Here’s what’s new, 1-22-24

Photos I’ve received today – Points of Interest remains very popular!

My friend Lora has the most extensive collection of chalk ware dogs you’ve ever seen! Enjoy!

I just love these dogs!!!

These sewing room pics are from Patti:

Patti’s pictures really make me comfortable – feels like my space! I love the super neat shelves but I know I can’t do it.

Another finish for me! Leftovers made into a small runner!
On the longarm today

When I quilted this today, I used up all my half filled bobbins because who will know or care? I still have another small Kaffe jellyroll from around 1990.

Just think how long these have been hanging around my sewing room! I’m really trying to use what I have.

A reader asked how many jugs of water I have left – quite a few but I need 1-2 jugs per week.

Nancy – are you home from Antarctica? Please let us know – I’ll never find your email to ask.

Dollhouse from a reader
This is what snirt looks like when it starts to melt.
This is US!

Thank you, Deb – this was mailed on the 8th and I just received it on the 20th – Minnesota to Iowa!

Did you enjoy meeting Esther? I know she’ll love to receive your cards.

I’m off to watch Justified – it’s a long series but I love it and will be sorry when it ends. So typical – I get caught up in the characters and they begin to feel like friends. Are you watching anything fun on Netflix, Hulu, any streaming service?

67 thoughts on “Here’s what’s new, 1-22-24

  1. NJ

    Just finished streaming on Prime: “Bosch” followed by “Bosch the Legacy”. Pretty good – but language !

    1. Janet S

      Jill, We’ve been watching Doc Martin forever – LOVE it. Now they seem to have a new season going on. We also can’t get enough of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. What’s not to like?

  2. Bernadette

    I feel better now that I have seen Patti’s sewing room because my sewing room looks similar. Enjoy finishing all your projects, Patti.

  3. Nancy Schulz

    Mary…I have never heard of “chalk ware” as a type of substance for the dog collection. Could you briefly explain…am I the only one who knows not what that term means? Amazing collection she has acquired. Thanks

  4. Anne

    Hi Mary
    I have been watching cable girls on Netflix when I sew! Very light, but good sewing viewing!
    Love your blog!
    Anne in Wisconsin

  5. Barbara Yarnell

    Oh Patti, I loved looking at your sewing room photos! Now I can see your creative space and where you make your beautiful quilts! Thank you so much for sharing those pics.
    Mary, your Kaffe quilt is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the other Kaffe jelly roll fabrics!

    1. Judy

      Love Patti’s sewing room. I would be right at home. Love the open shelves for fabric. Fabric laying out is how I find what fabrics to put together. Mary, I think I started with 20 gallons of water for the winter. I use about a gallon each week for my plants. They are in a south window above the heat vent, so they dry out quickly. Enjoy the warm
      Mer weather. 😄

  6. Diana in Des Moines

    We are watching Fool Me Once also. Engrossing!
    With all the snow cover, the deer are coming around more looking for food. 4 at 2:30 am when I couldn’t sleep, then those 4 and their mama at 9:30 am. They cleaned out 2 bird feeders and a bowl of critter food for my squirrels. We have woods behind our house, they come from there, cross the street to my brother in laws house, to the pond behind his house. The grands just squeal! Very cool to see them right out my family room window.
    Got my potato chip blocks all pieced, need pressed then put together. Will send photos.
    Esther will certainly go on my list of card recipients this week!
    Enjoy the warmer temps!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – oh, how fun to watch those deer! My high fences keep them out but I do love to see them – hmm, you can’t sleep either?

  7. Susan K in Texas

    I just love the collection of dogs!
    I just watched a series called “Little Bird” on PBS. It was very powerful and I highly recommend it.
    I clean my sewing room periodically. It seems that every time I promise to keep it neater and then get to creating and it’s messy again. It keeps me happy though so who cares!

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    After Andy Griffith shows, I watch the Antique Roadshow! Exciting life!

