my quilt group!
    Love the picture of Betty. She is so pretty! I also have a wonderful black lab, so I know how hard it is to get a good picture!

  162. Jan Knabel

    Love the pincushion! I bet that one was time intensive! Gifts made with love are the best!

  163. Jo in Wyoming

    What a great setting for your book photo. Your plants, windows and the barn. The blue skies look springy!
    Betty is growing like a weed, she is so pretty.
    I’m hoping you don’t have any more lemons, enough is enough!

  164. Donna Ondler

    Mary maybe I’ll be one of the two lucky ones to win the book. I have made a few but nothing as tedious as the one Connie made. Something small like this would be a break from making quilts that take time.
    I’ll send you s pic of the most recent one I made. It was fun. It was s kit from Nancy’s Notions but the fabric was mine. Your post makes me want to dig for my patterns fir pin cushions.
    If I don’t win maybe Joann’s will carry it and I can use a coupon. Love those coupons.
    Mary has anyone commented on having to fill in name and email when they leave a comment? Hmmmmm it still requires it for me. Doubtful it has anything to do with my iPad or iPhone as some time ago I never had to fill in email.
    Betty is a beautiful dog. So pretty ❤️

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Ondler – I’m surprised you didn’t notice in the comments – EVERYBODY has to sign in I found out. See? What do I know?

  165. Carmen Montmarquet

    What a cute pin cushion! Pin Pals looks like an awesome book!!
    Love to read all about your adventures about life on the farm with your fur and feather babies!!! Never miss a post! Also am having a lot of fun doing your bull’s eye quilt, really love it!
    Wish i could click on an ad but there are none??
    Thanks for a chance to win this book.

  166. Janice McCall

    Really enjoy your blog. I have a small pin cushion collection. I’m sure the book will help me add to it. Janice

  167. JoDee Karrmann

    Love the pincushion. I have been eyeing that book for awhile. It would be great to get one.

  168. Jan davis

    Connie is definitely a brave woman! I think the book is terrific, but I would start with something simpler.I really enjoy your writing, and look forward to it. Thank you!

  169. Joanne

    Thank you for a chanc to win pin cushion book. Love your blog. Thanks to you and Bonnie Hunter I am sorting out my stash and organizing it.

  170. Jana Biermaier

    I love love love pincushions! Love reading your blog and keeping up with life on the farm.. never a dull moment for sure!

  171. Susan McC

    Love Connie’s pincushion – and would love to have a copy of Carrie Nelson’s pincushion book – thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  172. Lynn

    I love working on small projects so pin cushions are just the right size for me.

    And yes, I do click on the ads.

    Garner does look like a great place to live if you are hardy. I grew up in Albert Lea and my husband grew up in Austin. We live in Colorado now.

  173. Diane Bauer

    I’m stitching pincushions today as well, but nothing like the beauty Connie made!! Oh, my!!! Such tiny strips!! I made one out of flying geese and one that is a square within a square. It was fun to make something tiny!! And now I’m hooked!

    Despite being terribly windy, I went out to the barn to walk Pete around the arena. He hadn’t been out of his paddock since his stroke, but was ready to get a little more exercise. He is doing so much better! What a relief!

      1. Diane Bauer

        She definitely is! I send her a picture of Pete every time I go out to the barn and she’s always asking me to whisper in his ear that she loves him and misses him, which I always do!

        I usually come back a day or two after you post your blog to read your comments to everyone. This post kept you busy!!! I am so much more aware of clicking on ads now that I know what that means for you. I get one or two most times, but sometimes as many as 4-5. Never the huge amount another reader noted–wondering how that happens. I will keep clicking away!

    1. Diane

      Love Connie’s pincushion! I like how she tackled the hardest one first. It doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the cutest. 😁

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Diane – she made quite a few before this one and I have shown them on the blog.

  174. Synthia

    I’ve had computer problems and have not been able to leave comments on blogs for several months. A technician worked on my machine recently, so I’m trying to leave a message again. Here’s hoping it works. I do have a recommendation for a wonderful book I just read: A Dog’s Way Home. by W. Bruce Cameron. It’s quite an exciting story.

  175. Dale Matlock

    I really enjoy reading about you and your friends. Thank you for the opportunity to win a book. Dale matlock

  176. Betty Klosterman

    A note to anybody thinking about getting a house in snow country. Get a house in the middle of the block, not the corner lot!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty K – I just had to chuckle when I read your comment. More snow coming tonight to us.

  177. Signe Burgen Vaughan

    The pincushion is so cute! The Pin Pals book looks like a lot of fun. I could make pincushions for the church bazaar. Enjoy your blog and hearing about your part of Iowa.

  178. Judy E

    I look forward to this blog and all the comments from everyone. Mary, I thank you for all your many talents you share with us. You are truly a blessing to many!
    Love pincushions but, never tried making any myself.

  179. Ellie

    Those pincushions are so appealing. I must try some! If I’m not lucky enough to be chosen I’ll have to buy it!
    Speaking of books A Hero of France by Alan Furst takes place in WW II during the occupation of France and is about the resistance. Good story well written.

    Thanks for all your efforts! We really do appreciate it!

