Here’s What’s New

Reed brought his littlest sister, June, to see the chicks today.

Both little sisters, Vera and June, loved the chicks!

And here’s what’s happening outside the barn.

The barn paint is showing wear on the east and north sides. We sided the south side a few years ago and the west side is covered with goat pens.

The east side was easy compared to the flag.

It’s beautiful! The stars will be added next.

Telly’s previous owner and fence repairer, Armando, stopped to see about securing the fence so Telly can’t get out and Telly was overjoyed to see him! She only lived with Armando and his family for one year but she obviously did not forget!

I saw this idea somewhere – putting a dog bowl inside a planter for water outside.

17 thoughts on “Here’s What’s New

  1. Janie

    Such neat pictures! Nice water bowl idea…wondet if that would work for a birdbath.

  2. Diane

    Awww. Your posts always touch the heart. I love how Reed is with his little sisters. And, the pic of Telly with Armando is heartwarming. It looks like you might get some nice weather soon. Hope so.

  3. Ann Barlament

    Reed is quite a responsible young man and it’s been fun to watch him blossom as his interests flourish!!

    I like the white lines under the roof, that frame the flag and the line at base of roof. Looks sharp and clean, also emphasizes the flag! Nice to hear your workers take pride in their work to correct the image of the flag!!

    What a joyful reunion for Telly! Love the idea of water dish supported in a flower pot, looks like a sturdy spot!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – I’m relieved to hear you say you like that white line because it sorta bothered me – guess I’ll get used to it. Reed is the perfect kid, isn’t he? His quilt was in a quilt show at the library today – I’ll post pictures.

  4. Jeanie

    Wonderful pictures, Mary! We all know Reed is a great kid, but I especially love how kind he is to his younger siblings. They are adorable children. We have cool temps but lovely sunshine in sw IL.

  5. Diane M

    I love your barn. Unfortunately, our barn is too far gone to save. We have sold boards to other people and have recycled other boards for ourselves. Hopefully we will be able to put another in its place. The pictures are great. We had a pair of Eastern bluebirds out in our hickory tree today. They were beautiful. This sunny weather is grand. Have a good weekend.

  6. Marilyn

    It is all so precious, Mary. So much good for the children and of course your fur children.

  7. Martha Engstler

    Your barn is so special. Thank you for reminding passer by’s we should all be proud to be Americans. So great to see Reed and the pride he has for his chicks and showing them off to his sisters. Still praying for Rick and his foot. That’s a painful place to have surgery.

  8. Paula

    I check for your post everyday, I just love it and your ideas, animals, barn, plants, quilts, etc.
    Have a good weekend! We have sun in KY so I am continuing to spring clean. Paula in KY

  9. Angie

    Reed seems like a great kind big brother. I am sure he loves the solo time with you as well. He seems very caring all across the board.
    The barn will look so fresh and good and a perfect reminder of our dedication to our country and to farmers when people pass by. That is what I love about driving through the Midwest. Makes me proud.

  10. Kathy

    Awww what heartwarming photos of the love Telly and his previous owner and Reed holding his baby sister. Animals bring out the good we need to share every single day. Nice you are getting some spiffy work done outside.

  11. Brenda archambault

    Great pictures! I’m so glad you were able to retain the flag on the barn, had been worrying about it. I’m from the west side of the Phoenix area and we had our second 100 degree day of the year. With less than an inch of rain so far this year, I’m afraid we’re in for some bad wild fires.

  12. Katie in Gilbert, Az.

    Reed is a nice Big brother, sharing his chicks, and you share lots of your talents with him..
    The Barn looks wonderful…
    I recall years back when my husband and I came to your quilt store, the BARN was the highlight of that trip..
    Enjoy your weekend

  13. Maryjane in CA

    Those are such dear children pictures. How lovely you have that relationship with him – he’s a treasure. The dog pics are adorable. They don’t forget people and looks like Telly and Hazel get along well. Great. Flag is terrific!

  14. Katie Hayse

    Wow! The flag is made out of siding? So cool. Looks great! Hasn’t the weather been great?
    We have been to track meets three days a week. Jill throws the shot and discus and Tess is the manager. She also runs the 100 yard occasionally. She doesn’t win, but loves to try. I wish she has qualified for the 50yd dash at state special Olympics, but she only qualified for the standing long jump.
    Anyway, love the flag.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Katie – he put solid red over the whole door, then the blue field in the corner and white “all weather ” boards creating the 13 stripes. He said I didn’t have the right number of stripes before – I said we just painted the boards. Now it’s correct!

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