    Love, love Patti’s sewing room.
    All the quilts and collection today are fun to see.

  9. Terri S

    I just love All Creatures Great and Small on PBS. I look forward to that series every season.

  10. Brenda Ks

    I have a bookcase like the one with the fabric in it and the pin cushions on it. Mine was my grandmothers that she bought with her egg money. It has my grandfathers books in it that his sister gave him every Christmas.
    We too have deer come everyday to eat the bird seed we put out. One evening a deer was munching on my tree peony.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda Ks – not your tree peony! Can you wrap it in some way? I have always loved those bookcases – yours has many sweet memories.

  11. Patricia E Campbell in AZ

    Hi everyone!
    I’ve been really enjoying all the pictures from the last 6 weeks or so of reader’s Christmas trees & now different “points of interest” around the home.
    I’ve been sick with a bad bout of bronchitis and just don’t feel much like participating in anything!
    My 94 year old Dad is here for the Winter [He NEVER gets sick! HAHA!!] & he’s been entertaining & feeding the dogs and collecting chicken eggs every day! He’s very spry for 94!! We’re re-watching Hogan’s Heroes and thoroughly enjoying it!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – oh, I sort of wondered why I hadn’t heard from you and here you’re sick! Your dad must have a tough immune system – glad he’s there to help – where does he live in summer?

      1. Patricia E Campbell in AZ

        Mary –
        He has a condo in west MI about 10 miles from my sister, and also a family home from my Momma’s side in SW KY. He’s a traveling man!! Momma passed away from Alzheimer’s 3 years ago this May, since then he’s been able to Winter here with me.

      2. Patricia E Campbell in AZ

        I almost forgot! Daddy’s “baby sister” – my Aunt Joan – will be 90 this year and she still works full time managing a couple of very busy dentist offices and all that entails!! She’s worked for the same family since she was 17!

  12. Martha W in WY

    Lora has quite the collection of chalk dogs. We’re not watching any particular show/series. We do enjoy watching old Gunsmoke and Bonanza shows.

  13. Dianne in SoCal

    We are almost finished with the first season of Only Muders in the Building. Crazy and funny , like Steve Martin.
    We are leaving southern CA tomorrow for Iowa (via Sioux Falls ) for the Winter Games at Okoboji/Spirit Lake. I’ve never been in temperatures lower than freezing and then only a few times. I’m glad it’s this week and not last week!

    1. Carla

      I enjoyed Only Murders in the Building too, but I was piggybacking on my son’s Hulu and when he canceled it I didn’t feel it was worth it to subscribe, so I only saw 2 seasons. I guess I can take it or leave it with tv, even if it’s a good show lol

      1. Dianne Swanson

        Believe it or not we’re thinking of moving to Iowa from Long Beach,CA. We’re here to check out the weather (😂) and to enjoy the Winter Games. I’ve spent a lot of summer time in NW Iowa but never between November and June.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Dianne – well, you’re not going to get an accurate taste of winter because it’s above freezing right now. I wish you could feel what -40 feels like on your skin, nose, throat and fingers

          1. Dianne Swanson

            Yikes! That is really cold! My kids live in Alaska and it is never as cold as Iowa. They just get snow and more snow. Meanwhile we live in sunny southern CA.
            Yeah, there’s that! Not sure what we should/will do.

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love Patti’s sewing room, pleased to see another person with projects to keep them busy, no saying I’m bored! I am watching Army Wives, l grew up in Australian army camps, so some similar scenes. Pinned 3 quilts today, will cut out a couple of dresses tomorrow while l have the folding table up. Love all the dog statues, l have one china one only.
    Mary, are potato chip quilts all the scraps sewn together? If so,l make loads of them, but the scraps keep multiplying! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  15. Robin Boggan

    I have a chalk dog that was my Uncle’s. It is sitting in my sewing room right near my machine. It makes me smile! ❤

  16. Karen

    Thanks for sharing with us daily. The blog is always entertaining and unexpected so it is always intriguing. I enjoy feeding the birds and they have certainly needed us humans the last week with snow cover and the frigid temperatures. I am watching a movie tonight on Netflix, Love at first Sight. I’ve seen it before but it is one of those feel good movies that make me smile and keep me in touch with my much, much younger self when I fell in love at first sight! Sweet memories to savior.