  180. Kate

    I love Connie’s pin cushion. If I win the book, it will be on my short list to make. Connie’s lab looks like a black lad we had for twelve years. Labs are the sweetest dogs. I’m hoping to get another one some day.

  181. Casey

    I think I could manage to finish a pincushion or two….like being able to finish something in a few hours!

  182. Joyce

    Thank you for the chance to win the pincushion book! It’s been on my wish list. I enjoy reading your blog, and especially how you show your love of all animals 💕. We need more people in the world like you!

  183. CarolM

    Delightful pin cushions. What a fun way to use some stash and what lovely gifts they would make for friends who sew or who just love fabrics.

  184. Rita S

    Mary quilting is definitely in your blood as you sit at the piano sitting on “what”, a quilt. I wonder how many people saw that. I love to see what is in the background of pictures as that is not usually the focus.

  185. Donna Sproston

    I love that pincushion, but I already have the book. I have made 24 pinnies so far, but that one looked too challenging. I am using my stash of little strings and squares. I love the tetrahedron too. My next project will be from your latest book. Two dozen pennies is enough for a while.

    A friend sent us fancy chocolates from Algona which is very close to Garner. Have you tried them? They are yummy..

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Sproston – no, I haven’t tried them but if I had a box I would eat one right after another until gone.

  186. Arrowhead Gramma

    While I love Connie’s pincushion, I think she had the patience of Job to make it! LOL. Best part of the blog was the beautiful photo of Betty. Brought back wonderful memories of my Black Lab, Mystic. She was just the best.
    No ad showing on the blog, I am using my Chromebook. Will go click on a couple ads using my phone. Thank again for all you do to keep the blog up and running. It is truly appreciated by this quilter.

  187. Betty Klosterman

    I’m done shoveling for the day. Only go out for about 15 minutes as my fingers get cold. Good reason to go inside and warm up. We’re still getting below zero at night. We don’t even think about the wind chill. My snow shoveling coat has plastic/rubber outside with a snug hood and it keeps the wind out and me dry. Chin up everybody. This will end one of these days?? In the meantime “Let’s sew!”

  188. Maggie

    I just love hearing ALL the news from you and Connie. I will always regard Country Threads as my favorite quilt shop of all time!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maggie – thanks for that sweet compliment! It was our favorite, too. ha!

      1. Julie Burkhardt

        Maggie…My favorite too..always had a good time when I visited..loved the animals and especially the kitty in the quilt store (can’t remember her name).

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Julie BUrkhardt – her name is Jackie and she’s STILL in the quilt shop.

        2. MartyCae

          I love the pincushion! Thanks for sharing! I have the pincushion you made for your piano fund sitting by machine at all times (except for when kitty would bat it off). It is part of my décor!

    2. Leslie

      I will too, and I was only there one time! I love people who are just people, doing the right thing, giving of themselves. And sharing great tips and ideas along the way!! Thanks Mary and Connie!

  189. Carla J

    The book is more intriguing and interesting the more pincushions I see made using the patterns.

  190. Ruth Cozad

    The pin cushions are darling and look difficult! I’ve made my bullseye blocks into two small quilts which I will donate to Today I machine quilted one and my attempt at free motion quilting was not acceptable so I’ve done straight line quilting on each seam of the 4″ squares. I’m wishing I could have done the free motion but wanted to get it done. Maybe I’ll try on the second one again. Also got the binding done so being far behind but still working on it. Thanks for your posts

    Book club suggestion: The Best Cook in the World by Rick Bragg—excellent book

  191. Charlotte Barnard

    Mary if I were younger and could drive in snow I would move to Garner. What a wonderful community! God bless you and all you love for all you do and share.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Charlotte Barnard – oh, thank you for that! But think of all those plays, museums, restaurants and so much more you’d miss. Not ever having known those things I don’t miss them.

  192. linda koch

    I tried leaving a post not sure if it did I’m not seeing it!!? But love reading your blog in my emails and love the pincushion it’s amazing!! Would love the book what a fab giveaway! Sorry I hope I didn’t post this twice now sorry if I did!! Hugs Linda

  193. Marie Beers

    Would love to have that pincushion book, don’t know if I’d try the hardest one first though.

  194. Sharon Ray

    The pincushion looks difficult but pretty! Stay warm. I will try to watch 48 hrs tonight.

  195. Nancy Steinberger

    I love reading all the news from Iowa, where I was born. Vacationing now in Indio, CA. I’d love the pincushion book. I’m working on a Jen Kingwell pattern right now.

  196. linda koch

    Wow love that pincushion! Can’t imagine doing all those tiny seams!! What a wonderful giveaway too thanks so much for a chance!!! I read your blog in my email every day love it!!!
    Hugs Linda

  197. debby

    That’s such a cute pin cushion, and the rest that I’ve seen from Carrie’s book are sweet too.

  198. Christina Mejer

    Oh my that pincushion is stinkin’ cute !!! But those teeny tiny strips – kudos to her for making it ! By the way , my book finally arrived , on my birthday this week ! Love it and thanks for the nice note ❤️

    1. Debbie R

      That pincushion is adorable. I have always wanted to make a footstool that is the same design!

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