Here’s where to find the pattern for Connie’s quilt

I contacted Brigette Heitland and here’s what she had to say:

Yes, the pattern has been discontinued since it was from 2012. It is no longer showcased in our online shop. We still have the PDF to sell but it is not presented online. Please contact me at if you are interested in this pattern.

Here’s the pattern.

Here’s Connie’s quilt.

Please contact the designer, Brigette Heitland, at her emIl above if you wish to purchase the pattern.

Since we have closed our shop almost 4 years ago, we do not have fabric to make up kits and this fabric line called Comma is quite old. I’m not sure you can find it online but it’s always possible. Our fabric supply is just what we had in our sewing rooms when we closed and a few additional pieces purchased since then. I mentioned in a comment that I so wish this blog was available when we were open as I could have reached many potential customers – we may still have been open today!

Here’s another hint – many of you could not find this pattern called X&+ online. I couldn’t find it either but I contacted the designer and you could do that, too, when you can’t find a pattern. Designers are always happy to help!

Reed brought his little sister, Vera, to meet his chicks.

The chicks are doing well – I’ll take more photos this afternoon. Our contractors arrived this morning to put steel siding on the barn – just something more to watch over.

15 thoughts on “Here’s where to find the pattern for Connie’s quilt

  1. Virginia

    Thank you for researching the pattern for us! Love the pics of Reed and Vera. Always an adventure at your house. Hope Rick is doing well.

  2. Betty Klosterman

    Will the barn still be red? It would look good white with the big American flag… At least you won’t have to paint and it will survive the hail storms. We have it on our house and it is great — except very noisy when we do get hail. And it messes up the antenna TV.
    Oh, for the wonder of baby chicks. I’d be right there, too. They are so trusting and soft.
    The designers won’t like this, but I’d take the picture of that quilt, locate 1 block and start drawing it out on graph paper. I just love doing it and usually end up making it smaller or larger. Oh, don’t forget the colored pencils, too. It doesn’t take me very much to keep me happy. My good friend who can compute (in her head) just how much of each fabric it will take to make a quilt doesn’t like changing sizes of blocks.
    Chin up, spring may be close and we will really appreciate it.

  3. Colleen

    Oh my those are such lovely children Reed is such a great big brother. Baby chicks 🐤 really baby anything just melt my heart.
    And the quilt is very nice it’s good thank you for posting the contacts to buy the pattern. We do need buy the designers patterns it keeps them designing.

  4. Diane

    Thanks for the pattern info, Mary. Vera is so gentle petting the chicks. How old is she? They are cute together:)

  5. Carolyn Van Petten

    I love your emails and photos–thank you! Also I was searching for the pattern and was about to loose my mind. Thank you!

  6. Launa

    Oh, Mary…Reed is such a wonderful gentle soul. You are so fortunate to have each other and enjoy critters, crafts, gardening and sewing. I enjoy watching Home & Family on the Hallmark channel as they show crafts, find families for adoptable pets and feature cooking as well.

    Thanks for showing Connie’s quilt n contact information. The fabric line really makes the quilt! Such good inspiration or as I call it EYE CANDY!

    Things are melting here in Idaho, but we still have piles to thaw. Could reach 70 degrees later today.

  7. Janine

    Connie is perfectly coordinated with her beautiful quilt! Great job, Connie! I always say I’m not a modern quilt person, and then I see a quilt like that one and I’m torn 🙂 Love seeing the photos of Reed and Vera.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janine – I agree! I see these new quilts and love them. But they don’t look right in my house!

  8. Diana W

    I love to watch Reed and the chicks. We have a pond behind our office and there are many Canada Geese there. At the bottom of our indoor stairs, we can see a nest with 5 eggs. We have been waiting and watching and today one of them hatched, with pips in another 2 eggs. Can’t wait to go to work tomorrow! On a side note, I have 2 charm packs and yardage of Comma. Thanks for the idea with Connie’s quilt. So cute!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diana W – what could be more fun than watching a nest for baby geese to arrive? How many eggs were in the nest?

  9. Sharon Lowy

    Reed is such a nice boy and a great big brother. Those pictures are delightful. He has learned so much with you.

  10. Sandi Tundel

    Reed and his siblings are so adorable. You can tell that they are being raised in a very caring home by 2 wonderful parents.

  11. Michele Greiman

    FYI……….I was in Larson’s Mercantile today in Clear Lake, Iowa and they still have a couple pieces of the fabrics in Connie’s quilt.

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