  17. Deb

    Love the Kaffe Fassett quilt top – so colorful! We love Acorn (shows & movies from UK, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, India, Australia, New Zealand & others….). So many wonderful shows and you get a look at how others live and work. Also watch Brit Box, and we’re enjoying it, as well. Don’t watch too many US shows other than reruns from long ago. Can’t wait for spring to get out and about more!

  18. patti

    wow. thanks for all the comments on my sewing area. i was really hesitant to share. the short cabinets in the last picture have tons of pre-cut squares. i am also cutting for some new i-spy type quilts and some similar to the ‘all boxed in’ quilt that i showed recently (with horse, brands, hats, etc). trying to cut up some of the smaller type scraps (not a fat quarter). i also have been making some primary colored blocks with 2″ squares. the green on the back of the chair is the next one in line for that. i think there were 10 fat quarters in that ‘crayola’ box – have made four of them already. it usually takes two sewing sesssions to finish up the fat quarter. just cut up the fat quarter into 2″ squares and then alternate with pre-cut 2″ squares. love the quilt on the longarm that you just finished. i have a stack of the same type blocks that are ready to put together. they are a bit of a mismash. but then i have lots of stacks of ‘blocks’ in various places. so far the only yardage being used is backs, maybe borders and then bindings. doc doesn’t want me upstairs in the real studio unless my dh is home. plus then i have to rest for 30 minutes after getting up the stairs. i do better down right now. thanks again, patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – your very full sewing room makes us all feel quite normal!

    2. Sue Hoover

      Patti, I would love to sew with you any time, any day! I would feel right at home. Your projects always make me smile. You are a gem!

  19. San

    Wowsers, that’s a lot of dogs. Now I’ll have to see if I can find them locally, not to collect, but to know if they’re out there.

    And Patti, I just want to say thank you for making me laugh so hard after a long day. I was trying to determine if my sewing room is in worse shape, and it just may be. I’m trying very hard to clean out, but the clean up will have to wait.

    Congratulations on the finish Mary. I’m trying to catch up.
    It warmed up today. Have no idea to what, but I was able to turn the extra heaters to low tonight.

    San / Murphy, NC

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Shirley – these jugs are filled with rain water collected during the summer for my plants – they get rain water all winter until they go back outside again. Softened tap water is not the same.

  20. Linda in MI

    Thanks for posting Patti’s sewing room. I giggled at saying how much they loved it, funny how someone else’s busy space makes us feel at home. My space is much smaller than Patti’s but it is always “busy” (I need to remember that rather than messy). I love it and hopefully she knows where everything is, I spend a lot of time going from spot to spot looking for a piece of fabric I know I have.

    Love your chalkware dogs and Loras. I see them from time to time in shops but a lot of them have been damaged. I’ll be on the look out now. I do have a chalkware doll in my collection.

    Stay warm and safe. Schools are closed today because we are getting sleet on top of the ice and then suppose to get more snow. Bear and the donkeys stay in today again.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – we’re going to miss that sleet and snow, thankfully. Yes, Bear and donkeys should stay in. Are you a football fan? Detroit Lions?

  21. Lynette in Orlando

    I will add my I love you sharing! That card is SO us!!! That’s one I’d stick in a frame! LOL It was lovely to meet Esther (extra special as that is my momma’s name). I mailed my card yesterday. Hopefully it will arrive before Easter…… hahahaha. Love that you find these lovely ladies that we can share a little smile with. It’s such small tasks that brighten up people’s days. Keep them coming Mary!!!!

  22. Fran

    I am at retreat but got my morning fix with this blog and photos! Such joy!

    Fran presently in Elk Horn, IA

  23. Rita

    I too have to jump on the bandwagon of Patti’s quilt room. I love it and can now relax a little about the business of mine. Thanks Patti for sharing! I don’t comment much Mary, but I love your blog. Have really enjoyed the Points of Interest, thanks everyone for sharing!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – so why don’t you comment? This is a conversation and everybody should join in – otherwise it’s just me flappin my trap!

  24. Lorna

    Hello ladies….
    Messy sewing rooms are a sign that a creative person lives there!
    We watch a lot of PBS ….love all the shows previously mentioned!
    Currently we are hooked on Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix!
    Have a great week! So happy we are finally out of the Wisconsin deep freezer!

  25. Kathy in western NY

    Patti- The table you sew on is really nice with those drawers on the side. Are they good for storing rulers and thread or something else. I just love being organized but there’s something about my sewing rooms that isn’t always organized for efficiency in storage. I am so glad you shared your happy space with us all. We quilters are hunters and gatherers and have fun so that’s all that matters.
    Mary how is your perm holding out? Are you happy you did it for body and curl?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I love my perm!! Just enough wave – no friz and with just a tiny bit of curl crème I can make it very curly and tossed casually – since it isn’t real “tight” I’ll just do it again when it’s gone!

      1. Kathy in NY

        Oh Mary that is good to hear. Must make you feel so much better having an easy do with everything else you have to take care in the morning.

  26. Nancy


    I’m back from Antartica. Each day of our 13 day journey was warmer and sunnier than Iowa! Only one brief snow shower, Too many highlights – somehow, every day topped the day before.


  27. Joy in NW Iowa

    At noon it was 32 degrees! What a difference a week makes. Love all the collections. Patti is very creative! The creative people have creative messes!

  28. Karen Cyr

    Thank you Patti in FL for sharing your sewing studio with us. It looks like a well used sewing area, with underlying organization. Mine isn’t organized, just in a state of disarray most of the time. My goal this year is to slim down the fabric quantity and try to get it more organized (which it once was) so I can FIND what I need without a two hour search. Love the chalk dogs. I’m watching Monsieur Spade on AMC and catching up with Only Murders in the Building. Both good.

    Karen C in MD

  29. Margie Braaksma

    Not watching but just got done with a really good book. This Tender Land by an author from Minnesota named William Kent Krueger. Most or all of his books are about the Minnesota or Midwest area.

    1. San

      Thank you Margie. I always appreciate hearing about a good book! Have downloaded it from my library.

      I’ve not had television in 24 years, as I’d rather listen to a good book while I sew in my “busy” sewing room. LOL

      I’m still laughing Patti.

      San / Murphy, NC

  30. Pat in AZ

    My quilt holder with the cold was kind enough to share so I’ve been off my feed for a few days. I’m feeling better but he’s still down. There is not a more enthusiastic martyr than a sick man.
    Great posts the last few days. Patti in Fl: you’re my hero! I’d never share my sewing space!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat in AZ – absolutely love your description of a man with a cold!!!!

  31. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary! Still loving the point of interest pics! Patti is keeping it real! Whose sewing room doesn’t look like that 95% of the time??? My shelves of fabric are fairly neat, but my cutting table and sewing table are a disaster most of the time.

    I’m working my way through Midsomer Murders, on PBS and YouTube.

  32. Rhoda Ebersole

    After your recommendation I began watching Suits and like it.
    I watched MY Demon and really liked it – a K drama. with subtitles.
    Am still working to clean out my sewing room and get rid of all the bins. Have many small pieces from many old projects and your table runner is a great idea.
    My cold -upper respiratory thing is about gone in time for vacation.
    Las Vegas had 4 days of rain but easier to navigate in it than snow so who is complaining.

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